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Orio K

"Good." said Leonard, walking off with the plans for the flower.

"I'm going to help make it!" said Frankie. "We'll have her head over heels for you in no time!"

2/15/2012 #31
Jackie the Giant

((My computer was being a booger. Otherwise, I would have posted sooner.))

"I... I appreciate that." Edison said. He wasn't used to people just out-of-the-blue doing nice things for him, even if they did run into him. Normally, he would have said that they were going through a lot of trouble over a bunch of flowers, but he had seen the glint of gold coins in Leonard's eyes and he could see that Frankie enjoyed working with machines as much as he did, so he figured that it was their pleasure.

Still, he felt the need to offer: "If there's ever anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask." He felt it would be the least he could do.

2/16/2012 #32
Orio K

((I sat there and laughed for way too long at your use of the word "booger."))

Leonard leered at Edison. "Don't worry. A skilled designer like you, I'll be keeping you in mind."

Frankie was already heating up her work station and assembling the needed mechanical bits. "This is going to be so great!"

2/16/2012 #33
Jackie the Giant

Edison shied away from Leonard and moved closer to Frankie so that he could watch her work. Just because he was an inventor did not mean he didn't like to work with the machinary himself. However, he hated it when people watched over his shoulder, so he was ready to move if she showed any irritation.

2/16/2012 #34
Orio K

"Here, hold this," said Frankie, thrusting a wrench into Edison's hand, "These little cogs are such a pain."

2/17/2012 #35
Jackie the Giant

Edison took the wrench without hesitation, ignoring the black grease that got onto his white gloves.

"Sorry about that." He said sheepishly. "This is one of my more intricate designs. Very complicated." He looked like he wanted to help, but feeling like she would just snap at him to go away. He would do the same if someone tried to help him build something.

2/18/2012 #36
Orio K
"No, I love intricate designs. The challenge is part of the fun!" she said, grabbing the wrench and shoving a screwdriver into his hand. "Would you suggest using aluminium or steel for the screws?"
2/20/2012 #37
Jackie the Giant

"Steel would probably be best." Edison said lightly as his fingers deftly worked the screwdriver. He tried not to get in Frankie's way, but at the same time did not allow his proximity to her to have any effect on what he was doing.

2/20/2012 #38
Orio K
"Thanks for the help," she said, grinning as she worked, "It goes faster and lets me get on to the next fun project."
2/21/2012 #39
Jackie the Giant

"Thank you for letting me." Edison replied with a smile. "I admit that you are the first person I've met who seems to enjoy machines as much as I do."

2/22/2012 #40
Orio K
"You don't hang out around enough mechs." laughed Frankie, tightening a tiny screw. "We're just a bunch of mechanophiles. Can't help ourselves."
2/22/2012 #41
Jackie the Giant

((Sorry I took so long.))

"Yes, well, I don't really hang out with anyone usually." Edison admitted as he aligned two gears. "I don't leave my lab much."

2/26/2012 #42
Orio K

((Glad you're back!))

"Really? What about miss Kat? How'd you meet her?"

2/26/2012 #43
Jackie the Giant
Edison blushed slightly. "She had just begun to tutor a young boy two houses down, and came to my house by mistake. She had wandered all the way down to my lab before I even noticed she was there. She ended up having to bind my thumb when I did." He held up his hand and removed the glove, showing that his thumb had a small but noticeable scar on the knuckle. "Then we started talking and I discovered she loved mechanical things, though she didn't understand how they worked, and then she left and I haven't spoken to her face-to-face since then." He put his glove back on in embarrassment.
2/27/2012 #44
Orio K

"Aw," said Frankie, "That's so nice! Miss Kat's a sweet lady, but she's a little scatterbrained. I can see her wandering around the wrong house."

To herself, she thought that they would make the kindest, most absentminded couple the world had ever seen. If they ended up together, she would have to remember to check in on them to make sure they hadn't gotten too lost in books and mechanics to eat properly.

She giggled and snapped a last small gear into place, closing the little panel that would hide the inner workings of the flower. "Done! Now we can take it to Tessy for paint, and see how it looks!"

2/28/2012 #45
Jackie the Giant
"Right!" Edison said happily, then blinked. "Um, who's Tessy?" He asked.
2/28/2012 #46
Orio K
"Ah, sorry, he's the painter, Tesla Hughes. You'll like him." said Frankie, picking up the metal flower. "Come on, there's a room with special ventilation in the back for painting." She started off through the shop, expecting him to follow.
2/29/2012 #47
Jackie the Giant
Edison blinked after her, then quickly clambered to his feet and followed, his shoes clicking on the hardwood floors.
3/1/2012 #48
Orio K

A tall, thin man with hands and arms stained by paint and a pair of dark goggles pushed up into his hair barely glanced at Frankie when she popped into his workroom. He was holding a tiny clockwork insect, a scarab, which he was meticulously painting an iridescent green, gold, and blue. The small paintbrush was dwarfed by his hand, but what he painted was deftly detailed and beautifully intricate.

Frankie stood by the door, silent for once, and waited.

((I think I'm going to make Tesla an actual character, not just an npc.))

3/4/2012 #49
Jackie the Giant

((Sorry I took so long. When things slow down, I forget to check for posts.))

Edison stood next to Frankie, watching the strange man paint the mechanical beetle. Idly, he wondered who had designed it, because it was very intricate.

"Is that Tesla?" He whispered to Frankie.

3/12/2012 . Edited 3/12/2012 #50
Orio K

Frankie nodded, still watching the man. Tesla seemed to finish painting inspecting the scarab for a moment before glancing up at his visitors. He smiled faintly at Frankie, before looking back down at the beetle. Fishing a key out of his pocket, he wound the toy and tossed it into the air. Thin wings popped out of its back and propelled it across the workroom, coming to the wall and landing on it.

"Isn't it fascinating?" he asked, turning back to his guests. "Leonard just finished it. I'm Tesla Hughes. You must be the professor."

3/12/2012 #51
Jackie the Giant
"Yes, it's very fascinating." Edison agreed. "And, yes. Professor Edison Harpsody, at your service." He bowed slightly at the waist in greeting.
3/12/2012 #52
Orio K

"We've got something for you to paint, if you're not too busy." said Frankie, holding up the flower.

Tesla picked up the piece of machinery, inspecting it. "This is beautifully designed, and constructed. You've both done very well."

Frankie grinned, blushing, and nudged Edison.

3/12/2012 #53
Jackie the Giant
Edison took the hint and bowed in thanks. "Thank you very much." He said, a little embarrassed (though in a pleased way) about the compliment.
3/16/2012 #54
Orio K
Tesla smiled and took the flower over to his worktable. He rummaged through the shelves and drawers of his work area, pulling out small paint pots, brushes, and other miscellaneous tools. Once everything was set up to his liking, he started painting. "I love watching this part." said Frankie, staring at Tesla's hands and the flower as he turned it first completely yellow, and then began adding oranges and reds.
3/16/2012 #55
Jackie the Giant

((Um, I think you're thinking of a tulip or daffodil. I don't think I've ever seen a yellow hibiscus.))

As Tesla worked, Edison looked around at the other mechanical items in the room. Although the end result was amazing, the inventor never could stand to watch anyone paint. It was rather boring for him.

3/18/2012 . Edited 3/18/2012 #56
Orio K


"And, here it is," said Tesla, presenting the fully painted flower, "Painted and sealed. It should be ready and in working order for whomever you plan on presenting it to." He winked at Edison.

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #57
Jackie the Giant

((Ah. Thank you. My swollen head is now deflated. ^^; ))

Edison blushed. Was it so obvious that he had made it for a girl? "Thank you." He said as he took the flower.

3/24/2012 #58
Orio K

((Haha, i couldn't originally remember what they looked like, so I googled hibiscus, and the first one that came up was yellow.))

"You've done a good job of making it delicate, but not sacrificing durability or function. And Frankie, you've managed to keep from scratching the surface of the metal in any way that would show after paint. You're really improving." Tesla said with a smile.

"Thanks," said Frankie, grinning hugely before turning back to the door, "Let's go see Miss Kat, Edison! Bye, Tessy!"

3/25/2012 #59
((Heh. Hello steampunk peoples. :) )) ((This looks fun, and I want to join. I still have to make a character and get them accepted, though. But, after, I'm not sure how I would start...))
3/25/2012 #60
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