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Jeremis is a small town in the dead center of Majannor. It is known by few and lived in by few. It cannot be found on any map either. The town is populated by less than 100 people. And the town forbids magic, they see any magic as evil and execute any witches, warlocks or anyone else who practices it. Jeremis is a prosperous little town, everyone is happy and they dont have many hardships. However, Mayor Racor Kane was mysteriously murdered in his sleep one night, and they never caught who did it. Since that, an elder named Morbis Jorn took over the town and it harldy changed. Its just a quaint little setting to be used for just about anything. So enjoy :D

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Jackie the Giant

Milton wandered into town, his worn-out sneakers scuffing against the road as he walked. His leather jacket was held tightly to block out the wind, and he had lit his cigarette just so he could have the warmth near his face. Figures that the guy he had hitched a ride with would kick him out on a chilly day like today.

He lifted one hand and tipped back his dark green, leather newsboy cap back just far enough to look ahead at the little town. Not exactly his kind of place, but it was better than nothing. At least he would be able to get inside and warm up. "Note to self." He muttered around his cigarette. "Never travel in the early winter."

Pulling his cap down around his eyes, he headed for the nearest public building.

10/31/2011 #2

Jason wandered the open streets, looking, hoping to see a friendly face. "First town i show up in, and i don't see a single soul." He mutters softly, pawing at his wolf ear. Jason spots a nearby Inn, at least he hoped it was an Inn. Quickly he ducked in side, getting out of the fringing winds.

12/5/2011 #3

Lilia smiled down at Amiya, who was running crazily though the cobble streets. My how everything had changed. "Come on silly girl, let's go." she said, picking up the blonde toddler and stepped into Mrs. Gingarche's inn.

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Jason sat quietly in a corner, sipping a mug of ale, eyeing the two who had just stepped in. He wanted to say something but didn't want to scare the two with his wolf ears and tail. "Maybe next time." He whispers to him self. He slouched in his seat, trying to turn as invisible as possible, shyness taking over.

12/5/2011 #5

"Oh my! Is that little Lily!?" came a woman's delighted screech. Lilia set her daughter down and smiled at Daina.

"The one and only." she said with a wide smile, and accepted the woman's embrace. "Oh goodness it's been years." she said. Lilia looked over her shoulder and saw Amiya dashing towards a man in the corner. "Oh! Amy! Come back here young lady." she yelled. Lilia rushed over and scooped up the three year old. "I am so sorry sir.. oh." she said, seeing his appearance.

12/5/2011 #6

Jason blushed deeply, "Its alright." He murmured, bringing his chin to his knees and slowly wagging his tail. "My names Jason, whats you're's" he stuttered, trying to overcome his shyness.

12/5/2011 #7

"Lilia." she answered, setting the girl on her hip. She tried not to be wary of his appearance, she had seen weirder. "Are you new here?" she asked. Amiya squealed and reached for Jason's ears, but Lilia popped her hand.

12/5/2011 #8

"Yes, i wandered in not a few hours ago." Jason replied, relaxing slightly. He looked at the little toddler and smiled, revealing two sharp wolf like canines. "Nice to meet you." He smiled again.

12/5/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #9

Lilia offered the boy her hand. "Nice to meet you too, I'm just visiting from Retreci. I was born here. It certainly has changed a lot." she said with a smile. Suddenly, a sixteen year old boy pushed through the door.

"Mom! Uncle Kaythan says it's ok if I go drinking with him tonight, can I?" he asked with a grin. Lilia gaped at her eldest son.

"Absolutely not! Make yourself useful and go help your Aunt with cleaning and cooking." she scolded. Lilia turned her attention back to Jason. She sat down with Amiya in her lap. "So.. I hate to be nosy, but how did you.." she trailed off, gesturing at his ears and tail.

12/5/2011 #10

Jason smiled, "I under stand your curiosity." He pawed his ear and looked up. "While i look about 20, im only five, i was cross bred with a winter wolf as a weapon.... i don't like that idea being born for a weapon so i escaped, don't worry though i rid of my chasers a year ago." He smiled. His eyes widened, and remembered to shake Lilia's hand. "They wont be coming here at all, im just here looking for work." Jason continued, then turned his attention to Amiya, "Hello little one." He smiled slightly.

12/5/2011 #11

Lilia had listened to his story with fascination and horror. "Oh my." she murmered. She smiled down at Amiya, who was looking at Jason sheepishly through her long blonde curls.

"Hi." she whispered back. Lilia chuckled at her daughter.

"My friend needed some help here, and I decided to stop by. I tell you what though it took a long time to get here. And my husband stayed back in Retreci, he has work there he cant abandon." she said quietly.

12/5/2011 #12
Nova Singer

Kaythan stepped into the bar and scanned it over quickly, finding who he was looking for. "Lilia, there you are. Quickly now there's something wrong with Julianna." he said worriedly.

12/5/2011 #13

"I would love to help, but i don't know this area very well." Jason sighed. "I'm thinking of getting some where to stay around here, i like the cold, reminds me of home.... well.... the place i was grown." Jason sighed, looking slightly homesick. "The cold, its natural for the wolf in me!" Jason smiled brightly. "If you're lucky, you may hear me start howling." Jason laughed slightly. "Its just instinct." He turned his attention to the toddler, "Have you ever seen a wolf?"

12/5/2011 #14

Jason widened his eyes, then lowered his gaze.

12/5/2011 #15

Lilia's jaw went slack. "What!?" she cried, and set Amiya down on the chair. "Excuse me." she said quickly to Jason and tore out of the room. What was wrong with her baby girl?? Lilia followed Kaythan down the road and gasped. "Thats.. not.. Julianna." she gasped, clutching her chest. But it was... she was no longer her ten month old baby girl though... she was seventeen looking. Lilia gaped at her daughter. "Julie?" she asked in astonishment, and Julianna nodded, looking just as shocked as the rest of them.

12/5/2011 #16

Jason stood up, "Should i leave?" He asked quickly, slowly getting embarrassed.

12/5/2011 #17

Amiya wailed and clutched onto Jason's leg. Lilia knelt down next to her daughter. "Julianna.. what happened?" she asked, reaching out to the girl tentatively. Julianna shook her head, mouth open wide, eyes huge. "I- I don't know." she whispered. Lilia jolted, but helped her daughter up.

12/5/2011 #18

Jason stared at the floor, clenching his fists piercing the skin with his claws. He looked up, "What can i do to help?" He stuttered shyness rising up again.

12/5/2011 #19

"Lilia, hurry we need you at court! Now!" came her sister's shrill call. Lilia pinched her eyes together, court took days at times. Lilia peeled Amiya off Jason's leg and looked at Julianna. "Ah... I know that we just met, but please, could you watch after my daughter?" Lilia begged.

12/5/2011 . Edited 12/5/2011 #20

"Yes may'um." Jason muttered, still being gripped by shyness. "Where's some where safe i could take her? i don't know any thing about this town."

12/5/2011 #21

"Ah..." Lilia said, thinking.

"Lilia!" Jessalyn shrieked.

"I'm coming!" Lilia shouted back. "There's a cottage on the edge of the woods, that way." she said pointing. "You can't miss it." and she dashed away to her sister.


Julianna looked up at the strange man, and shivered, she felt odd and strange.

12/5/2011 #22

Jason made eye contact with the woman, and sighed, feeling overly judged. "So little one, lets go to this cottage, if you want ill howl i've been told i sound exactly like a wolf." Jason smiled, extending his hand for the little girl. "Or.... you can touch my ears or tail, there very real." He smiled wider.

12/5/2011 #23

Julianna frowned. "I'm not a baby." she said bluntly, and gaped that she could speak. "At least not anymore." but she took his hand anyway.

12/5/2011 #24

Jason laughed, "Its ok, technically im only five years old." Jason smiled. "Come on lets go then." Jason started for the door, grabbing his winter coat.

12/5/2011 #25

She followed the man and steadied herself as she walked. She couldn't remember... she had been in her big brother's arms one minute, he set her down.. then nothing. But Julianna felt wary and vulnerable, her intelligiance was hightened, obviously, but she still felt odd. "What's your name?

12/5/2011 #26

Jason smiled. "Name's Jason, im not fully human nor am i fully wolf, a combination of the both." Jason said happily, for once he feels like hes fitting in slightly. "Whats your name?"

12/5/2011 #27

"Julianna." she answered, looking all around her in wonder. "My uncle used to be a wolf, my great grandfather had put a curse on him." she muttered absent mindedly.

12/5/2011 #28

"Hmmmm, it would be nice to meet another wolf. My girlfriend Anne is part fox, orange bushy tail, ears, claws, and fangs. She's as quick as one too." Jason laughed, feeling comfortable in the cold. "Normal people tend to judge me to much, thinking im some kinda demon." Jason sighed. "But any way....." Awkwardness started to settle in as Jason had no idea what to talk about.

12/5/2011 #29

Julianna giggled. "You don't look like a demon, more like a fluffy pet." she said, flicking his ear. She looked up at the sight of a cottage, and smiled. Julianna looked down at her torso and frowned at a very tattered looking dress. "Excuse me." she murmered, and stepped out of the dress, and walked for the cottage.

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