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Nova Singer

Yes, that sounds great. Im so sorry I asked her to delete the thread instead of locking it Alex, that was a my bad.

7/26/2012 #901

I probably might just use his name, cause I don't know his personality and stuff. If the thread was still there, I could check, but it's not. XD I have a plot (kinda).

There should be a love triangle!

7/26/2012 #902

Willow, are you going to join the greek thing?

7/28/2012 #903
Yes probably, when I find the time I'll create a character
7/28/2012 #904

BTW I'm going to be gone this week. :D

7/28/2012 #905

Hey guys, just putting it out there that I may be on very rarely for a while. School just started back in and I have tons of work to do, especially since I just switched into an AP class. So I won't be on hardly at all on weekdays except for maybe like one post in the mornings, and a few in the evenings. Weekends I'll try to be on as much as possible. My Eldin Isle people, if you get super bored and are waiting up on Briseis, just make do and continue on if you want, then I'll catch her up later and squeeze her back in, no big deal :)

Later guys!

8/29/2012 #906

Don't worry! We have like, 5 other stories happening at the same time! All you need to do when you post is search your latest one and go from there!...Did that make sense?

8/29/2012 #907

So slightly random topic: How's everyone liking the new icons for how long people have been on FP? They keep throwing me off haha

9/2/2012 #908

New Icons?

9/2/2012 #909
I didn't realize that I had a forum description on this forum so I was wondering is this is an active forum?0-0
9/3/2012 #910
@Otomos the Crazy: He means the ones next to your penname- they have it on here too...
9/3/2012 #911
@Otomos the Crazy: He means the ones next to your penname- they have it on here too...
9/3/2012 #912

Oh... Thanks chibineko!... I'm a chair!?

9/3/2012 #913
Crud.... The thing double-posted.... I don't know why... @OtomostheCrazy: Yeah! You're a chair!XD Is this an active forum?0w0
9/3/2012 #914
Nova Singer

Yes it is

9/3/2012 #915

Yup, still active, although a bit dormant at the moment what with people back in school and everything.

9/5/2012 #916
Okay, so where's the OC template? I'd like to join.:)
9/5/2012 #917

It,s the new people/ character bios thread

9/5/2012 . Edited 9/5/2012 #918
Complex Variable

Yay for people thinking that I'm awesome! :D

"Runetic synthesis"—I like that!


Well, considering what I know of fantasy in general, I would say one of the following:

1) The process of creating a new rune (in the sense of a particular geometric glyph/figure) from other runes (or, from nothing at all)

2) The process of creating "something" via a combination of particular arcane symbols/designs (runes).

9/5/2012 #919
Um I know that.... I don't think you understand what I'm saying... I'm talking about an OC template where the name, gender and other things are...
9/6/2012 #920

The template (or at least an example of it) should be on the first page of the same thread. Or, if that's not it, what exactly are you talking about? -_-'

9/6/2012 #921
Tyrannical Aegis

@CV Thank you very much for the input! Runetic Synthesis, in this case, would be leaning toward your second description. Making a combination would include planning, making, and practice.

9/6/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #922
Complex Variable

Arcane is just a by-word for anything cool/fancy/complicated—magical, super-scientific, etc. "Arcane" just means that the thing in question is mysterious and complex.

And, you're welcome.

9/6/2012 #923
Uh... well no there isn't an example of it but someone started the thing out with a paragraph form... I have to write it in paragraph form?
9/6/2012 #924

Oh... Okay try this for an example:









This is more or less the basic template.

9/6/2012 . Edited 9/6/2012 #925
Okay, thanks! Sorry if I annoyed you or anything...;
9/6/2012 #926

No problem! And you didn't you were just looking for information.

9/6/2012 #927
Orio K

Guess who's baaaack!

Surprise, it's me. Only 646 emails in my inbox? :)

9/6/2012 #928

How was your camp I'm guessing?

9/6/2012 #929
Orio K

Ah, it was good. I am much tanner than I was when I left, haha.

Anyhoo, which threads are good to join in on? Eldin Isle looks a little too complicated to jump in on, and Fieri Alius has moved waaay past my character. Maybe Hockingston's Mansion? Or should I make a new thread?

9/6/2012 #930
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