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Melanie stood up, holding her head as she gradually made her way over to the door. She needed some fresh air and something to clear her head with. Maybe it was dangerous for a girl like her.

I did nothing but put everyone on this ship in danger...

She made her way to the outside of the Private quarters and her mouth gaped seeing who she saw. How could she forget her own family member when they were both bound by the same blood ties? Melanie cleared her throat. "Bethany?" She questioned timidly. Bethany glanced down at her younger sibling and smiled warmly, "Sister. What a pleasant surprise!" Bethany exclaimed, her voice hastening. Melanie held her head, "Please calm down."

Bethany calmed down for Melanie. "One moment." She dashed over to the edge of the ship and quickly squeezed as much water out of the undercover dress as she could. Dashing back over, she skidded to a halt In front of her younger sibling. "Melanie, have you been doing alright? You don't seem as happy as you would to see me." Melanie shook her head, "I'm fine. Please come in."

She led her sister back into the Captain's quarters towards the bedroom area. "I wouldn't touch anything if I were you." she stated seriously, then sat back down on the bed. "I'm not quite in the mood right now," Melanie stated, "Why did you come here?" Bethany smiled sadly at Melanie. "I'm sorry," Bethany whispered, "I was just worried about you."

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Adams BadApple

Peter had his dinner brought to his office, as he ate he quietly wondered why Melanie didn't want to see him. It saddened him, but it also made him suspicious of her time with Jim aboard the ship while he was being held captive.

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"Oh..." Melanie muttered, hugging her legs to her chest. "What's been going on with you? You don't seem to be feeling very well." Bethany inquired. Melanie shook her head, "I'm fine." she lied. Bethany pushed her sister down to the bed. "No you're not. Lay down and I'll have some tea ready for yo- Oh, we're not at home. That's right. I'm sure I'll find a cloth somewhere and hot water. You shouldn't have been worried about him until the point you got sick." Bethany stated seriously. "I'm not sick," Melanie argued weakly, "I just have a headache, that's all." She clutched her stomach in pain. "Ha! I could say the same about myself. Melanie, if you're going to worry yourself sick, stop it. You'll make him worry more."

"Why do you keep talking about him? Whose he?" Melanie questioned confusingly, sitting back up. "The Captain... Peter McAlister." Bethany told Melanie then quickly turned to get a dry cloth. She ran it under the hot tub water and hastened her pace a little, returning to Melanie's side rather quickly. She layed her younger sisted back down and placed the cloth on her forehead. "Your taking this too far." Melanie murmured.

"How else will you get better?"

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Nova Singer

Down below deck, Jim had carried the girl to the middle level, sitting her on one of the tables in the mess hall so he could tend to her legs. "Quit fidgeting." He scolded in a murmur, working to pour makeshift disinfectant on her wounds. He sighed. "I said stop squirming. I won't get any work done on your legs if you keep moving."

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First King

Jessica glared, she didn't care much for being told what to do. She kicked her right leg just a little on purpose. It hurt, but at least she got her bit of defiance out of her system. She winced as he poured the liquid over her gashes. "What's your name, anyway. So I know whom I'm addressing."

12/11/2012 #395
Nova Singer

Jim shot her a look of annoyance when she kicked her leg and he rolled his eyes. "It's Jim."

12/11/2012 #396
First King

"I'm Jessica." She introduced, her voice being a little stiff. Jessica flinched. "Ah!" She yelped, her legs stinging.

12/12/2012 #397
Nova Singer

He glanced up at her face when she cried out. "Sorry." He murmured, quickly returning his attention to her legs. "Try to relax, don't brace so much and it won't hurt so bad. You're too tense."

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First King

She snorted. "Well excuse me, it's kind of hard to feel lax around pirates." Jessica said in a sneer.

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Nova Singer

Jim laughed. "Then you're in the wrong place, girl." He said, chuckling while he bandaged her legs.

12/12/2012 #400
First King

She narrowed her eyes. "My name is not girl. It's Jessica."

12/12/2012 #401
Nova Singer

Jim chuckled softly again. "Right. Well, Jessica. It doesn't look like anything's broken. A lot of gashes and bruised bones but those should heal up nicely. Your ankle however looks fractured, sprained at the least, so you should probably stay off it for a day or two so it can mend."

12/12/2012 #402
First King

Jessica nodded. "Thanks." She sat in silence for a few moments. "So.. Peter.. I mean, the captain, what's his story?"

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"I'll get better if you stop treating me like I'm a child."

"Melanie," Bethany scolded in a murmur, "You are younger than me. Now lay down and cooporate." Melanie did as she was told, even though she was an adult. "How long will I be like this?" she asked her older sister. "I'm not sure, however, after you get better, I'm heading back to the port. I don't belong out here and neither do you. You don't understand how much Father and Mother have worried over you." Melanie felt a stab of guilt hearing Bethany mention their parents worry and grief for her. "How are Isabella and Eric?" she asked Bethany quietly. "Isabella is doing alright and so is Eric. However, we can't have you staying out here on a ship full of Pirates. Especially one that got branded."

"Nonsense! You're telling me that Peter got branded? You're out of your mind!" Melanie exclaimed, then coughed into her arm. "Whatever do you mean?"

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Nova Singer

Jim sighed, running a hand through his hair and quirking his eyebrows in thought. "I'm not much one for telling the captain's business. Not that I know that much about him anyway. I met Peter at Tortana a while back, I never really learned how to pick my fights so I got myself into a bit of a fix, and suddenly there he was, with Katri of course, and those two backed me up." He laughed. "And boy did we fight. It was perfect harmony. Ever since my place has been here."

12/13/2012 #405
Adams BadApple

Once Peter was feeling much better, refreshed, full and quenched, he left his private office. He smiled at his crew and they clapped him on his shoulder, an affectionate gesture of welcoming him back. He stepped up the stairs to the helm and took the wheel, feeling much more peaceful. Port Hemingway was still very visible, but he rounded the Phoenix and wove her through the fog and around the rocks and cliff sides, hiding her from any eyes on the shore. His burn no longer hurt terribly, it only ached and was an ever present painful reminder of what he was.

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Bethany sighed heavily as she continued to dab Melanie's forehead with the warm cloth. "I know you'll get better soon." she murmured, "Then we'll go back together."

"I don't want to go back."

"You'll regret it later on..." Bethany stated, then stood up. "Just rest for now and I'll see what the Captain or the others are up to. I need a boat to get home or something of the like."

"I won't regret my decisions..." Melanie murmured, thinking about how Peter was able to brighten her life and make her feel alive.

12/13/2012 #407
Adams BadApple

Peter gave the order to drop the anchor. The fog and cliffs were concealing them well enough so he felt confident. Peter scratched his head, debating whether to go and see Melanie against her wishes or go and check on Jessica.

12/13/2012 #408

"Tell Isabella and Eric that I'm doing well." Melanie told Bethany who nodded in agreement. "Of course." she replied, then turned to make her way out onto the deck.

12/13/2012 #409
Adams BadApple

Peter turned his head when the door to his cabins opened, his heartbeat sped up a bit but then quickly slowed again seeing it was only the woman. He still didn't know her name nor who she was. "You." He said, addressing her in a polite tone.

12/13/2012 #410

"Hello, Captain. If you're wondering about Melanie, she's currently resting due to some recent fatigue and sickness. It's best if you keep your distance." Bethany stated seriously.

12/13/2012 #411
Adams BadApple

He slid his hands into his pant pockets and nodded somewhat glumly. Then he stood a bit straighter. "I wish to give you my thanks. My friend and I may not have made it out of there if it weren't for your help. May I have a name, to formally offer my gratitude?"

12/13/2012 #412

"Oh, my sincerest apologies. My name is Bethany, Bethany Godard." she stated calmly.

12/13/2012 #413
Adams BadApple

Peter's eyes widened. Melanie's sister. It was so obvious, how hadn't he seen it before? They had so many similar traits of appearance, no wonder she had seemed slightly familiar to him. Bethany was her sister no doubt, she was much too young to be anything else. "Well, Miss Bethany Godard. Thank you."

12/13/2012 #414

"It wasn't that big of a deal. I was glad to help. Keep an eye on her for me. I need a rowboat or something of the like to head home." Bethany stated, inspecting her fingernails. "She cherishes you. I hope you realize that."

12/13/2012 #415
Adams BadApple

He nodded, understanding but this was news to him. "Men, see to it this woman gets safely to shore." Peter shouted. A few members of the crew immediately began to hook and line a longboat for Bethany.

12/13/2012 #416

"Thank you very much sir." Bethany told Peter then made her way past him, waiting patiently for the boat to be prepared so she could make it safely back to shore.

12/13/2012 #417
Adams BadApple

The men carefully lowered the boat down to the water, giving Bethany a clear shot to the shore. Peter paced the deck for a few moments, his boots making a thumping noise against the hollow wood. Finally, he made his decision. Peter looked down at his left arm, making sure the blue handkerchief was tied securely over the 'P' brand on his lower forearm, hiding it completely. After he assured himself it wasn't visible, Peter walked to the door of his quarters, and knocked softly.

He glanced over his shoulder to realize half the crew had paused to look and watch, but a simple glare from him set them back into their chores.

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Bethany smiled in triumph as the men lowered the boat into the water. "Thank you. This is very kind of you to do." she told them, "I'd probably best be going now." With a final wave, she lowered herself into the boat.

Meanwhile, in the Captain's quarters, Melanie rested as her older sister had told her to do. She glanced up, unaffected by the sudden knocking. "Please come in."

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Adams BadApple

Peter slowly turned the knob and cracked the door open with a slight creak, then he opened it the rest of the way slowly, shutting it behind him. "Hi." He murmured gently, recalling that Bethany mentioned she wasn't feeling well.

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