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Sarah hugged her, "Yes, i would love to." She whispered.

12/14/2011 #61

Julianna walked Sarah back to Jason and Caylene. "How would we find her?" she asked Jason. "There must be something."

12/14/2011 #62

Jason stood, "The old lab she was bred in, im sure she or some of the revolutionists should be staying." He said. "Its only a mile from here."

12/14/2011 #63

"Then lets go." she said and went to the room she and Jason shared, putting together a quick knapsack and handing it to Jason. Julianna shifted and picked Caylene up by the back of her shirt with her teeth, tossing her on her back. "Ready?"

12/14/2011 #64

Jason and Sarah nodded in unison. "Ill lead the way." Jason said.

Jason led the way through the frozen forest to a run down lab, before he reached the door a man in a gray over coat stepped out. "X!" he called in a thick russian accent. "Your back!"

12/14/2011 #65

Julianna sank low, and she told Caylene to morph. Her daughter obeyed and shifted into her milk chocolate pup form. Julianna picked her daughter up with her teeth by Caylene's scruff and stayed close to Jason's side.

12/14/2011 #66

"Hey." Jason hugged the man, "How's the war?" He asked, "Better, since you took out there general the loyalists have been spread." The man spoke, his russian accent making it near un understandable. "Anne's inside." He motioned to the door, he looked down at Julianna, "Who are they?" He asked. "My wife and kid."

12/14/2011 #67

((Julianna isn't very trusting to people she doesnt know, especially in a foreign land the point of her as a wofl and caylene as a wolf is to not show that they are threatening humans XD plus julianna can protect caylene better that way))

Juilanna slipped inside with Jason, still holding Caylene. "Is this where you were made?" she asked Jason through her mouthful of fur.

12/14/2011 #68

"No, i was made in a different land, but i lived here all my life, i fell in love with the country." Jason smiled. "This is where Skylar and Anne where made."

Soldiers in gray trench coats walked up to Jason, hugging him, or giving him praise. They were all equipped with swords or small pistols.

"I heard my name." A familiar voice called, Anne stepped into the hall, her orange fluffy tail waving behind her. "Jason!" She exclaimed.

12/14/2011 #69

"Oh." she thought to him, making it so only Jason and Caylene could hear her now. "And I'm not your wife yet." she pointed out, her evergreen eyes glinting happily. She shrank back when she saw Anne. She was beautiful, just like her picture. Julianna held her head high, and Caylene bobbed up and down in her mouth, letting her tiny tongue lol out of her mouth.

12/14/2011 #70

Anne stepped forward, a small dagger on her waist, and a bolt action rifle slung on her back. "Where have you been!" She called. "Away, Anne, you know Chris is alive right? and he brought you back." Jason crossed his arms. Anne's eyes widened. "Your kidding?" She gasped. "No." Jason whispered. Anne looked down at Julianna and Caylene, "Who are they?" She asked.

"My fiance and my daughter." Jason murmured.

12/14/2011 #71

Julianna laid down, releasing Caylene. Caylene bounded to Anne and barked, jumped around her legs. Julianna growled and Caylene obediantly returned and laid under Julianna's furry neck.

12/14/2011 #72

Anne's gaze lowered to the floor. "I see." She whispered. "Im married Jason, to a hybrid named Dylan." She looked up, smiling.

"Really?" Jason asked, "Yeah, but he's out running an op right now." She smiled.

((Uhm my friend wants to join the RP, he has an account hes just waiting to be able to post, hes going to play Dylan in a few minutes he can post. :3))

12/14/2011 #73

((sure, thats totally fine))

Julianna stood up, facing what she didn't want to, and shifted, Caylene following directly after. She stood up straight and picked up Caylene. Julianna looked at Anne, and ran a hand through her chestnut hair, which had grown at least two inches past her waist in the past time. Caylene mimicked her with her white hair. "Hello." she greeted curtly, but not unkindly, in a small voice. "I'm Julianna."

"I'm Caylene!" Caylene shouted, her teal eyes sparkling.

12/14/2011 #74

Anne crouched looking at Caylene, "You look just like your father." She smiled. She stood, and held a hand out to Julianna, "Its nice to meet you."

12/14/2011 #75

Julianna shook her hand gently. And set Caylene on her hip. "Mommy..." Caylene whined. Julianna sighed but nodded. Caylene morphed into hybrid form and pawed at her ears. Caylene liked being in this form but Julianna always had her as human for protection, but she felt no threat here.

12/14/2011 #76

Jason smiled. Anne smiled at Caylene, "Arn't you just adorable." She looked up, "We have problems Jason, if Chris is still alive." She said sternly

"Oh, i neglected to mention, Sarah is alive as well." Jason pointed out.

"What!" Anne squealed with joy, Sarah was her best friend before she died.

12/14/2011 #77

Caylene hopped into Jason's arms. "Daddy, Uncle Kal..." she said, tugging on his shirt.

12/14/2011 #78

"I know baby." Jason whispered. "Where is the closest loyalist camp? Our friend is where ever Chris is and we need to figure that out." He said to Anne

"East." Anne said, "I know the drill, ill gather the troops."

12/14/2011 #79

Caylene jumped from Jason's shoulders on to Anne's and bit playfully at her fox ears with her canines.

12/14/2011 #80

Anne laughed, "Hey there little cub." She lifter her up and hugged her.

Caylene giggled, "Are you my aunt too? Like aunty Sarah?"

Anne laughed, "Aunt, I don't know about that." She looked at Jason, who nodded. "Yes little cub i am."

12/14/2011 #81

Caylene hopped down and ran to Julianna, who picked her up. "Mommy I miss Kal." she said sadly.

"I do too baby girl, we all do." she said, ruffling her hair. Julianna cradled her daughter. "Jason, what about Roruk?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

12/14/2011 #82

"Simple, we kill him." Jason stated, "So when should we head out?" he turned to the troops in front of him, one of which pushed a bottle of vodka in his hands.

12/14/2011 #83

Julianna stepped to Jason's side. "He's a god Jason, and Caylene..." she trailed off, and sighed.

12/14/2011 #84

"He is a coward." Jason whispered, "The way he runs from Kal."

12/14/2011 #85

"Jason he killed Kal, don't let that slip from your mind. And think of what he wants from us." she said quietly, looking down at the girl in her arms. She kissed him, just because she felt fear and she needed his strength, his steadiness.

12/14/2011 #86

"We'll figure something else." Jason whispered, hugging Julianna and kissing her forehead.

12/14/2011 #87

She sighed. "I love you." she murmered. Caylene giggled and kissed both their cheeks.

12/14/2011 #88

"I love you to." Jason whispered. "Now we got a loyalist camp to raid." he smiled, "Its good to be home."

12/14/2011 #89

Julianna nodded and put Caylene down and crouched so she was level with her daughter. "Listen up missy, this is not a game, you are either to be with me or Daddy at all times you understand?" Caylene nodded her head fervently. "Good. Lets go get Kal back."

12/14/2011 #90
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