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It's a High school any and everbody. No time restrictions, no race, you can be any body you want to be from a elf, to human, to a furry every one is welcome! Mary Sues are not looked down upon Perfection makes well, perfection. This is more of a social thread than it is a serious RP :3 Uhm, quick update. This can be a M rated Thread :3 sex is welcome, as long as detail is kept at some minimum XD .-.

2/1/2012 . Edited 2/23/2012 #1

Anat opened her eyes. She was sitting at some sort of table. There were other girls sitting at the same table, all crowded around and gossiping and such.

"Where am I?" she asked one of them.

"School. This is the cafeteria." one of them replied.

Anat shook her head. "No really. what are you talking about?"

"Ah come on Anat! Have you lost your mind?!"

"Actually, yes. I have no clue where I am, or how I got here." Anat said, smoothing her palms on her dress. her fingers fumbled with her pectoral collar. "Who are you? How do you know my name?"

"We've been friends since 6th grade." she replied. "We are the most popular girls here."

"I don't know what you mean."

(hows that for a start?)

2/1/2012 #2
((Tis good, imma use my Fursona and OC Lixa and Lyxian, they have already been approved and I have yet to use them :3)) Lixa looked up from his half eaten meal, brushing the black hair from his face. "A new comer." He smiled. "This is always fun."

Lyxian laughed, "That is is." She mewed.

2/1/2012 #3

(are they at the same table?)

The conversation continued like this for several minutes.

Anat glanced up. "What are those?" she asked pointing.

"Lights." another girl said sarcasticly. "Come one Anat, don't be stupid like Kaylin here!" she teased, indicating the burnette Anat was talking to.

Kaylin laughed, and Anat joined in, not sure what was funny.

Kaylin glanced down at Anat. "What are you wearing?!" she gasped.

"A dress." it was Anat's turn to mimic that sarcastic tone.

"yes, but who ever said it was "dress up like Egyptians" day???"

"I wear this everyday. My slaves dress me and paint my eyes and-"

"Slaves?" Kaylin mouthed. "What?!"

2/1/2012 #4
Lixa shook his head, and stood up walking over to the table. "Welcome to Fantasy High." He said smiling. "The name is Lixa, I am a fox. This is my sister from a different family, Lyxian."

Lyxian stood from the table and approached. Her feline tail waving behind her. "Hello there." She smiled, holding a hand up and waving.

2/1/2012 #5

"By Isis! I must be dreaming!" Anat gasped.

"Hello." she said, gingerly waving back. She flashed him a smile.

Kaylin pulled her arm down. "Come on! You taught me how to flirt, why are you forgetting?" she hissed in Anat's ear. "You make the guys work for a smile!!!! that's what you told me!!"

"Guys court me all the time!" Anat hissed back.

2/1/2012 #6
Nova Singer

Brandi sat with all her friends at a circular lunch table, each of them having only a water bottle at their side.

2/1/2012 #7
Lixa shook his head. "I am not courting, I am introducing my self. I am that guy, who tries to make friends with every one." He smiled, waving his tail. "But I am single." He winked at the girls in front of him.

Lyxian laughed. "Oh come now Lixa, stop with the flirting."

2/1/2012 #8

Anat then looked around. About almost everyone was staring at her. "Why's everyone staring? It's impolite to stare at a Princess of Egypt!"

"Stop with your acting, Anat! And they're staring because of your dress. and that" she indicated her makeuped eyes, and her golden pectoral necklace, and her golden circlet of a princess.

2/1/2012 #9


2/1/2012 #10
Lixa flipped his head quickly, "Uhm, hello im still here too?"

Lyxian laughed, "I told you before, you are a terrible flirt Lixa, lets just go."

2/2/2012 #11

"what's your name?" Anat asked.

2/2/2012 #12
"A little too surprised hm, names Lixa, and this is Lyxian." Lixa smiled, bowing slightly.
2/2/2012 #13

"My pleasure." Anat smiled.

"Maybe you can tell me better, Where am I?"

2/2/2012 #14
Lixa laughed, "Welcome, to Fantasy High!" He threw his arms in the air. "Whether you are here on purpose, or on accident, welcome! Cause there ain't no going back."
2/2/2012 #15

Anat stood up. "I'm done." she announced, to particularly no one.

She started for the door then stopped. "Anat, where are you going?" Kaylin asked.

"I need to find my slave." Anat said urgently, "that little girl can't be trusted in a place like this."

"We are in 2012 Anat. There. Are. No. Slaves."

2/2/2012 #16
Lixa laughed, "Looks like we gotta time traveler, Follow me, I will take you to the school consouler to get you settled in."
2/2/2012 #17

"Ok." Anat said uncertainly.

2/2/2012 #18
Lixa turned, motioning with his hand to follow as he stepped out of the bustling cafeteria and into the near empty hall ways, his tail waving behind him.
2/2/2012 #19

"I am a princess of Egypt." Anat insisted. "Where's my slaves? Where are my gaurds?" she asked over and over again.

2/2/2012 #20
Lixa only laughed. "You don't have those here. Here you are a regular girl, a regular highschool student." He explained. "You where chosen, but what I do not know. But some one wants you to attend."
2/2/2012 #21

"Excuse me? I am the daughter of the pharaoh, I am FAR from being a regular kid, just like everyone else here! In fact, I was the favorite daughter of the Pharaoh, I am to be the next queen of Egypt!" she said, maybe a little to snobby.

2/2/2012 #22
Lixa's face went stern. "Not here you aren't. You make your own here kid. you snap off on me again, and that would make a bad start." He said a little harshly. "Try and make friends."
2/2/2012 #23

"Apparently, Kaylin and all those other popular girls are my friends." Anat said.

2/2/2012 #24
"Good, be friends." Lixa smiled. "Now come on, lets get you to the councilor huh?"
2/2/2012 #25

(you play the conselor? XD)

When they reached there, Anat straighted her dress, and adjusted her circlet of an egyptian princess.

2/2/2012 #26
((Of course))

The Councilor looked up, and readjusted his glasses. His short gray hair rested unkempt on his forehead. "Ah, yes. You must be the new student hm? The Time Traveler correct?"

2/2/2012 #27

"Apparently I've been here forever!" she said.

"Time Traveler? I am the princess of Egypt!!!"

2/2/2012 #28
Nova Singer

Brandi poked her brand new nose into the counselor's office, always the type to be nosy, she surveyed the new student with beady eyes. "Erm, excuse me. Who's the newbie?" she said with compelete politeness, but it was a forced and strained comment.

2/2/2012 #29
The Councilor only laughed. "Yes yes, we have a few of you a year. Erhm, Time Travelers that is. Now, you are automatically enrolled here. Here are your classes, your home room teacher." He handed Anat a large folder of papers. "Try and fit in."
2/2/2012 #30
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