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A land that is in the flame of a violent civil war, the revolutionists versus the government loyalists. While it used to far ahead in technology the war caused them to deteriorate to swords and shields once more. The land its self is open with plains, mountains to the east, and a endless frozen plain to the east several small villages dot the landscape. The ruins of major city still stand but are major battle grounds between the revolutionists and the loyalists. While still using swords, daggers, bows, and shields some lucky men managed to hold onto their old rifles, and several rounds of ammo. Come and explore who knows maybe you'll find an old weapon cache that can put an end to this violent war, or lead an army into far away lands.

EDIT: This thread is rated "M" and contains adult themes, such as sex and violence, and is intended for more mature RPers.

12/13/2011 . Edited by Ibex, 11/2/2014 #1

Anne watched the horizon, gripping the hilt on her small sword. "How my loyalist are we dealing with?" she asked the man next to her. "About 200 or so." he replied. "Good, we charge in the morning."

12/13/2011 #2

((gonna skip ahead, say it took them like.. a week to get there?))

Julianna walked the halls with Caylene, who was now the equivalent of a four, maybe five year old. Caylene ran the halls barefoot, yelling in delight. "Come on Momma!" she called over her shoulder, her very long white hair swinging at her waist.

12/14/2011 #3

Jason was awashed with silence, old memories flooding back to him. The blood stain from where Akio's blood was still in the wood grain. "I miss this place." He sighed.

Sarah sat in a corner silent, deep in thought.

12/14/2011 #4

Caylene skipped to the room where Jason had been for a while, Julianna had been to scared to disturb him. Her daughter pushed open the door and jumped into Jason's lap. "Hi Daddy." she greeted, kissing him on the cheek.

12/14/2011 #5

"Hey baby." Jason whispered, kissing her on the forehead. "Hey love." He smiled at Julianna.

12/14/2011 #6

"Hi." she said shyly. Caylene jumped up on a table. "Get down from there." Julianna scolded. Caylene nodded and got down obediantly, running to her mother and grabbing onto her leg.

12/14/2011 #7

Jason laid back on the bed, "The war is still going on, who knows what will happen. That and that contract is still out on my head." He sighed. "What to do." He said, kicking his legs.

12/14/2011 #8
Nova Singer

Kal growled for the umpteenth time that day. He had destroyed every piece of furniture in his room, and servants only brought him food once a day. He desperately wanted to get out. But how.

12/14/2011 #9

Chris slipped into Kal's room silently, and kicked him in the jaw. "Thats for ripping off my head!" He shouted. His red eyes shown. "Get up, and i will have several guards come in and rip yours off!" He yelled, then crouched next to Kal. "Sarah was right you are rather attractive." He mocked. "Now, where is the child, Caylene?"

12/14/2011 #10
Nova Singer

Kal punched him. "You'll get nothing out of me." he growled.

12/14/2011 #11

Chris backed up, spitting blood onto the floor. "You ungrateful rat." He muttered, and kicked him again. He kicked Kal a third time, this time in the ribs. "Where is she!" He shouted.

12/14/2011 #12
Nova Singer

Kal heard a crack, and almost cringed, but summoned the strength to seem emotionless. "Why do you want to know?" he spat harshly.

12/14/2011 #13

"Actually i could care less, i just needed a reason to be in here." Chris whispered, "I just want to beat your ass for ripping my head off." He smiled wickedly. He kicked Kal again. He grabbed his collar and pulled Kal close, "My what nice eyes." He growled, mocking Sarah.

((Im thinking of making Chris gay to explain is rage and insanity, cause you know how some people who just discover there gay are like really angry and like crazy?))

12/14/2011 #14
Nova Singer

((that's a really good idea, my neighbor's son is gay, and he was like in a mad rage and then a depression for months. But he's cool now :D))

Kal shoved him away. "Leave me." he growled, looking away.

12/14/2011 #15

Chris kicked him again. "Listen pup, im not going any where." He smiled, "And neither are you, where in the middle of a government loyalist camp." He smiled wickedly.

12/14/2011 #16
Nova Singer

"I don't care." he said, turning his back on the hybrid. He could only think of Sarah, and Jason, and Julianna, and little Caylene. It hurt him, worse than any physical pain, that he couldn't be there to protect them, that he couldn't be a godfather to Caylene. Because he was stuck here.

12/14/2011 #17

Chris kicked him again, "Look at me!" He shouted. "Your are bait Kal, your whats going to bring Jason and them back, oh and let Jason know that, Anne is still alive. That's right i brought her back!" He smiled wickedly, and laughed.

12/14/2011 #18
Nova Singer

His face paled, that would kill Julianna. Kal watched Chris warily, then made a break for it.

12/14/2011 #19

Chris grabbed Kal by the collar and threw him into the corner, "Don't worry about her, Anne is married now to a boy named Dylan. There both revolutionists, Anne doesn't even know that Jason is here. Yet." He smiled evilly. "Now sit." He pointed, and left the room.

12/14/2011 #20
Nova Singer

Kal growled but didn't sit, he stood stubbornly in the tent, crossing his arms. He desperately wished he could talk to his friends again. But.. maybe he could. He shared a mental connection to Julianna through their blood bond as wolves. He morphed. "Julianna?" he sent the thought out, searching for her mind's aura.

12/14/2011 #21

Julianna gasped as something faint probed her mind. "It's Kal!" she said smiling brightly. Caylene gasped girlishly and whooped.

12/14/2011 #22

Jason sat up, "What?" Sarah came rushing in, "Is he alright!"

12/14/2011 #23

"I don't know." she shifted, and sat on her back legs. "Kal? Is that you? Are you alright?"

12/14/2011 #24
Nova Singer

Kal sighed in relief. "I'm fine, despite Chris's best attempts to make me not be fine. Julianna.. Anne's alive."

12/14/2011 #25

Julianna almost blanched. She shifted and looked at them. "He's ok." she said in a dead voice.

12/14/2011 #26

"Good....." Jason sensed a shift in Juilanna's mood, "What else?"

12/14/2011 #27

Julianna took Jason's hands, squeezing them hard. "Anne's alive."

12/14/2011 #28

Jason went silent, and squeezed Julianna's hand hard. "What?" He stuttered, feeling rising pain in his chest. Sarah eyes widened, "What!"

12/14/2011 . Edited 12/14/2011 #29

She nodded. "She's alive." she murmered again. Caylene looked up at everyone, her eyebrows furrowed angrily. "Who's Anne?? I wanna know! I wanna know!" she demanded, tugging on Jason's jeans and Julianna's tunic.

12/14/2011 #30
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