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Julianna narrowed her eyes. "You're a human too." and with that, Julianna shifted and slept on the floor.


12/8/2011 #961

Jason smiled, "She caught what i was trying to say, that will make asking a lot easier." Jason said to him self. He curled up onto the floor, and slowly slipped into a restless sleep.


12/8/2011 . Edited 12/8/2011 #962

Julianna woke with a rapping on the door. She shifted and put her hands over her ears a groaned. She was not a morning person.

12/9/2011 #963

Jason slowly raised his head. "Who's at the door." He mumbled. His hair was shaggy and all over the place.

12/9/2011 #964
((sorry, just walked through the door :P)) Julianna got up and yanked the door open, instantly snapping awake to a tear stained Kally. "What is it?" she asked in urgency. Kally stiffled a sob. "You must go, we're evacuating everyone from the inn." she replied, gripping Julianna's shoulders. Julianna held her gently. "What's happened?" she asked comfortingly. Kally cried a bit. "My mother was shot in the garden this morning. Sniper." she murmered. Julianna scowled. Sarah.
12/9/2011 #965

Jason's heart dropped. "When?" he whispered. He gripped the floor boards, his hair still everywhere.

12/9/2011 #966
"Fifteen minutes ago." Kally squeaked in answer. Julianna comforted the girl the best she could, but she shot a meaningful look at Jason.
12/9/2011 #967

Jason got dressed, "Get her out of here, ill take care of Sarah." Jason stated, hefting up his katana. "Ill end her this time." He muttered, slinging his rifle over his shoulder.

12/9/2011 #968
Julianna kissed Jason hard. "Be careful." she asked calmly, but her eyes were begging.
12/9/2011 #969

"I will." Jason smiled, he took Kally aside, "Stay low allright."

12/9/2011 #970
"Ill take care of her." Julianna shifted and wiggled up under Kally. "It's gonna be a bumpy ride." she left the inn from the back enterance and began sprinting down the mountain. She could think of only one place to go. The Mountain Pine pack.
12/9/2011 #971

Jason took off, following Sarah's scent. He approached her snipers nest with sword drawn.

"Hello wolfy." Sarah hissed.

"Your going to die slowly." Jason growled. He lunged, swinging the blade. Sara parried with a small dagger, and plunged it into Jason's stomach.

Jason gasped, the blade didn't go in deep but it stung. "Son of a bitch."

12/9/2011 #972
Julianna reached the bottom of the mountain within twenty minutes, she smiled, proud of herself. She looked sternly at Kally. "There's a small town in that direction, about a thirty minute walk, you'll be safe there." she said. Kally tugged on her fur. "Where are you going?" she asked, dismayed. Juilanna smirked. "Jason's not getting all the fun."
12/9/2011 #973

Jason backed away slowly, and lunged again, swinging the sword he clipped Sarahs arm, blood sprayed into the air.

12/9/2011 #974
Julianna snapped at the animals that got in her way, she soon caught Jason's scent, and the scent of his blood. Damn you Sarah. Julianna growled and picked up her pace. She could see them now, as she came over a ridge in the forest. Julianna barked animalistically and pounced, flying at Sarah.
12/9/2011 #975

Sarah collapsed with the wolf on top of her. "Bitch." Sarah smiled wickedly.

Jason pulled the pistol and put it to Sarah's temple. "Dont move little snake, lest you want to lose your head."

12/9/2011 #976
"Right back at ya." Julianna growled. She pinned Sarah's arms down with her powerful paws and snapped threateningly in her face.
12/9/2011 #977

Sarah looked at the pistol. "Shoot me Jason, you didn't have a problem leaving me to die before." Sarah hissed. Jason pulled the hammer back, "Im tempted, but first who hired you?" Jason growled.

"You'll have to do much more than that to get out my buyers." Sarah hissed.

12/9/2011 #978
Julianna sank her teeth into Sarah's forarm and held fast.
12/9/2011 #979

Sarah didn't make a sound. "Lets get her back to the inn." Jason sighed. "The threat as been eliminated." Jason whispered.

"So, you have a new girlfriend." Sarah spat. "What about Anne?" "She told me to move on." Jason snarled.

12/9/2011 #980

Julianna relaxed her grip on Sarah's arm at the mention of Anne. "Let's just get her back to the inn." she growled.

12/9/2011 #981

They dragged Sarah back to the inn and tied her down to a chair. "Should we go get Kally? Tell her its safe to come back?" Jason mumbled.

12/9/2011 #982

((SORRY!!! I had a dance concert and it was SUPER long but we did really good :D))

Julianna looked up sadly. "I don't think she would want to come back." she said, thinking of the girl's mother.

12/9/2011 . Edited 12/9/2011 #983

((XD aweshum! :3)) "Right, well lets get bitch serpent out of here." Jason growled at Sarah, who remained silent. He hefted Sarah over his shoulder. "We should find another town, for one a new inn, and two i need to get something.... something special." Jason smiled. He needed a ring, a good one.

12/9/2011 #984

"Okay." she said, just then, the innkeeper came out and glowered at Sarah. Julianna had seen little of the man the whole time.

"Is she the one who killed my wife?" he asked. Julianna nodded. "Make sure she suffers." he said through bared teeth. Julianna nodded again.

"Kally is safe as well." she said, the man nodded and thanks and turned to go.

"There are horses in the stables out back, take however many you like." he said sullenly, and left.

12/9/2011 . Edited 12/9/2011 #985

Jason threw Sarah onto the back of a horse, and tied his crate down. He hopped into the saddle. "Only rode a horse once." Jason said frantically trying not to fall out of the saddle. He looked at Julianna, "So were are we going?"

12/9/2011 #986

Julianna mounted a strong looking horse and held the reins loosely. "Anywhere." she said with a smile, and started down the mountain.

12/9/2011 #987

Jason sighed, and took off not going too fast. "Ahh fuck this." He stopped, hefted the crate onto his back and the woman onto his shoulder and took of sprinting, staying very close behind Julianna's horse. "Lets hurry its almost dusk!"

12/9/2011 #988

"You're wasting a perfectly good horse." Julianna 'tsked' and clicked her tongue, the horse happily following along.


They rode, and ran, for a good hour until finding a decent, secluded town with a merry air to it. The sun was sinking well below the horizon and Julianna pulled her horse up to an inn.

12/9/2011 #989

Jason panted, dropping the crate and Sarah, who had been complaining the whole time he carried her. "Uhm, will i get in trouble for having her tied up?" Jason asked, pointing at Sarah, who quieted. Jason fell down in the road, panting hard. "I push to hard." He muttered.

"Uhm, any way get the room, im going to go look for something." Jason said leaping up. "Ill be back in under twenty."

12/9/2011 #990
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