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Etoile x Noire

((Yeah, I knew that but Melanie isn't exactly keen on calling him by that name...))

"Get Peter back, that's what! He rescued me from captivity- I don't want anything to do with my life anymore if Peter isn't here"

12/4/2012 . Edited 12/5/2012 #301
Adams BadApple

Peter stood in the leaking brig of the Devonshire- he had glimpsed the name painted in black on the stern while being walked from the Phoenix. The irons were still clasped around his wrists, and Peter was becoming more seasick by the minute. Down at the bottom of the Devonshire the ship lurched and rolled with the waves so un-smoothly it made Peter's stomach churn. He groaned, and tied not to wish to get to Port Hemingway and off the boat sooner. He knew just what would be awaiting him there.

12/4/2012 #302
Nova Singer

Jim sighed. "We'll get him back." He promised. He turned and walked out the door on to deck and walked to Katri, only to find the ship was already on course for Port Hemingway. He only hoped they could get there in time before they hung Peter.

12/4/2012 #303
Adams BadApple

After about an hour in the brig, Peter was brought to the deck of the Devonshire, where the same tall and stocky man stood. Peter's stomach dropped a little and he cleared his throat, as the man was holding a searing red hot branding iron, the brand being the letter P, for pirate. All pirates captured were branded this way, so the British East India Trading company could struggle to keep track of the pirate threats on the waters. Peter had managed to avoid this brand for years, slipping out of captivity at the last seconds and be free. But it didn't seem that he would be getting out of this one.

Peter jerked in the hold the soldiers had on his arms, and he grunted. The man in front of him smiled a half smirk. "The captain of the Phoenix, what a pleasure." The man said.

"You're getting nothing out of me. Ever. I'll die before I turn over any information." Peter growled.

"That can be arranged."

Then Peter knew nothing but pain. Pain being burned into his left wrist.

12/4/2012 #304
Etoile x Noire

Melanie sighed, hoping that James was right. She made her way back over to the bed and sat down. Terrible thoughts of what they would do to Peter imprinted her mind and she only hoped that he'd come back before those Government officials did anything idiotic.

12/5/2012 . Edited 12/5/2012 #305
Nova Singer

Katri stood at the helm, following the trail of churning white foam on the water that the Devonshire left behind it. She let out a long breath.

Jim walked up the steps to stand next to her. "I've never seen you look more troubled love," he murmured.

She sighed, her eyes locked on the horizon, and she shook her head. "We won't make it in time."

He put his hand on her shoulder. "This is the fastest ship in the Carribean. We'll make it."

Katri snorted. "You can tell Peter that when he's dead. We won't catch them." She muttered.

Jim narrowed his eyes, and surveyed their surroundings in a full circle. His eyes lit up. "I think I have an idea."

12/6/2012 #306
Etoile x Noire

Melanie continued to ponder about Peter. How was he fairing? Was he alright? Did they do anything to him? At any rate now, he'd probably be at bay, and Melanie was still surprised that the girl known as Katri hadn't come down and scolded her or something of the like. She seemed to be in close business with Peter.

12/7/2012 . Edited 12/8/2012 #307
Nova Singer

Katri began to turn the wheel hard. "You're crazy. This is crazy. You're daft, Jim." She kept muttering.

"It's a shortcut. Anyone who knows these waters know there is a faster way to get to Hemingway." He told her.

"But look at those clouds!" She shouted, gesturing at the sky in the distance. "You're taking us right through a storm. We'll be lucky to even make it to Hemingway."

"You need to learn to have a bit of faith. And trust. It would do you some good." Jim said drolly.

Katri rolled her eyes and continued to mutter under her breath about how mad Jim was.

12/9/2012 #308
Adams BadApple

"Get off!" Peter snarled, as a few men from the Devonshire held on to his arms, leading him in chains out of the brigg.

It had been hours upon hours of rocky sailing on the government ship. His forearm still burned from the brand, and it wasn't helping that calloused handed men were grabbing right where the angry red wound was.

They brought Peter above deck, and he cringed from the sudden bright daylight that momentarily blinded him. He felt dizzy and sick from being famished and parched, and being in the dark, dank brigg. And tired. He was so tired.

Peter heard voices around him, orders being shouted, and he stumbled along as someone led him off the ship. Peter followed groggily for about fifteen minutes, half asleep with zero awareness of his surroundings or where he was being taken.

A moment later, he was thrown onto a cold stone floor in another god forsaken dark, dank place. Miserable, Peter leaned his back against a damp, cold stone wall and fell asleep.

12/10/2012 #309
First King

(Since he's in a prison.. I'm going to use this window here to introduce my new character if that's alright, since this seems like a fun thread)

Jessica jerked into alertness when she heard the heavy wooden door at the top of the stairs was swung open on its groaning hinges. She watched quietly as two naval soldiers threw a man into the cell next to hers. She was surprised, looking at him. He didn't look like the normal kind of disheveled and drunken criminals that were usually tossed into the prison.

This man was different. He was young, and clean shaven and... handsome. Granted he didn't seem all too well at the moment, but there was still a significance about him.

Jess sat back on her cot and watched his chest rise and fall heavily with each breath while he slept.

12/10/2012 #310
Etoile x Noire

((I think that's perfectly fine! To everyone else, I'm not sure what to do with Melanie so just keep on it and I'll find a way to come back in unless interaction happens between Melanie and whoever...))

12/10/2012 #311
Adams BadApple

Peter woke to darkness. His eyes opened quickly and his steady breathing faltered for a moment as he awoke, but otherwise he made no other movements. His eyes adjusted slowly, and he saw that there were two very small sources of light.

There was a small, square window in every other cell it seemed, with bars over the windows, but a small sliver of silvery-white moonlight cast faintly into his cell. Also, outside his cell there were a few candles resting in wall hung brass holsters in the corridors. The candle fire was dim and flickered eerily, casting dancing shadows across the silent prison's walls.

Peter grunted quietly as he struggled to stand. He felt weak and he had the shakes. He shuddered a little as he moved to the barred window embedded in the stone wall and he leaned heavily against it. He looked out unto the currently dark and quiet coastal town that was Port Hemingway. The black water of the Caribbean sea was as still and calm as glass. Up on the watch and weaponry bridge, there were a few torches lit, and Peter caught glimpses of night guards prowling along the arch.

He sighed and his knees buckled as he lost strength in his muscles just from standing too long. Peter slid down against the wall with another heavy breath. He was far too tired to think about his situation. All he could think about was how hungry he was, how thirsty he was, how much his arm hurt. And just how damn weak and tired he felt. Peter ran his hand through his hair and tried to stay awake.

12/10/2012 . Edited 12/10/2012 #312
First King

Jessica looked up, noticing the man. She brushed her long tawny brown hair away from her face and she inched closer to the bars separating their cells. "Hi."

12/10/2012 #313
Adams BadApple

Peter jumped at the sound of the soft feminine voice near him. He quickly relaxed though, feeling foolish for he should have realized he wouldn't be alone in here. He looked in the direction the voice was in, but he couldn't quite see the girl. "Hi." He answered back tiredly.

12/10/2012 #314
First King

"You slept through dinner delivery. If you're asleep they won't feed you. So I saved a little for you, here." Jess said, sliding a napkin with a bit of meat and cheese through the bars to him.

12/10/2012 #315
Adams BadApple

His eyebrows rose but he accepted the food without hesitation, inhaling it more than eating it. "Thanks."

12/10/2012 #316
First King

She smiled a little. "You might want to learn to eat a bit slower. Choking it down that fast will make you sick." Jess said with a dry laugh, as she knew from experience. "So what's your name?"

12/10/2012 #317
Adams BadApple

"Peter." He answered. "What's yours?"

12/10/2012 #318
First King

"Jessica. So, Peter, what'd they get you for?" She asked, shamelessly curious as usual.

12/10/2012 #319

Bethany made her way down into the cell area for Prisoners. Despite her Father telling her it was unsafe, she continued down anyways. She wanted to have a talk with the Night guards. Running up to one of them, she latched onto his arm and the soldier groaned in exasperation. "You shouldn't be down here Mistress." Bethany held onto him tighter. "I have a few questions for you. First off, why are you capturing a Pirate on the seas when there's a much higher crime rate here in Hemmingway? Do you even know that he took Melanie captive or got intimate with her? What if she was on another boat and got captured by them instead, hm? You may have caught the wrong man." The soldier rolled his eyes in response. "This Pirate is a major threat. He could've been lying to us for all we care. Now run along."

((Now I figured out why my post didn't show up lol...))

12/10/2012 #320
Adams BadApple

"Ill show you." He slid closer, sliding his left arm through the bars and turning his forearm up so she could see the brand.

12/10/2012 #321
First King

Jessica's eyes widened when saw the P on his arm. "You're a... pirate."

12/10/2012 #322
Adams BadApple

Peter nodded. He leaned in even closer, peering in through the darkness until he could get a good look at this girl under the light of the dim candles. His eyes slightly widened, seeing just how beautiful and young she was. "Captain Peter McAlister, at your service. You may better know my name as Captain Leck McAlister."

12/10/2012 #323
First King

Her jaw dropped. She had indeed heard of him. "The captain of the Phoenix?" Jessica asked incredulously. She had heard so many tails of his amusing antics whenever the young captain decided to cause trouble. It had always made her laugh, hearing of his latest ploy to jest at the government.

12/10/2012 #324

Bethany huffed in annoyance, "You falsely accused him. The last time I checked was Melanie on the Wave Ripper. Not the Phoenix." She made her way deeper into the cells, heels clacking on the ground, shadow rounding the corner, after she pushed the Night guard out of the way and the other one further down into the cell. "Ah, so it seems I've made it into the right place..." she stated calmly, her voice reaching a high length of happiness.

12/10/2012 . Edited 12/10/2012 #325
Nova Singer

Meanwhile, Katri was guiding the ship through a rough storm. The waves crashed high, the rain poured. Her voice was hoarse from shouting at the crew and lightning cracked in the thunderous roaring black sky.

Jim was soaked to the bone from working on the ship. Once he had tied the sail of the main mast down, he dropped to the deck and ran toward the captain's quarters before another wave could wash over the deck and take him off his feet. He slammed the door shut once he was inside and he breathed hard. He came in every once in a while to check on Melanie.

12/10/2012 #326
First King

Hearing the loud footsteps descending down the stairs into the prison, Jessica reached through the bars to touch Peter's hand and quiet him, quietly murmuring "Shh." As the steps drew closer.

12/10/2012 #327

Melanie flinched hearing the door to the Captain's quarters slam. She glanced up and eyed James groggily. "What is it?" she questioned lightly.

12/10/2012 #328
Adams BadApple

Peter fell silent at Jessica's warning touch, and he drew closer to the corner of the bars that separated him and Jess.

12/10/2012 #329
Nova Singer

Jim shook his head and ran his hands over his flushed, wet face. "Just a storm." He said between his gasps of air.

12/10/2012 #330
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