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Adams BadApple

I was only wondering. And sure Christian.

2/13/2012 #301
Thank you, im sure this is your business, and not mine ;P
2/13/2012 #302

Just wondering....If any of you guys are interested, I have a deviantART profile too. I love drawing, and I would appreciate it if you could look at my drawings. My username is alexrashid. I guess you could go to www. deviantART. com without the spaces.

or you could search alexrashid on google. My DA thing will come up! I have the same yeah. Thanks guys!

2/13/2012 #303

So...anyone who RP's with me. I will be gone on Friday. I'm coming back on sunday.

2/16/2012 #304
Woo I am officialy back now guys and this time I mean it! POsted in Heavans Gate just waiting for Blood Ties and I'll post in Majanoor in a moment @Ibex Like the Happy profile pic!
2/20/2012 #305
Nova Singer

EEEP! You're back!!! :D :D yay! i missed you :D

2/20/2012 #306
Yeah college and other things have been in the way but I'm back and ready to start posting again, really want to use SIlri my WoodElfesk Elf in something too!
2/20/2012 #307
@HydratedFormula - Thanks, I'm in the middle of watching Fairy Tail and love how cute he is :D
2/20/2012 #308
Aye he is, I've just caught up with the Manga relases on MangaFox last night ^^ not watched the Anime yet but it's on my too watch list! I like Gray he's probably my favorite character and he's an exabitionist and has me wanting to make one of my own haha
2/21/2012 #309
Orio K

Yay! Hydro's back! I was so worried about Heaven's Gate.

Random question: Do any of you read Homestuck?

2/21/2012 #310
Ah I know, I'm worried about THysultai but if it dies I don't particularywant top put him back in majanor due to very little time passage, I may use him in something else though
2/23/2012 #311

Hey everyone!

Great news, Galaxies is up and running! I just have a character thread posted right now, so we are in need of some new places for people to RP. So if people are interested in RPing there, just post a character, if you have an idea for a place, post it with your character.

See everyone there!

Here's the URL:

2/24/2012 #312

I posted there

2/24/2012 #313
Jackie the Giant

Name: Jenny Belo

Gender: female.

Age: 16

Species: Human/mermaid hybrid

Appearance: Slim, yet very muscular, with tan skin and high cheekbones. Her hair is long and black, set back in a dreadlock ponytail, and her eyes are ice blue.

Personality: Stern and tough, Jenny is no-nonsense when she wants something done. However, she can also have fun, and if she has no pressing matters she can have quite the sense of humor.

History: Jenny lived the first twelve years of her life in grandfather's boxing gym, getting trained to fight since she was six. When she was thirteen, her grandfather took her to the seaside, where she learned that her legs would transform into a tail when she was submerged in water. She trained for three more years with her grandfather (adding underwater fighting to their regime) before Jenny was sent to Fantasy High.

2/26/2012 #314
Nova Singer
haha this is the other stuff thread XD
2/26/2012 #315
Jackie the Giant
AAAAH! Sorry. I'm still used to the New Persons thread being at the top. ^/////^;
2/26/2012 #316
It's all good :) And approved!
2/26/2012 #317
Jackie the Giant
Thanks. ^^;
2/26/2012 #318
I got a new avatar! ^.^
3/5/2012 #319
Don't know if you can see it yet....XD
3/5/2012 #320
Milde the tough Teddy
No, not yet :D

Can anyone tell me how I can get my inspiration back to read to reeeeeally important exams? I got about 8 textbooks all over 100 pages and I have only one and a half week until death. I'm too lazy to be a student... xP

3/5/2012 #321
Can't see anything yet Alex, but maybe soon! It took a while for my new avatar to come up. And Milde, not sure how to help you there, I'm a workaholic, so I generally go until my body gives out on me (as it did this past weekend with a stomach bug that left me with symptoms of food poisoning), so all I can say is, every hour or so, take a break that involves reading or something :)
3/5/2012 #322
Ibex, are you ok? And Milde, I'd suggest reward system. Like, if I read a chapter, I will get to eat a cookie. and so on. dunno, thats what I use to motivate my self.
3/5/2012 #323
Milde the tough Teddy
That sounds nice but if I start rewarding myself with food I'll get fat...and I don't need any more weight in my body :D Maybe I should lose my computer and forget the wonders of the internet x]
3/5/2012 #324
hmm....i don't know then....I actually do it with goldfish or grapes....XD 1 per math problem. XD
3/5/2012 #325
Milde the tough Teddy
I've tried brain food a few times but the result was that I opened the book, pretended to read and ate the food xD
3/5/2012 #326
@Alex - Not doing too bad now, but I was doing horrible over the weekend. Was literally stuck in my bed for 2 days and I really should've stayed in bed today too but I refused to stare at my blank wall for another day, I was sooo bored. Still gotta be careful on what I eat and how much though. Have to rest every few hours or so too otherwise I get lightheaded. Lesson learned: Never eat tuna from Subway ever again.
3/5/2012 #327
aww...poor you! That stinks. :P I had the barf bug a couple weeks ago.
3/5/2012 #328
@ibex, Oh my I just found out you're sick. I'm sorry that must be terrible ( ; A ; ) can I give you a hug? -Opens his fluffy arms for a hug-
3/5/2012 #329
Orio K

Oh dear, both the mods are sick...

Sounds like you got it worse than me, Ibex. I've just got a sore throat and slight fever. :/ I hope you feel better!

3/6/2012 #330
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