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Adams BadApple

"My cabin boy?!" He exclaimed.

12/3/2012 #271
Etoile x Noire

"Why are you so surprised? Of course he is!" Melanie exclaimed, then shook her head with disapproval. "Men..." She muttered.

12/3/2012 #272
Nova Singer

"Well it's wonderful to see you again Melanie. I can't believe you kept this after all these years." He said, touching the necklace lightly.

12/3/2012 #273
Etoile x Noire

"Well, I tried my best." Melanie sighed, then turned to Peter. "There were some men that came in here... I'm not sure who they were but they seemed a bit boorish..."

12/3/2012 . Edited 12/3/2012 #274
Nova Singer

"It was Sly and Barnie." Jim informed him.

12/3/2012 #275
Adams BadApple

Peter nodded, his face grim. "I'll deal with them later. Thank you." He said stiffly.

12/3/2012 #276
Nova Singer

Jim copied his curt nod. "I should get back to work. Nice seeing you again Melanie." He winked and left the quarters.

12/3/2012 #277
Etoile x Noire

((Alright.... Just delete this post...))

12/3/2012 . Edited 12/3/2012 #278
Etoile x Noire

Melanie smiled brightly and waved to James. "Bye!" Quickly she turned back to Peter and playfully slapped him square in the shoulders. "Stop being so tense!"

12/3/2012 #279
Adams BadApple

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "You were attacked! Or almost attacked, who knows what they could've done to you." Peter growled under his breath. He pulled her into him and kissed her forehead. "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you. You're very important and also under my protection. You're my responsibility."

12/3/2012 #280
Etoile x Noire

"James saved me..." Melanie murmured, leaning her head on Peter's chest.

12/3/2012 #281
Adams BadApple

"I should've been here." He mumbled, clearly pouting now about his incompetence to save his own girl, but he wound her hand through her hair.

12/3/2012 #282
Nova Singer

Jim finished his chores on the ship, thinking a little about Melanie. She seemed like a stranger to him. He hadn't seen her in so many years, and when they were young he had only chased her like the foolish boy he had been because she was pretty. Yet she had kept that little trinket all these years, it made him wonder exactly what it was she thought or felt about him, but it was also painfully obvious that she was involved with the captain, and Jim by no means wanted to be on his bad side.

Suddenly there was the sound of a blast and entire ship groaned and shuddered violently. "Cannon-fire!" Jim shouted, spotting a ship off the port bow. He jumped up the rigging, climbing nimbly to get a better look. His eyes widened. "Government ship!" He bellowed.

The entire crew went into a frenzy. Katri was below, throwing weapons at everyone and shouting orders. "Where in God's name is the captain?!" She shrieked.

12/3/2012 . Edited 12/3/2012 #283
Adams BadApple

Peter stiffened, feeling the ship shudder and hearing the blast, and the shouts of the crew. They were under attack. "Dammit." He turned to Melanie. "For God sakes stay here." He pulled her into a kiss for a few moments before running out the door.

He pulled out Katri's stolen scope and he extended it a little, looking through it toward the ship. It was a Royal Caribbean Navy ship from Port Hemingway.

12/3/2012 #284
Nova Singer

Jim, gun in hand, ran up to Peter. "Captain! What's the plan of attack sir?" He asked.

12/3/2012 #285
Adams BadApple

He looked sideways at Jim. "You can start by putting that gun away. You're not gonna need it." He mumbled. He knew that this would not be an even fight.

The navy ship was advancing on them fast, getting closer and closer. Peter pulled out a pistol and fired a warning shot at them when the ship came too close to the Phoenix's stern. Without warning, dozens of men in uniform and white wigs swung themselves from the government ship to the Phoenix while both ships were still moving.

The fight ensued. Everything zoomed at a million miles an hour, while the adrenaline pumped through his bloodstream and his main concern was keeping everyone away from his quarters and away from Melanie. Too soon, and startlingly, Peter had four swords pointed at his neck.

12/3/2012 #286
Nova Singer

"Peter!" Katri exclaimed, trying to lunge forward and help, but Jim caught her by the waist and held her back.

This fight was over. Every pirate had dropped their weapon and all attentions were on Peter and the four soldiers who had him at bay. A clean shaven, tall and stocky man stepped forward.

"Peter McAlister, you are hear-by under arrest for your acts of piracy, larceny, grand larceny, murder and treason to the crown. Your ship as well as your crew shall be taken into government custody." The man said with a cocky smirk, as if he had been waiting to say that for a while.

12/3/2012 #287
Adams BadApple

"It's Captain Peter McAlister." He growled as they shackled him in iron chain cuffs. "And you can take me under arrest, but not my ship nor my crew."

Another soldier snorted. "You have no leverage captain."

"I do. I have whereabouts of the Freedom Fleet. All other four major pirate threats." It was a bluff, but if it could keep these men away from Melanie and his ship, he'd lie all he needed to.

"The Phoenix is the grand threat of them all."

"Compared to the other four it's nothing." He argued. The men talked amongst themselves for a while before turning back to him.

"Very well. Yet we have a question for you. Have you come into contact or with anyone who has had contact with a Miss Melanie Godard?" The stocky one asked.

Peter stiffened, but shook his head. They grumbled, but men from the naval ship put a plank down between the pirate ship and the government ship, and Peter was walked off The Phoenix in irons as a prisoner. He looked over his shoulder at Katri, giving her a meaningful look he knew she would understand. 'Don't come for me, don't do anything stupid, take care of the ship and crew'. And he also looked to Jim, and mouthed "Take care of Melanie."

Then he turned his head back forward and saw no more of his ship.

12/3/2012 #288
Etoile x Noire

((Why does all the drama happen when I'm gone?! The next day after he gets captured! *weeps in a corner*))

Melanie did as she was told to do, but somehow after everything became deathly quiet and she heard arguing outside the quarters- instead of fighting- a part of her wanted to go and see what the matter was- however, she stayed obedient, waiting for Peter to come back.

12/4/2012 . Edited 12/4/2012 #289
Nova Singer

((Don't worry he's gonna get rescued. Katri never does as Peter says))

Jim let out a breath. He walked to the stern of the ship and knocked. "Melanie, it's me Jim."

12/4/2012 #290
Etoile x Noire

((Yeah, I most likely assumed that... All the drama happens when I'm asleep so it's what I get for being in a different time zone! :3))

Melanie glanced up and dashed over to the door, swinging it open. "James... Where's Peter?" She inquired.

12/4/2012 . Edited 12/4/2012 #291
Nova Singer

((what's your time zone?))

Jim stared at her, open mouthed, and he shook his head. "He's gone."

12/4/2012 #292
Etoile x Noire

((GMT -5:00))

"What do you mean 'he's gone'?" Melanie asked, shoving her way past James.

12/4/2012 #293
Nova Singer

(( I think your the same as me. It's like four for you right now?))

Jim took hold of her upper arm. "We were attacked, by a royal naval ship. It.. happened so fast. One minute they were here, and then they had us. We didn't stand a chance. They took him."

12/4/2012 #294
Etoile x Noire

((Yeah, actually it is about 4 where I'm at. Now that I think about it, maybe the reason is because I go to bed earlier than both of you... :P))

"How... did they find us?" Melanie asked, almost on the edge of letting tears slip down her face. "What do you mean?"

12/4/2012 #295
Nova Singer

He shook his head. "I don't know... he... he traded his freedom and life for all of ours. He gave himself up, they're taking him back to Port Hemingway for execution." He murmured.

12/4/2012 #296
Etoile x Noire

Melanie shook her head in disbelief. There was no way she would allow that to happen. "I won't let that happen! Whose in charge?! I must speak with them right away! Peter can't die! I won't allow him to be sacrificed because of a misplaced accusation by the government!" Melanie cried.

12/4/2012 #297
Nova Singer

Jim ran his hand through his hair. "Melanie he's a pirate. As far as they're concerned, he's headed to the gallows."

12/4/2012 #298
Etoile x Noire

Melanie yanked her arm out of James' grasp. "They'll do know such thing! I'll head over there myself if no one is willing to help!" she snapped.

12/4/2012 . Edited 12/4/2012 #299
Nova Singer

((He goes by Jim..btw...))

Katri stood outside on the deck, surrounded by the crew that was now hers. "Right me, chart a course, we're going after the captain." She shouted. Katri looked to the crew around her but they all just returned blank stares.

"Why? We've got the Phoenix, let's turn tail and get out to Tortana before they change their mind." A voice sounded.

Katri rounded to the direction where the voice came from. "I said chart a course for Port Hemingway. We're following that ship and getting the captain back."


Jim sighed. "Melanie what will a girl like you be able to do?"

12/4/2012 . Edited 12/4/2012 #300
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