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Okay this is so that we can controll the soon to be hectic thread posts in Majannor. Well first off we need to figure out whos problems/dilema is going to be sorted out first.

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So, we have several characters who need problems solved:







We'll need to figure out what everyone's problem is. So post your character and their problem, and then we'll figure out what order to go in! :)

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Nova Singer
Henry always felt like he had belonged in his small home village of Cynat. His mother and father both had been born into money and so was Henry. He grew up on a small but luxereous manor just outside Cynat with his mother, father, and two younger sisters. Henry grew up with a, he had an education, he never went hungry, he was taught in arts of combat, and he was pretty good looking. When Henry was sixteen his parents announced his engagement to a girl in the village named Willa. Both Henry and Willa were happy with the match, and fell in love. On Henry's eighteenth birthday, his mother revealed that he is not his father's son. And she had had an affair with a mysterious man passing through the town. She didn't even know his name. But the man had Henry's distinctive royal blue eyes. Henry was devastated by the news, but his 'father' said he had and would always love him. Henry still could not shake the feeling of missing a part of himself, so he sat down with his family and Willa and told them he was leaving. They were all upset but obliged. He said he wanted to travel before settling down, but he also desperately wants to find his father. Willa cried but promised to wait for him. So Henry left his mother, father, his baby 10 year old twin sisters, and Willa behind. He has been traveling for about 4 years without finding his real dad.
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((ok here's Faine's background and problem, but just to be clear, she doesnt remember any of this except the slayers. You'll see why.))

Faine was born in a small grove where about 100 wood nymphs lived. Her mother and father are the oldest nymphs in existence as of the present (they arent the oldest nymphs ever), being about 10,000+ each. Ok so anyway, Faine grew up with about 10 brothers and sisters, 7 sisters, 3 brothers. And nymphs (as you know from myths) don't do much except sit around, look pretty, and attract men. Faine was dubbed the prettiest and most flawless of her family, and the village. So her mother and sisters strived to teach her to attract a good powerful husband and teach her in the ways of power of a nymph. And only one girl in each family of nymphs possessed the Power (capital P). It is the ability to control all elements of nature, Faine's mother had it, and so on so forth. Faine grew up learning all of these things, but she never felt whole or happy with it. She wanted to learn how to fight and take care of herself. So when she was twelve years of age, Faine ran away before completeing her absorbence of the Power. So she is left without controling weather (which is probably the most helpful).

Faine didn't know exactly where she was going, but along her way she fell into a raging river which carried her over a waterfall and she smashed her head against a rock. Faine lost her memory, she didn't know anything except her name. Sarquel found her, took her in, raised her and taught her in the ways of a dragonslayer. And thats all she had ever known. She grew in the slayers and flourished, using her Power as an advantage. Soon she read up on nymphs, when she found out she was one, learned that all nymphs lived in groves and glens in groups together. She longed to know where she came from but never thought too much about it. But now she questions who she is, where she came from, and what her purpose in life is. Where does she belong?

Extra: Faine's armband is the mark of royal, powerful blood. She is a descendant of a goddess, though she doesn't know it. The armband was passed down through generations of family to her, and the white color is a symbol for innocence and uncertainty. With each girl who possesses the Power, it changes color to represent who that person has chosen to be and belong. Then when a daughter of the Power is born, it goes back to white and passed down.

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Naomi Maria Kaleiana Pendragon-Lentral--more commonly known as Naomi Pendragon or Naomi Lentral--is one of the four young rulers of Azerath, a world of mythical creatures dominated by dragons. Her parents (dragon mother, human father) were killed by Rynd, Sarquel's father and his forerunner as head of the dragonslayers. She and her four siblings were given to four different adoptive families, and as a result, each sibling grew up with different strengths.

Naomi is brilliant, with an encyclopedic memory, ridiculous amount of curiosity, and a kind and generous spirit. She was nearly kidnapped at age 8, and as a result, her adoptive father--a retired Army captain--taught her how to throw daggers and knives. Naomi picked up on it quickly, and is an expert at it. She can throw anything from steak knives to throwing stars with uncanny accuracy. The incident also increased her sarcasm and 'darker' side.

To make a long story short, she and her siblings met and went on many adventures and expeditions that culminated with the defeat and banishment of all the dragonslayers from Azerath. She and her siblings--Niccelle, Drake, and Darian--now rule over a peaceful land, with only the occasional crime.

Naomi was exploring a little-used section of the royal palace one day when she came upon a Portal (basically a transporter to another dimension.) She knew it wasn't the Portal to the Mortal world (Earth) and decided to explore. Little did she know that she wouldn't be able to get back through it. She has been wandering Majannor for several months now.

Naomi and her siblings are about as close as you can be. They are quadruplets. She relies on them and trusts them to a fault. They would do anything for each other, regardless of what it is.

Naomi's never felt like she really 'belongs' anywhere. The closest she's gotten to acceptance is with her siblings on their adventures, but even then, she still felt isolated. She's half of one world and half of another, and regardless of whether she's in Azerath or on Earth, she still feels that she's regarded as a freak. Coming upon this group in Majannor just may help her realize that she's not the only one out there who feels that way.

NOTE: Dragon 'color' is distinctly unique, like human fingerprints. No two living dragons have exactly the same color. You can have royal blue, electric blue, navy, aqua, and baby blue next to each other, but there will never be two navies or two aquas. When a dragon dies, their color gradually 'drains' and leaves them clear. The next dragon born will then have that color.

For example, if the navy blue dragon dies, its color will 'drain' (basically just fade) until it the dragon's scales and body are entirely clear. The second after it has finished 'draining', the next dragon child born (whether a full-blood, half-blood, three-quarter or one-quarter) will be the next navy blue dragon. Eyes, hair, and fire/wing color for half-, three-quarter, and one-quarter dragons are the primary things affected.

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Okay so we all know Illistil killed his master but thats not really a problem ... anymore. Thysultai is a nasty, political minefield of a country, where near enough everyone is a spellcaster and prone to not only backstabbing and lieing their way into power (Hence the amount and skill of the many assassins in the country) but also using more direct ways, house wars and fueds are not uncommon in Thysultai and the past 8 monarchs have all been either killed directly or assassinated by their enemies. Thus Illistil spent his first hundred years or so living in this beautifull but deadly contry, he would forever call it home but he hated the place all of the fighting all the hate, he hated it all and so he looked for tutelage as an assassin vowing to change the country in the way many young people will vow rashly and so he spent the next 3 centuries training under his master Karden Jorvasen a legend in the world of shadows. At the end of his training Illistil killed his master gaining the dagger he now treasures. He carried on with his wet-work (As it's known in the underworld type of places) for another handfull of decades until he was caught trying to kill a contract by a maid, this contract had a unit of the Royal Guards as his personal guards who were on Illistil in seconds forcing him away from the man, as he escaped he threw a final dagger at the man slicing his neck but not cutting deep enough to cut the jugular. It was his first and last miss.

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Seeing as each character is going to be more or less going hom or going somewhere, I think each character should have a thread for their problem, each person being responsible for defining a plot of some form

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How do you mean?
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Well were going to be solving each characters problem right? So a thread fro each character, one by ine get the problems sorted. Illistil: To Kill a King Draxan/Draxine: Fighting a Goddess Henry: Finding Dad Faine: A Return Home And so on

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Well I dont think so :/ unless you want to. I thought we were doing all of them in Majannor and then making one for Azerath and do Naomi's last. But we could if you want to, but making so many I think we should make sure Ibex is okay with it... and if we do I think Henry's should be called something more than just finding dad something like.. idk something.

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Yeah, I think it would be less confusing but yeah if we did that we'd run it by Ibex, I'm up for whatever you guys are Henrys was a little joke haha :P

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Ok we do it then :D oh and majannor started a new page, i get confused when it does that, and my computer will be on automatic refresh for like ten minutes before I notice it.

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I was thinking we all do them in Majannor. Say we do Henry's first, since all the dragonslayers are going to be chasing us. So we all go south (and can have adventures along the way or whatever) and then decide what's going to happen and whose mini-crisis we're going to solve next.

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