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Tis how I got out of my depression. What I do to make it less morbid, and sorrowful is throwing in change near the end. X3 Seems to work.
1/6/2012 #61

I also lack the ability to write anythin thats more than a page or two long, so stories are out of the question, I'm good at writing the ideas for em but never the actual story

1/6/2012 #62
I love writing stories, but I struggle with Mary Sue and Grammar XD. That and I constantly get writers block and forget what im doing.
1/6/2012 #63

I've found I'm better at Sci-fi than Fantesy over the last few months though, still can't write loads but when doing ideas I get to into it and write more than I need and just make things to complecated to turn into an enjoyable readable story

1/6/2012 #64
Orio K
I especially liked "This Mask I Wear" and "A Part of Me." :) I (briefly) tried my hand at poetry, but I've never really gotten into it. I'm planning on taking a poetry class next quarter, though, so I'll let you know if anything comes of that, haha. Please don't read the crap I have on my profile here. It's kind of embarrassing.
1/6/2012 #65
I love writing stories, and I kinda wanted to do a collab one with some one. Just to see where it would head.
1/6/2012 #66

This Mask I Wear is actually a poem that came about due to me hiding depression from familey and friends and when my tutor at college helped me though it after I told her about it (Hence the mask slipping), behind every one of my poems is a story ^^

A Glance was the first poem I ever wrote and my personal favorite, randomly sat down in High School one day and wrote it, was near valentines day about 4 years ago, wow that long I was only 14, won me £10 in a competition and the shocck of the school libarian (I was a and still aam a bit of a book worm so she knew me quite well haha) Well the Elvish race Thysultai (Illistil's and Sevastion's Race) is a race I once made up to feature in a storey but I ended up keeping the race and using it for P and not really for storeys, at the moment tryin to write a Sc-fi though, military, actiony type

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #67
Nova Singer

@triedge, you could always do one with ME XD

1/6/2012 #68
@BeingBarefootRocks, Lets do it! I wanted to ask earlier, but I didn't want to be a bother.
1/6/2012 #69
Nova Singer

seriously its not a bother, it sounds like fun since im bored half the time :D

1/6/2012 #70
Shweet, Paragraph for Paragraph? Or Chapter for Chapter?
1/6/2012 #71
Nova Singer

either, what d'you want it to be about?

1/6/2012 #72
No clue, maybe zombie apocalypse? Those are always fun collabs :3
1/6/2012 #73
Nova Singer

ooh interesting. so hmm........... idk my brain is going offwire

1/6/2012 #74
Mine too, im doing several things at once. But if we do do this Collab im going to use Anne as a character. Cause she is my Fursona :3
1/6/2012 #75
Nova Singer

lol you love your girl. are you using her as a furry? or could it be like a sci-fi thing? like zombie epidemic wipes off lots of the worlds population and surivors band together. We could do groups of characters or one or two main ones, your choice.

1/6/2012 #76
It can be fury or a group. Anne, is like my Fursona :3 I love her to death so much. I like the idea of wiping out the world population, what city will this take place in?
1/6/2012 #77
Greenbow Alabama
1/6/2012 #78
Nova Singer

i was thinking chicago, and maybe not furries this time? lol idk ummm yeah maybe like we could start with one or two main characters and build?

1/6/2012 #79
Sure thing, I will use Anne's human form :3
1/6/2012 #80
Nova Singer

ok so as far as cities goes, just was thinkin it would be a well known one. chicago, san fran, new york.. etc your choice on it.

1/6/2012 #81
Lets do New York. Its bigger, and allows for more action ;3
1/6/2012 #82
Nova Singer

good plan :) you can start it off if you wanna. i was going to use another OC of mine that i've had locked up in my super secret notebook FOREVER, tee-hee-hee *evil grin*

1/6/2012 #83
Im using Anne and Tyga :3 my rocker girls.
1/6/2012 #84
Nova Singer


1/6/2012 #85
Okai, I will start and DocX it to yah! :3.
1/6/2012 #86
Nova Singer

sure ting

1/6/2012 #87
Orio K
Hydro, I think that good poetry always has a story behind it. The heavier the subject, the better writing it churns out. I know all my best writing comes to me when life is hard. You should post more of your writing. :)
1/6/2012 #88
@BeingBarefootRocks Shent :3
1/6/2012 #89
Hey, I'll read your poems. Which ones?
1/6/2012 #90
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