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Jason picked up a sword, "Lets head out." He smiled.

They wandered in the frozen snow for an hour, till they reached a trench on a hill that overlooked a large loyalist camp. "The number of soldiers is about 200." Anne whispered.

"How do you wanna do this?" Jason asked. "Riflemen and gun men first, than we charge."

12/14/2011 #91

Caylene stood up tall and puffed her chest out. "I'll do it!" she said and started walking. Julianna hooked her hand in her shirt collar and pulled her back. "Uh-uh, I don't think so." she smirked. "You're so like your father."

Calyene giggled. Julianna observed the landscape. "I'm going around back, they won't spot me with my fur. Give me a twenty second cease fire and I'm good." she said, shifting.

12/14/2011 #92

Jason waved his fingers, and the riflemen pulled there rifles into the trench. "Wait a minute than open fire." He whispered.

12/14/2011 #93

Julianna took off down the hill, staying low but moving quick. Caylene wailed after her but stayed put like she had been told. Julianna slunk toward the back of the camp, staying out of sight. She lowered herself behind a large broken branch and waited for the firing.

12/14/2011 #94

A minute passed, and Jason gave the order to fire. The rifle's boomed and the one machine gun they had roared to life. The fire lasted for two minutes, and Anne stood yelling charge. Jason hauled him self over the trench and charged with the troops.

12/14/2011 #95
Nova Singer

Kal heard gunfire, he was still laying down as a wolf, and he jumped to his paws. He inhaled, and tasted a familar scent. Julianna. Kal let out a short, sharp howl.

12/14/2011 #96

Jason heard the howl, dropping a Loyalist. He ran toward the tent and ripped in. "Kal!" Jason yelled!

"Hello Jason." He heard a whisper behind him, and a sudden burning pain in his back. Chris had plunged his claws into his back.

Jason collapsed to the ground. "Go Kal." He yelled, slowly getting up.

12/14/2011 #97
Nova Singer

Kal morphed. "No fucking way my brother." and he heaved Jason on his back. Kal took off, following Juilanna's scent, and found her behind a log. "Nice to see you again." he said with a wink.

12/14/2011 #98

Chris laughed hysterically, and gave chase, avoiding the gunfire and sword slashes. He killed any one in his way whether he be loyalist or revolutionist.

"Hey Kal." Jason whispered, blood dripping onto Kal.

12/14/2011 #99

Juilanna shifted and immediately went to Jason. "Are you ok?" she looked at Kal. "Glad to see you alive and well too." she said, smiling slightly, and turned back to Jason.

12/14/2011 #100

Chris stepped up to Jason, and pulled him to the ground and stomped on his chest. "Hey brother!" He yelled. He turned to Kal, "Sorry i can't stay sexy, but your father needs me to command his troops." He smiled wickedly, and kissed Kal before taking off into the distance.

12/14/2011 #101
Nova Singer

"WHAT THE FUCK?!"Kal screamed, and wiped his mouth, spit, then shoved dirt in his mouth. "What the hell! Wha- why- forget it." he growled, he picked Jason up and ran with Juilanna back towards the others. He saw Sarah and his heart melted. When they got close enough he laid Jason down gently, patted his shoulder, and ran to Sarah.

12/14/2011 #102

Jason was wide eyed, wincing in pain. "Chris is...." He trailed off, "That explains why he is so angry and insane."

Sarah ran towards to Kal, and leapt into his arms. "KAL!" She squealed, and kissed him.

12/14/2011 #103
Nova Singer

"Oh God." Kal pulled her off her feet, kissing her hard. Tears poured down his cheeks as he held her close, still holding her off the ground. "Oh Sarah, God, Sarah. Sarah." he repeated over and over, hugging her tightly.

12/14/2011 #104

"I thought he killed you." Sarah whispered softly into his ear. She kissed his cheek. "I missed you."

12/14/2011 #105
Nova Singer

"I missed you too love, I missed you too." he kissed her deeply. "I will always be with you." he set her down and hugged her once more.

12/14/2011 #106

"Good." Sarah whispered, "I got a surprise for you later tonight, but first lets finish off these loyalist."

12/14/2011 #107

Julianna couldn't take it any longer. She hit the dirt, laughing hysterically, until tears streamed out of her eyes. "Oh my God, I knew he was jacked up. Holy crap." she wheezed and sat up, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Oh wow, wow. Jason, your brother is.. something." she said, smiling widely.

12/14/2011 #108

Jason couldn't help but laugh, despite the pain in his back. "That explains, why he hated me so much!" he laughed. "I think. But it at least explains his rage, oh Sarah will not like this."

12/14/2011 #109

"I feel bad for Kal." she said, smiling. Then she stood and took a look at his back, it was healing, but slowly. "How are you?" she murmered, pressing a soft kiss on his lips.

12/14/2011 #110

"Slightly dizzy, i lost quite a bit of blood on Kal." Jason pointed to Kals back, which was soaked with his blood. "And i feel worse for Sarah, knowing her man got kissed by another, Chris at that." Jason smiled, and returned the kiss.

12/14/2011 #111

Julianna nodded and shuddered. She looked down the hill and smiled. "Look." she murmered. The loyalists were packing up and retreating as fast as possible. Caylene bounded to them and jumped in Jason's arms. "Did we win??"

12/14/2011 #112

"We won this one." Jason smiled, shifting onto his shoulder, "But there is a many to come."

12/14/2011 . Edited 12/14/2011 #113

Jason leaned his head back, and let out a very loud howl.

12/14/2011 #114

All of them returned back to the base, and they made themselves comfortable in the makeshift living quarters. Julianna sat on a cot and hugged Caylene to her chest. "So.. Chris.. gay... ack."

12/14/2011 #115

Jason laughed, "I can't blame him, Kal is a sexy beast." Jason teased. "This is quite a surprise though, i did not expect that." He sat next to Julianna and kissed her.

12/14/2011 #116
Nova Singer

"You're tellin me." Kal said, who was brushing his teeth for the twenty-sixth time, and wasn't planning on stopping soon. He gargled and spit. "I do not want a repeat of that." he grimaced. "Later." he left the three of them alone and went to the room he and Sarah shared.

12/14/2011 #117

Jason laughed, "I bet he liked it." He teased. Sarah looked at Kal, "" She pointed.

12/14/2011 #118
Nova Singer

Kals sensitive hearing picked up Jason's words. "Repeat that and you'll have no penis!" he yelled. Kal walked to Sarah and leaned over her, and removed his shirt. "Happy?" he asked teasingly.

12/14/2011 #119

Jason's laughter could be heard through the door, "To think i threatened to do that to you!" He shouted. Sarah smiled, "Belt." She pointed, stood, and licked his neck slowly.

12/14/2011 #120
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