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we already discussed this, I'm the youngest out of all of you. :P

Hopefully I don't act like it though....XD

5/4/2012 #751

lol, you're the 'baby' in the group Alex :p

5/4/2012 #752


I really hope I don't act immature or anything. :P

5/4/2012 #753
Nova Singer

Gah I like puked out three poems all in the same hour. I need to stop listening to over emotional songs on the radio.

5/4/2012 #754

Bah I'm allways being made to feel old, I'm the oldest in my college group by like a year at least a year and a half at the most I think, I'm THE oldest cadet at my squadron and my cadets are all 13 to 15. Yes on the threads, like Orio said us three are all unable to post as much as the rest of you so this will be a thread we can post when we can get on with a slower pace, the M rating is just we may be throwing some quite nasty bits in there, if a horrorish theme is what everyone else is wanting to do?

5/5/2012 #755
Adams BadApple

Hehe, I dont know Sammy, maybe you're just over emotional.

5/5/2012 #756
Nova Singer

Oh haha -_-

You think you're so funny. But ur just impossible.

5/5/2012 #757
Adams BadApple

But you love me X)

5/5/2012 #758
Nova Singer


5/5/2012 #759
Adams BadApple

Oh wow when are you gonna stop using that one?

5/5/2012 #760
Nova Singer

When it stops being true ^-^

Anyway, shouldn't you be packing mister? Hm?

5/5/2012 #761
Adams BadApple

yeah yeah, working on it right now. ^_^

I'll be seein you tomorrow. :)

5/5/2012 #762

Horror theme sounds great, haven't tried writing in the genre before, so this'll be fun :D

5/5/2012 #763
Orio K

You're in Canada though, right Ibex? I can drink in Canada, just not in the US. :| not that it stops me, haha.

And yeah, I'd definitely like the horror theme. :3

5/5/2012 #764

Horror it is then ^^ I've been able to drink for a year now, I don't exersice the right too very much. :D

5/5/2012 #765

Yup, I'm from the Great White North! :D (Actually, not so white anymore thanks to global warming, lol). And that sucks that you're not close to the border, you won't believe how many people I see from the US that are just there for booze, haha!

And good that it doesn't stop you! I can imagine how crazy some people go the second they hit 21 because at that point they've been dying to go to parties and such for years. Not that that's any better in Canada... (*cough*University of Western Ontario *cough*) I'm sorry, were those words? :p

5/5/2012 #766
Orio K

Hydro, what's the drinking age in the UK? It's 19, right? Can we talk about how EVERYWHERE is smarter than America? I'm actually really embarrassed to live here a lot of the time...

Ibex, I actually live pretty close to the border, but I don't have a car (too poor, and we get free bus passes from my school) and I haven't had the chance to make a run up, haha. I've been meaning to though. ;.;

5/5/2012 #767

Gutterflower, is your new place the one for just the people who have been here a while. if not, can I join?

5/6/2012 #768

It's not for the people who've been here a while but right now I think it's a private thread for me and my friends. Im actually not sure I have to check with them.

5/6/2012 #769

It's er 18, am I viewed as that old? haha I think it should be higher (You have to LOOK 21 to buy though)

5/6/2012 #770
Nova Singer

Lol well as long as you LOOK it. I went to Amsterdam when I was seven with my dad and we went to a coffee shop and we bought pot just for the fun of it and gave it to my dog.

5/6/2012 #771
Orio K

Haha, Hydro, no. Jesus, I thought you were my age. ;.; Ibex, please tell me that you're AT LEAST 20...

I've never been to Amsterdam, but I think it would be fun. I honestly think that pot should just be legal for people 18 and up. In my humble opinion, pot is a lot less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, so why not make it legal? At least that way the government could tax it and it would be held to some kind of standard of quality.

5/6/2012 #772

I've been 19 for a little over a month now be 19 and two months in under 2 weeks

5/7/2012 #773

Sorry Orio, I'm actually 19, going on 20 in a few months, haha! I'm wondering now if you're the *ahem* most 'youth-impaired' out of all of us :p

5/7/2012 #774
Nova Singer

Im sure we'll all look back on this in our fifties and sixties and either laugh or scream at the term of 'youth-impaired' at 19 and 20 years of age ^-^

5/7/2012 #775

I feel old, I'm only 19 and I feel really old, it's a drawback of being in a Youth organisation where the average age is 13-14.

I'm "mature" not old

5/8/2012 #776

I second that HF :p

5/8/2012 #777
Orio K


I'm only twenty, haha. Sheeeesh.

5/8/2012 #778

Thought you were the same age as me Orio or maybe a year younger but not older haha. How are we going to set up this oldtimers thread?

5/9/2012 #779

We said we were going to do it in Galaxies right? We can just head on over there and start posting I suppose

5/9/2012 #780
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