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((Thanks to Orio K for taking the time to write all this up! :D ))

Hello RPers!

If you're new here…

Please read these rules before you start posting!

1) All new people MUST run their character past an admin/mod before posting. Please visit the New People/Character Bios thread to post your character description. Things to include: name, age, gender, powers, weapons, general appearance, etc.

2) Please ask an admin/mod before posting new topic/threads. We don't want things getting cluttered, and we don't want to have a ton of dead threads hanging around. You will need to give us a name and description of your intended topic. (This includes new lands, worlds, etc.)

3) Be considerate of other people's characters. Don't ever take control of another RPer's character; rather than saying things like "[your character] started yelling and [other person's character] ran away" say "[your character] started yelling, hoping that [other person's character] would run away." That lets the other person know what you want to do without taking control of their character away. On the other side, try to notice when people are hinting at what they want you to do; you don't always have to do what they want, but take it into consideration. Also, do not "God Mod." God Modding is where you make your character indestructible/"better" than everyone else's. The admins/mods will try to make sure that your character is not overpowered in the character approval process, but it is also your job to give your character limitations and not overdo it. Please be mindful of the limitations and guidelines each land (setting for RPing) is given by the original poster of the thread. Don't just name yourself "king" of the place, or decide that a certain place is good for mining diamonds, etc. without asking the OP. There are a million other little etiquettes I could list, but, for the most part, it's common sense. If you're not sure of something, ask.

4) Be civil. Don't critique other people's characters, don't be rude to other RPers, etc. Remember the golden RP rule; Type unto others as you would have others type to you. BE NICE.

5) Have fun! That's what we're all here for, right? Try something new! Don't be afraid of us; we're generally nice people, and the scariest thing that can happen to you if you're genuinely trying to RP is that an admin/mod will give you a firm reminder of the rules.

6) You don't have to watch your language on this forum, but please be tactful. Excessive swearing isn't pleasant for anyone. Remember, you can always use *$%@*! to express your feelings.

7) Please do not RP sex scenes unless the thread is specifically an M-rated thread. We have young RPers on the forum, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe RPing. If you want your characters to have sex in an all ages thread, move it to PM or e-mail and then move it back when it's safe again.

8) If you have any other questions, you can head over to the Questions thread or PM an admin/mod. If you think of other rules that should be posted here, let an admin/mod know.

If you've been here before…

1) All the rules that apply to new people still apply to you! Also, some reminders:

2) All threads that are dead/seem totally inactive will be locked. If you see that a locked thread that you want to continue/post in, let an admin/mod know, and we will unlock it for you.

3) If you are going to be unable to post for a while (because of school, family matters, etc.), PLEASE let the people in your active threads know! There's nothing worse than someone dropping out in the middle of everything and having your favorite thread die unexpectedly. On the same note, if you think that you want to stop posting (forever), you should tie up your loose ends (kill your character, have them leave, etc.).

4) Please do your very best to use proper English. Bad/sloppy writing in your posts can lead to confusion and frustration. I'm not saying you have to have perfect English (if English is your second language or spelling/grammar just aren't your strong suit, you are still encouraged to join in), I just ask that you please do your best.

5) Remember, if you have any other questions, you can always PM an admin/mod or head over to the Questions thread. If you think of other rules that should be posted here, let an admin/mod know.

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