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In the distance still was the other ship.

"Hey." said Tim.

"What's that ship? Is it another pirate ship?"

Tim looked through the scope and looked for its name

11/24/2012 #31
Etoile x Noire

((Anyone care enough to have some interaction with my character? I've been feeling pretty useless... Captain of the Wave Ripper or a Crew member? Also, what ship is everyone on?))

Melanie continued to rummage through the captain's things and found an assortment of knives and such. She smoothed her floral dress out and opened one of the cases. Maybe if she was dead, everything would be over. And to think such a young lass like her could be easily fooled- but that's all she was. A young girl.

11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #32
Nova Singer

At the mention of another ship Katri stiffened and stormed across the deck to get a look at the vessel. It was too far out to tell anything about it, only that she knew it wasn't The Leviathon. Still, she growled under her breath and withdrew her pistol from it's holster.

11/24/2012 #33

(We're setting up a little interaction with the Wave Ripper.)

"I see a large brown ship with white sails. The crew on it seems rowdy..." said Tim

11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #34
Adams BadApple

(please explain to me how the hell he can see that much that far away?)

Peter walked briskly to Katri's side, laying a hand on her shoulder. "Relax, and put your gun away." Peter gazed out at the ship. He shook his head. "I can't tell much. It's not the Shell that's for sure, s'moving too fast. And it's not Cocoa either."

11/24/2012 #35

(Editted it. How are we gonna interact with Taelee's OC?)

"Well, what of it? If its a ship, what will you do? Leave it be, or meet it?" asked William

11/24/2012 . Edited 11/24/2012 #36
Etoile x Noire

Melanie inspected the knife in her hands with deep and proper care. It didn't look bad enough to kill someone and she was quite tired of staying in the filthy old cabin. Well, it wasn't filthy but, the putrid smell coming from the sea made it seem like it. She cringed at the sudden thought of having to be in the cabin for the rest of her life. Before she'd be a grandmother, she'd be dead before her late 20's.

Ah, but she was in her 20's, and because she'd been pampered all her life and had no weapons when the piates captured her, she was seen as a weak little lass. "It can't be for long..." she told herself as she raised the knife in her hand to her chest.

11/25/2012 . Edited 11/27/2012 #37
Nova Singer

Katri ignored Peter's order and instead clicked back the revolver into lock as they drew closer and closer to the ship. She could easily tell now, it was Wave Ripper. And a tiny little tremor of, not fear, but anxiety flashed through her. She had no idea who was the captain of Wave Ripper currently, and the Ripper was almost in as good condition and as new as The Phoenix.

11/26/2012 #38

"Looks like She intends to fire. And if that happens, then both ships and their crews will fight. Lets hope it goes well." said William, placing a hand on the hilt of his cutlass.

11/26/2012 #39
Adams BadApple

Peter gripped harder onto Katri's shoulder. "Calm yourself." He growled huskily in her ear. "I don't need you getting all hotheaded and antsy right now." Peter left her side and went to his other crew members, whispering quietly but in a stern voice with set jaw to them, telling them to prepare themselves and the ship for a fight.

11/26/2012 #40

"Tim Take this and hide."

William gave Tim one of his pistols and a knife. Tim ran into the ship, looking for a place to hide.

11/26/2012 #41
Adams BadApple

((oh, to answer your previous question about interacting with Taelee's oc, I was just going to have the Phoenix and Wave Ripper fight each other I guess and Peter goes aboard with some of the crew and rescues Melanie from them or something of the sort.))

It was obvious now. There was going to be a skirmish. An interesting one at that, Peter had not put up The Phoenix against Wave Ripper in his few years of captaining the ship. He had been wary about it. But now, seeing Wave Ripper's cannons ejected out toward them, it seemed it was happening whether Peter was ready or not. He shouted a few orders, keeping Katri close to him, while he stormed the deck and demanded the work done faster.

11/26/2012 #42


"What color is their flag I wonder..." wondered William out loud

11/26/2012 #43
Adams BadApple

Peter took the helm of the boat, steering The Phoenix steadily closer toward Wave Ripper. Closer still, until the yells of the opposing crew could be heard, their faces easily seen and describable as the too ships pulled up parallel wise to each other silently, calmly, but the silence had a tense and deadly feeling to it.

11/26/2012 #44

(Is their flag red or black? Little fact: Black Pirate flags mean that they can negotiate, Red pirate flags means no quarter will be given.)

11/26/2012 #45
Adams BadApple

((You're right about the red flag (little or no mercy, the red is a symbol for bloodshed, and were the first color for pirate flags)but mistaken about the black. It doesn't mean they'll negotiate, it's a symbol for death. And at this point in history that the thread is in, black pirate flags have already long replaced the red.))

"Load the guns!" Peter bellowed.

11/26/2012 #46

(Oh... I guess William would just stick to the old ways of thinking for now. Hell catch up with modern times eventually.)

"Mind if I join in? I haven't Fought in a while. I might be getting rusty."

11/26/2012 #47
Adams BadApple

"We'll need every helping hand we can get with these guys." He said.

The crew had begun to load the cannons both below and the ones on deck.

11/26/2012 #48
Nova Singer

Katri hung on the ropes, climbing and analyzing everything. She narrowed her eyes. "Captain Leck!" She shouted down to Peter. "The Ripper's gonna luff up on our port quarter!" She yelled. "She'll rake us without even presenting a target."

11/26/2012 #49

"I'll try to keep up." said William taking the sword out with his left hand and a gun in the other.

"Tch. Still difficult to hold it with my left. Whatever."

11/26/2012 #50
Adams BadApple

Peter furrowed his brow, looking over his shoulder to see what Katri was seeing. He muttered a curse under his breath. He thought quickly, and his eyes brightened up with an idea. "Drop the anchor on the starboard side!" He shouted.

Half of his crew stared at him in surprise. Peter narrowed his eyes and locked his jaw in a stern setting. "On the starboard side you dogs!" He ordered. The men sprung into action again.

11/27/2012 #51

"What is it?" asked William

11/27/2012 #52
Nova Singer

Katri jolted when Peter gave the order of dropping the anchor. Dropping the anchor on the right side would swing the ship around so that Wave Ripper would be headed straight on a collision course for the dead side of The Phoenix. She stared at Peter, gaping.

"You're mad!"

11/27/2012 #53
Adams BadApple

He grinned at her. "We'll have the element of surprise."

The crew hastened in dropping the anchor into the crashing waves below.

11/27/2012 #54

"Aye." said William making his way over

11/27/2012 #55
Nova Singer

Katri grabbed on to the mast as the ship began to lurch and swerve violently so they were sideways in the water, with the Wave Ripper coming directly at them. The tension in the ship was great, so great that Katri could feel it without the strained creaking sounds of the ship as it turned.

"Peter, let go!" She yelled, mistakenly using his real name instead of 'Captain Leck', but she knew he wouldn't care.

11/27/2012 #56
Etoile x Noire
((Ah, just tell me when you guys interact with the crew members on Wave Ripper? XD))
11/27/2012 #57
Adams BadApple

Peter stopped trying to right the wheel and let go of it, letting it turn chaotically. He saw a great ruckus aboard Wave Ripper as their crew hastened to not crash head on into The Phoenix. Peter smirked, his plan had worked. He had suspected the crew of Wave Ripper wouldn't want to risk playing such a dangerous game of chicken. Soon, they were parallel to Ripper, every pirate at the ready and at the arms with guns, swords, the ships with cannon's loaded. Peter allowed the quiet suspension and tension to build.

"Fire!" He screamed.

11/27/2012 #58


11/27/2012 #59
Nova Singer

"Fire all!" Katri yelled loudly after Peter gave the official order. Gunshots rang out from both sides, as did cannon-fire. The splintering of wood cracked loudly through the air, pirates from both ships now swung freely on the ropes and grappling hooks onto the opposing ships. Katri cocked her pistol and began firing, dropping every stranger her eyes found.

11/27/2012 #60
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