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Julianna nodded and went to curl up on the bed. She looked at Jason meaningfully and carressed his cheek. "Jason, Chris hired Sarah, he's the one who put the contract up."

12/9/2011 #1,051

Jason took a sharp breath. "No, she's lying...... she has to be....." Jason whispered. He lowered his head in silence. He curled up next to Julianna wrapping his arms around her. "It... just..." He couldn't speak, knowing that Chris is still alive.

12/9/2011 #1,052

"I know." she held him, scooting above him so his head rested against her chest.

12/9/2011 #1,053

Jason slowly closed his eyes, faking sleep, but his thoughts went to Chris. If he's alive, he is healing quickly he has recovered from slit artery's and being shot. Jason sighed and relaxed, doing as he does when he is about to sleep, wrapping his tail around Julianna's waist.

12/9/2011 #1,054

((holy crap its almost 2?? Wow I didn't even notice O_O I'm still hyper after the concert lol))

Julianna drifted into a sleep full of pleasent dreams and horrid ones. None were of her pregnancy, but of Chris, Anne, and Urassia. Julianna's eyes fluttered open to the afternoon sun. It was still foggy and glum, but no longer pouring down rain. She ran her fingers through Jason's hair lovingly, the thing she had made a habit of.

12/9/2011 #1,055

((Its only 12:30 here o.O)) Jason slowly opened his eyes, he hadn't slept in to days. He nuzzled closer to Julianna. "What are we to do today?" He whispered.

12/9/2011 #1,056

((ohhh you're right, my bedside clock is off O_o lol its 12:38 :P))

She snuggled close to his warmth. "Travel? Or did you have something else in mind?" she asked with a mischevious grin.

12/9/2011 #1,057

(( Hmm so it is... How late do you normally stay up on a weekend? I dont crash till 3 or so we can keep going as long as you want.)) "Oh what ever you want." Jason smiled, not lifting up his head, it was heavy with fatigue.

12/9/2011 #1,058

((whenever really, sometimes I pull all nighters watching movies when I'm bored so I don't really care how late :P))

Julianna shifted around in the bed and sighed. She stiffled a gasp. Her stomach had widened out at least an inch. Now that was scary.

12/9/2011 #1,059

((Thats what im doing now o.O Watching movies.)) Jason rubbed his hand over her stomach. "You cannot see how excited i am for this kid." Jason smiled. He kissed Julianna.

12/9/2011 #1,060

Julianna smiled faintly as the child started up its moving again. "From telling by how little rest it's giving me I can predict this baby will be a handful." she said, turning so her face was stuffed in a pillow.

12/9/2011 #1,061

"Maybe we should just rest today." Jason whispered. "And of course it will be a handful, its a wolf-kid." Jason smiled.

"Some one fucking feed me!" Sarah screeched.

Jason sat up, grabbed a roll and left the room, tossing it at Sarah.

"Thanks hotstuff." She smiled, getting the roll with her serpent tongue

"You are not allowed." Jason yawned, and returned to the bed.

12/9/2011 #1,062
Nova Singer

((hey guys, just got home from my sisters wedding rehersal, gah, thats tough stuff, so what goes on?))

12/9/2011 #1,063

((Oh a lot of things, Assassin from Jason's past, and something Kal will not like at all. ;3))

12/9/2011 #1,064

((well Julianna's pregnant))

Julianna placed her hand on Jason's chest. "You know I don't like her right?" she said, grimacing.

12/9/2011 #1,065

"I don't like her either, since you know she tried to kill us." Jason replied.

"I can hear you!" Sarah hissed through the wall.

12/9/2011 #1,066
Nova Singer

((ooh perfect :D))

"Knock knock." Kal said, leaning against the doorway. "You're getting harder to track down."

12/9/2011 #1,067

"Shit." Julianna groaned, and turned away, hiding her barely bulging stomach, but it was protruding more than her normal flatness nonetheless.

12/9/2011 . Edited 12/9/2011 #1,068

"Fucking perfect." Jason grumbled. "Kal, if your going to be here, make your self useful and baby sit serpent girl next door." Jason growled, collapsing in the bed.

"Whos Kal! He sounds sexy!" Sarah yelled through the wall.

12/9/2011 #1,069
Nova Singer

Kal grinned. "Serpent girl huh? You've been busy." he looked at the wall. "I like you already!" he shouted back at her. Kal moved over to the edge of the bed and sat by Julianna's feet.

"How you been?" he asked, his eyebrows raising in genuine sincereness.

12/9/2011 #1,070

"Your talking to her!" Sarah shouted. "Fuck...."

Jason growled. "Go. Now Kal." He grumbled, pissed off.

"Jason stop being such an asshole!" Sarah yelled.

12/9/2011 #1,071

"Fine." she murmered, drawing her knees in to hide her stomach more. She turned and whispered in Jason's ear. "I want to tell him alone, please." she whispered. She didn't want Kal going in a jealous rage and hurting either Jason, her or the baby.

12/9/2011 . Edited 12/9/2011 #1,072

Jason nodded, sat up and walked out of the room, glaring at Kal he whispered. "No touching."

12/9/2011 #1,073
Nova Singer

Kal rolled his eyes. He sat up on the bed next to Julianna. "So, he seems... better." Kal said, rubbing the back of his neck.

12/9/2011 #1,074

She nodded. "Yeah, we're good." she said awkwardly. "Listen... there's something I want you to know.."

12/9/2011 #1,075
Nova Singer

"What? You've discovered a hidden burning love for me?" he asked, waggling and eyebrow teasingly at her.

12/9/2011 #1,076

"Ah..." she trailed off, not certain how to put what she wanted to say.

12/9/2011 #1,077
Nova Singer

Kals wolf instincts took over, his mind taking her pause as a yes and his feelings driving him haywire. Kal yanked her on top of him and kissed her roughly, gripping her wrist.

12/9/2011 #1,078

"Kal.. you're hurting me." she said through gritted teeth, trying to pull away.

12/9/2011 #1,079

Jason stepped in slowly. "Kal shes pregnant get off of her." He growled.

12/9/2011 #1,080
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