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Nova Singer
"Well Marie, it's your decision, but if you refuse I am going back." Kal went over and picked Andrew up, and rocked him gently. He was growing ever bigger, not quite a toddler, about the size of a one year old.
1/1/2012 #3,091
"Well we have about a year of peace from Roruk right? I say we split up." Julianna suggested.
1/1/2012 #3,092
Nova Singer
Kal looked at her for the first time of the day, and his face flushed again, a mixture of anger and shame. "That's not a bad idea." he murmered.
1/1/2012 #3,093
"Are we in a agreement then? Shall we all split up for the year?"
1/1/2012 #3,094
Nova Singer
Kal nodded. "I suppose we'll pack up and leave by dawn tomorrow. At least, I will." he said, making eye contact with the others.
1/1/2012 #3,095
Viana sat and watched, then dropped from her position in the tree and raced back into the deep forest, back to her little hut and fire. She smiled and pushed into her little house, picking through jewelry and such. Oh how she loved messing things up for people. Viana picked out a small silver ring, and a gold armband. She grabbed a book of her nightstand and went out to the fire. "Omotec, navej comoseduro raman!" she chanted, tossing the ring and armband into the fire. "Hazesh!" and the fire doused, leaving the pieces of jewelry, shining brightly with enchantment. Viana smiled. Yes. She really did love messing things up.
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Nova Singer
Kal awkwardly approached Julianna. "May I speak with you?" he whispered, only so she could hear, and offered her a hand up.
1/1/2012 #3,097
She nodded curtly, and stood, not taking his hand. Julianna bagan walking for the woods.
1/1/2012 #3,098
Nova Singer
He sighed and followed after. Once he believed they were far enough out of earshot of the others, he spoke. "I'm sorry about last night. I wasn't myself."
1/1/2012 #3,099

"Right." she murmerered stiffly.

Viana changed her appearance to that of and old woman, and stuffed the armand and ring in a pack and slung it on her back. She trudged through the woods, and soon saw the man and girl. Perfect. She smiled, revealing brown and yellow teeth. What was left of her teeth anyway. Viana laid on her stomach in the underbrush, and cried out. "Help! Help!"

Julianna's head snapped up in worry.

1/1/2012 #3,100
Nova Singer

Kal drew his sword. "Come on." he began charging through the trees in the direction of the cries, to come upon an old woman on the forest floor. He sheathed his blade and knelt down. "Here." he said, trying to help pick the old woman up.

1/1/2012 #3,101

"Oh. Such a kind young couple." Viana said, Julianna knelt too and helped the lady to her feet.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"Oh yes. Thank you. Here, as a token of my gratitude, take these." she said in a cracked voice, giving the girl the ring, and the man the armbracelet. Julianna stared at the ring with big eyes.

"Oh no I can't take this." she said, holding out the ring for the woman to take back, Viana shook her head.

"You must. Do not insult me, please, keep them. Always wear them, they will bring you luck." Julianna nodded, not wanting to offend her, and slipped the ring on her finger. Viana smiled, and limped off into the forest. "Enjoy them!" she called. "Enjoy each other." she murmered in her normal, velvet voice.

1/1/2012 #3,102
Nova Singer

"Nice old woman." Kal grunted, and clasped the band on his arm. "Nice fit too." his eyes wandered to Julianna's face, and a warm feeling fuzzed over his body. He reached out and stroked her face gently with the tips of his fingers.

1/1/2012 #3,103

Julianna didn't protest, the glow engulfed her too, and she stared at him with wide eyes. She felt drawn to him, in an odd way. She reached out and weaved her fingers softly through his hair, then pulled back. "Sorry. I.. don't know what I'm doing." she muttered and started back to the camp.

1/1/2012 #3,104
((Woah, I missed alot.)) Jason slowly picked his head up and sighed, "Im going to go to the lake." He murmured, trotting off. ((Lost my bar again =_=))
1/1/2012 #3,105
Nova Singer

Kal stepped out of the woods. As he did so, his armband glowed softly with the enchantment, then died off. His mind reeled. Kal walked over to Julianna. "Meet me in a clearing of the woods tonight by the lake." he whispered in her ear.

1/1/2012 #3,106

Julianna's ring glowed. She nodded. "Is it safe?" she whispered back, her eyes darting in the direction of the receding Jason.

1/1/2012 #3,107
Nova Singer

"Completely." he purred, and backed away, smiling at her, and sat down against a tree.

1/1/2012 #3,108
Nova Singer

Gwen took Chris' hand. "So, where are we to go?"

1/1/2012 #3,109
Chris sighed, "I have no idea. Lets go for a walk, to the forest." He smiled, "With a twist." He held up a bottle of brandy he swiped from Jason's tent.
1/1/2012 #3,110
Nova Singer

She laughed. "Sounds like fun, not exactly what I meant though." Gwen took his hand and entered the trees. "Now that we're all splitting up. Where should we go? I don't want to go anywhere without you."

1/1/2012 #3,111
Chris shrugged, "Lets go north."
1/1/2012 #3,112
Nova Singer

"Sounds like fun." she said with a smile, and placed a kiss on his lips.

1/1/2012 #3,113
Chris shifted, "Hop on." Lyxian approached the two, "Mind if I tag along? I have no where to go here."
1/1/2012 #3,114
Nova Singer

Gwen rubbed the back of her neck. "Sure. Don't you want to say by to Jason first Chris?"

1/1/2012 #3,115

Julianna looked up as dusk began to fall over the ground. She stood up quietly, and walked down the hill to the edge of the woods near the lake, and leaned against a tree.

1/1/2012 #3,116
"Yeah." Chris smiled, he ran off to find Jason laying down by the lake. "Hey, me and Gwen are taking off." Chris called, sitting next to him. "Are you now?" He murmured. "Yeah, I just wanted to say bye." Chris whispered, he shifted to hybrid and stood. Jason stood and hugged him. "Despite what you did Chris, you are my brother, and I will miss you." Jason whispered. Chris sighed, a tear welling in his eye. "I will miss you too brother. Happy hunting."
1/1/2012 #3,117
Nova Singer

Kal waited a bit, until the moon rose just a little over the horizon. His armband glowed faintly for a few seconds, re-fueling the enchantment. He slipped out of his tent, and made his way down the hill, spotting Julianna. He smiled and went to her, and pulled her into a kiss.

1/1/2012 #3,118

Julianna smiled against his lips, her silver ring glowing softly for a moment. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him deeper into a kiss.

1/1/2012 #3,119
Nova Singer

Guinevere looked to her left and gasped silently. What the hell were they doing?? She thought incredulously, seeing Julianna and Kal. She wondered if she should say something, but she also knew if she did there was the high chance of Jason ripping Kal to shreds. But she couldn't just watch.

1/1/2012 #3,120
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