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Orio K

Hey everyone!

If you have questions of any kind, about anything forum-related, this is the place to post them! Ibex and I (as well as any mods who may join in the future) will take a look, and I'm sure other RPers on the forum will be happy to help, too.

12/17/2011 . Edited 12/18/2011 #1
Jackie the Giant

Hey, Orio, for the Heaven's Gates thread, does my character have to be an angel, or can I use my fire-spitter (fire-juggler), Red?

12/17/2011 #2

No your character in Heavens Gates doesn't need to be Angelic or Demonic.

12/17/2011 #3
Orio K

It's Hydro's(that's what I'm shortening your name to, if you don't mind, haha) thread, so what he says goes. Generally, if there aren't any specifications in the first thread post, then it's not an issue. :)

12/17/2011 #4

Thats good with me Hydro is what I'm known as in a few places haha

12/17/2011 #5

Hey, Orio. Can you join my Egypt thread here? Thanks! :)

12/17/2011 #6
Orio K

I will certainly check it out! Also, you don't have to be anything specific to join Heaven's Gate, you just have to be a diligent poster. :)

12/17/2011 #7

Hey Orio,

would you want to make another character for Egypt. Don't know what happened to your old one....XD

1/9/2012 #8
Orio K
You guys post way faster than I can, and I don't want to slow the thread down or get left behind. I only have time to post (maybe) two or three times a day, tops. I'll definitely hop back in if things slow down for me, though! :) Uni classes + rugby + social life + work = busy as f*ck.
1/10/2012 #9

Ok :)

1/12/2012 #10
Um, hi? Orio? I was wondering. Does a character have to be a typical fantasy creature? (Elf, faerie, demon, angel, etc.) Or do they just have to have some fantasy components? What are the limitations? Yes. That is my question. OwO
3/24/2012 #11
It doesn't have to be. all my characters are people. :D
3/24/2012 #12
Orio K
Hi LadyBoi! Depending on the specific thread you join, you might be better off playing a fantasy creature, but you certainly don't have to. Some threads, like West Virginia and Egypt, have human characters with no powers; some, like SEA, have human characters with some fantasy powers; and some, like Heaven's Gate and Fantasy High, have fantasy creature characters with fantasy powers. You can choose anything you like, really. :) Just make sure to read the rules thread and post any characters in the New People/Character Bio thread. Welcome to the forum!
3/24/2012 #13
Cool! Thanks a lot! :)
3/25/2012 #14
Orio, are you going to post on the pirates thread?
3/26/2012 #15
Orio K
Ah, yeah, I kind of forgot about it! ;.; I'll go check it out!
3/26/2012 #16
Jackie the Giant
Hey, is it okay if I make another fantasy thread? I have this character I want to post, but he's too old for the fantasy high-school.
4/3/2012 #17
Orio K
I'd be up for it. Most of the threads right now aren't strictly fantasy, and I've been missing it!
4/3/2012 #18
Jackie the Giant
Cool! I'll make it tomorrow, kay? :D
4/3/2012 #19
Young Artist
For S.E.A., does your character have to be strictly only one element or can they be multiple? I can't decide which to choose since my OC uses all the main elements and weather.
4/4/2012 #20
preferably one. :D Otherwise he/she would seem to powerful. XD
4/4/2012 . Edited 4/4/2012 #21
Nova Singer
if your wanting your character to have all elements young artist than you can always do fantasy high, its for any fantasy being and is basically a high school to help train mythical beings and humans in each of their specific talents ^-^
4/4/2012 #22
Agent 22
Which of the topics is a roleplay?
4/6/2012 #23
Jackie the Giant
All of them, except for the ones with flags next to them.
4/6/2012 #24
Agent 22
4/6/2012 #25
Orio, what did you mean by "mary sue hunting?" was it just the bit with my character and barefoots? or the whole thing?
4/10/2012 #26
Orio K
Mary Sue hunting is criticizing another player's character for not being original enough, and it is not allowed on this forum. It's okay to offer constructive critique for how to make a character more unique in the future, though, or just to offer RPing advice. PM me if you have any other specific questions about that thread.
4/10/2012 #27
Oh! ok, I thought that you meant that my or barefoots character was a mary sue because they were hunting at the time when you cut the thread off. ok lol i feels sheepish. XD
4/10/2012 #28

Is it okay to add on to the area your in? For example I am in Fiery Alius right now and from what I gather from parts of the story so far and the description, there is a palace, woods, mountains various wildlife settings and possibly a large town. Could you edit part of the area? Like stumbling upon something in the mountains? Creating monsters in the forests? Also are there any specific laws in the land on your powers? Is it ok to openly use them?

6/6/2012 #29
Adams BadApple

Adding on is perfectly fine, that's why it's role playing. You make stuff up. From what I've read on the thread the laws are pretty much the normal laws you could think of. I pushed a character in for you to interact with, I thought it might ease you into the thread a little bit easier. And I think Orio K is going to be heading out on the 15th or 16th or something? So that thread was going to be quiet for a while I bet.

6/6/2012 #30
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