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Welcome back Orio!

9/13/2012 #61
Orio K

Thanks, Alex, I'm glad to be back! :)

9/14/2012 #62
Etoile x Noire
Is anybody currently RPing in the Steampunk London RP? I'd like to make a character for there....What about the Pirate RP?
9/22/2012 . Edited 9/22/2012 #63
Etoile x Noire
Also, Breezy... Sina and I are waiting for your reply in the High school romance RP.... Are you not RPing there anymore?
9/22/2012 #64

Sorry. I am roleplaying there. Just busy. n.n;

9/22/2012 #65
Orio K

Well, I'm not sure about the others, but I have characters in both the steampunk and the priate rps, and I would totally get back into it if you wanted, Chigumi.

9/22/2012 #66

I have in the pirate too. :)

9/23/2012 #67
Etoile x Noire
@Breezy: Mm, it's alright, I was just wondering sice you were roleplaying here... @Orio K: Awesome! That would be great if you don't mind! @Alex Rashid: Thanks for the heads up!
9/26/2012 #68
Orio K

Cool, go ahead and make a character and post in either thread. :)

9/26/2012 #69
Etoile x Noire
Uh, is there some specific things I need to fill out for both? Like I can do basic but is there anything else I need to add in?
9/28/2012 #70
Tyrannical Aegis

Sorry, I just need to joke around. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris?

10/2/2012 #71
Orio K

Saeling: Nope, nothing that's not specified in the OP's post. We can pretty much start from scratch, since no one's RPing in those threads right now. :)

Reaper: All of it.

10/3/2012 #72

A wood chuck couldn't chuck Chuck Norris Chuck Norris would chuck the wood chuck. Chuck

10/4/2012 #73
Tyrannical Aegis

Both of you are right.

10/4/2012 #74


10/4/2012 #75
Tyrannical Aegis

Welcome back to the world of Role-Playing!

10/4/2012 #76


10/4/2012 #77
Orio K

Hydro, I just choked on my coffee. Best answer.

10/4/2012 #78

lol I laughed. I almost swallowed my gum, thanks guys :P

BTW, when Ryon and the rest of the people in Feri Allius go to Ryon's country, just tell me because I have a character ready and all :D

10/4/2012 #79
Etoile x Noire
Should we restart the Pirates thread?
10/4/2012 #80

If you want to :) I wouldn't mind. But, you'd have to get an ok from everyone else on that thread

10/4/2012 #81
Etoile x Noire
Well it's not a matter of what I want to do, I just don't have enough info of what's going on in the thread (plus it'd be a pain to ask everyone in that thread- just because of time zones and activity)
10/4/2012 #82
Etoile x Noire
Eh, another question.... Are we allowed to put up a link to our own forums and invite people to come and roleplay there with us?
10/4/2012 #83

You can put up a link to offer and invite people to come to your forum if they want to. Just don't be overly pushy about it, after all this is Ibex's forum and people are role-playing here, it tends to become an annoyance to overly advertise one forum on someone elses.

10/4/2012 #84
Etoile x Noire
Okay thanks.... May think about it now....
10/4/2012 #85

I would rather if you didn't (for obvious reasons) but if people ask for it, then it's alright. :)

10/4/2012 #86

@Orio: Your welcome haha @ Alex: Ah sorry, it'll be there for (Puts on deep resounding evilish voice) seven years.

10/5/2012 #87
Etoile x Noire
Orio K, you wouldn't mind restarting the Pirates thread, would you?:)
10/6/2012 #88
*Blinks* Oh, was I not supposed to post there yet? *Awkwardly sinks down in chair*
10/7/2012 #89
Etoile x Noire
10/7/2012 #90
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