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Nova Singer
So I've been watching Pirates of the Carribean and I thought it would be cool to have a pirates thread on here :D no set plot description, but someone can set it down once this thread gets going, lol if it gets going. And right now I think I'm going to limit the number of captains to five, so five captains of five different ships, just so everyone doesnt make a character who is a captain, so its first come first serve to whoever makes a captain character first, and it would be cool to see the ranks of the crew of power would be cool :D Your character doesnt have to be a pirate either, but a relavent character please :) so here's the ships names, and if your character becomes captain of one then you can change the name of the ship. So here are the ships and their descriptions.

The Phoenix: A bright bloodred ship, sleek and brand new looking, the name painted on the hull in gold. Black masts and railings and sails, she's the fastest ship known on the waters.

The Leviathon: Pitch black and short and squat, and there's a good sized dent on the port side. Reasonably fast, with daffodil yellow sails. She flies a stolen merchant flag instead of a pirates to trick other ships.

The Red Shell: A skinny dull crimson ship with white sails, not very fast, but she has excellent long range powerful cannons. The Shell is the oldest of the five ships so she's got quite a few scars, some dents and a wide long scratch on the bow.

(The)Wave Ripper: The Ripper is a long, decent sized fairly young ship, built out of mahogany and she's a shiny waxed chocolate brown with white sails. The Ripper along with the Phoenix are the two in best condition because they are the newest and most well kept. And she's fast, faster than The Leviathon but not as fast as the Phoenix by any standards.

Cocoa: A powder white ship with silver sails, she's the most innocent looking but very deadly, powerful hot blast cannons and ejectable spikes, decently fast, Cocoa is the smallest of all the ships, which makes her look even more innocent and rather adorable.

Well there you go :D So whoever claims captain of each ship first, gets it, first come first serve. The order of speed (if you cant read between the lines) is The Phoenix, Wave Ripper, The Leviathon, Cocoa, The Red Shell. HAVE FUN :D

3/11/2012 #1
Etoile x Noire

((I was thinking of starting when Melanie gets kidnapped if that's alright with everyone?))

Melanie sat quietly in the Captain's bedroom. After she got kidnapped, it was bad enough that no one knew. In the morning, when her maids would come, they'd find out she wasn't there and her father would send out a search party. She stood up and walked around the cabin, taking note of how well-kept everything was. After all, the savage Captain had told her Wave Ripper was one of the new pirate ships.

11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #2

(I have no idea where to start.)

11/24/2012 #3
Etoile x Noire
((Wave Ripper? Maybe a crew member comes down to see Melanie or something... Or a young teenage boy is stranded in the water and he gets saved?))
11/24/2012 #4
Nova Singer

Katri stormed the deck of The Phoenix, her usual scowl settled in place on her features. She ignored the obvious angry whispers that sounded around her and instead just began her shouting at the crew to bring the sails in. They would be no use today. There was no wind. Katri allowed a smirk on her lips, knowing that she wouldn't have to join the rest of the crew with their backbreaking work at the oars.

11/24/2012 #5

(I guess I'll have some kid accompany William then.)

Little Tim was bored and hungry. He and Cutlass Bill were sitting in a small boat, going wherever the wind took them.

"Bill...How far until we reach land?"

"You're the navigator." Replied Bill.

"Yeah... Given the speed of this boat with the wind, and the time and distance we've spen and gone from the last port. I'd say it's still a week before we even SEE any land."

Bill and Tim both sighed as their stomachs started to grumble. Tim spots a large ship nearby.

"Huh...! Bill, look! It's a large ship!"

11/24/2012 #6
Nova Singer

((lol. holy large ship batman!))

Katri's boots thumped lightly but steadily and swiftly against the polished deck when she caught sight of something that was closer than the horizon, much closer, but indistinguishable. She took hold of the rigging in one hand to lever herself so she could lean far over the rail, narrowing her eyes and squinting them to peer at the object. "Hard to port!" Katri screamed at the helmsman.

11/24/2012 #7

"What if it's a government ship? One look at my bandana and they'll send me to the gallows." said William.

"Well, we don't know that! I need to see what flag it has, where's the scope!?"

Tim stated ravaging through the small pile of stuff they had in a corner of the boat.

11/24/2012 #8
Adams BadApple

Peter emerged from the captains quarters to see the crew busily working with tying down the sails, moving to the oars, and a few of the rest moving the ship left. He walked toward where Katri was and he looked toward her line of sight, catching sight of what she was looking at. "Ah, Katri. What've you found now?"

11/24/2012 #9
Nova Singer

Katri barely glanced sideways at her captain. "Don't know. Can't see anything without my pocket scope you nicked." She muttered.

11/24/2012 #10
Adams BadApple

He chuckled. "Well you spotted this.. boat? It looks like a boat, easily enough without your scope. You've hawk eyes woman." Peter said, pinching her hip playfully. Peter smiled. He was never quite as lighthearted around anyone as much as he was Katri. She was a mystery he was dying to split open. Half the time where the crew loved when Peter would be joking or a clown, he could never get Katri to even crack a smile, so he made it his own obligation to just keep teasing her until she would open up to him. The past two years for him had proved unsuccessful with this goal.

11/24/2012 #11
Nova Singer

She kept her eyes still locked on the object now easily distinguishable as a boat. "Why Peter you flatter me." Katri said in a dry and flat tone that suggested she was not flattered at all.

11/24/2012 #12
Adams BadApple

"Hey hey, keep your voice down and call me Leck would you? I've got a reputation to keep up around here you know." He said with a wink and smile. Peter looked out to the boat, seeing two figures, and became serious, which he would do on a flip of the switch very often. He waved his hand in the air in a slightly curved motion. "Bring her about!" He yelled to the helmsman as their ship now towered above the smaller boat, close enough to cast the shadow over the boat. Peter intended to intercept this little lifeboat and bring the passengers aboard The Phoenix.

11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #13

Tim found the scope and looked at the ship again.

"The flag looks like it belongs to pirates. Can't see the name of it, Though."

"Well, then. Let's try to go their way."

As they moved, Tim saw another ship in the distance.

"Huh. That's strange."

(I'm referring to the one Taelee's OC is on in that last part.)

11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #14
Nova Singer

((for the past like five posts the phoenix crew's been going toward bills boat....))

11/24/2012 #15

(I know. I just thought there were two, because Taelee's OC was mentioned too.)

11/24/2012 #16
Nova Singer

((i dont have a clue where her character is. i thought adamsapple was having the ship go toward bills boat since i had katri spot it))

11/24/2012 #17

(I guess I'll ask Taelee's about it, until Taelee answers I'll just board the ship.)

William and Tim were close to the ship. Overshadowed by the size of it.

"Hey! Can you help us out!?" asked Tim

11/24/2012 #18
Nova Singer

Katri climbed up a little ways on the rigging and hung loosely from it so she could get a better look at these strangers. Her free hand was on her pistol that was strapped to her belt.

11/24/2012 #19
Adams BadApple

Peter called a few orders to three crew members to send down the lines and rope for the pulley so they could haul up the lifeboat.

11/24/2012 #20
Nova Singer

Katri sent a sharp glare in Peter's direction. A clear message that she often conveyed to him through eye contact. 'What the hell are you thinking?'

11/24/2012 #21
Adams BadApple

Peter moved closer over toward Katri so only she could hear what he said. "Don't be so stiff. If they prove to be hostile or government we'll just kill 'em." He said, nudging her with his elbow and an assuring nod as his crew worked and sweated to bring the two sea floaters aboard.

11/24/2012 #22

"Hey, Tim. What color was their flag again?"

"I dunno. I just saw the skull and crossbones. Why?"

"My following actions depend on their flag's color"

11/24/2012 #23
Adams BadApple

Two older sea dogs pulled the lifeboat up the rest of the way and secured it to the side of the railing. Peter himself went over to the boat and helped both of them out and onto the deck. Peter kept his hand fastened obviously though on the hilt of his sword that hung at his hip. His crew knew his body language, his actions, they could practically read his thoughts if he wanted them to. If he gave the slightest of signals his crew would seize the men without hesitation. "Welcome," he said stiffly, smiling, but it didn't quite crinkle the smile lines at his eyes. "aboard The Phoenix."

11/24/2012 #24

"Thanks." said William.

He looked up to the flag and its color. He was relieved.


11/24/2012 #25
Adams BadApple

Peter's hand slightly tightened around the hilt of his sword. "What brings you to the middle of the Caribbean sea?" He asked, trying in the most polite way he could to determine who these men were. He noticed the bandana, but it hardly proved anything.

11/24/2012 #26

"We're looking for Bill's ship! The Melusine!"

Bill facepalmed himself. He didn't want people know that he was after the now under Government control ship that he was raised on.

11/24/2012 #27
Adams BadApple

Peter raised an eyebrow. "Not a pirate ship I know of that name in these waters." He said in the same bland, deep tone. Peter studied them for a few moments, then released his grip on the hilt of his sword, and offered the same hand to the older looking of the two men. "Captain Leck, at your service, drifters."

11/24/2012 #28

"Cutlass Bill. This kid here is Little Tim."

William pointed to Tim.

"His ship was taken by the government when he was 14. So it's been a decade I think. They either used it for parts, kept it, or something else." stated Tim.

William looked around. He was more of a cautious kind of guy.

"I hope you're not planning to run a rig. Normally I wouldn't see this kind of kindness."

11/24/2012 #29
Etoile x Noire
((She's on Wave Ripper- got kidnapped by a group of pirates... Currently being nosey and going through the captain's things.... What ship is everyone on so we can get that cleared up?))
11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #30
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