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Etoile x Noire
Melanie glanced away as she took his hand. "Now you're just trying to flatter me." she muttered.
11/28/2012 #91
Adams BadApple

"It wasn't a compliment, it was an offer. Honestly you look like you could use a hot bath, a large dinner and a good nights rest in a soft bed."

Peter pulled her along towards the stern of the ship and he opened the door into his large, and immensely spacious quarters. The room was decorated in maroons, dark purples, and dark reds. To the left there was a large window that had a beautiful view of the wide open ocean and the window let in a lot of light. Diagonal from them, pushed against the middle of the far wall, was a plush king sized bed with white silken sheets and a deep, rich wine red comforter. There was a dark brown mahogany nightstand on the right side of the bed, and a matching dresser on the opposite wall from the bed. In the very middle of the room was a small rectangular mahogany dining table that would fit about five or six. To the far right wall there was a door leading into a bathroom that held a copper tub, and a sort of makeshift water heater filled with steaming hot water already.

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Etoile x Noire
"I suppose..." Melanie answered quietly, acknowledging Peter's kindness. She followed him quietly into the quarters, and became speechless at what she saw. It was much nicer than she had expected. "This... is your quarters?" she questioned, admiring the interior decorations.
11/28/2012 . Edited 11/28/2012 #93
Adams BadApple

He nodded. "The bathroom is right through there, so if you'd like to take a hot bath you can and I'll see if I can find any extra clothes for you."

11/28/2012 #94
Etoile x Noire
"Do you mind undoing the back of my dress? I'm afraid I can't reach it." Melanie admitted, glancing at Peter. "It's a bit complicated."
11/28/2012 . Edited 11/28/2012 #95
Adams BadApple

He nodded again, silent as he turned her around and began to undo the laces that tied up the back of her floral dress. He did this for a few moments without uttering a word, his brow drawn down in concentration with his small task. "There." He said, finishing. Peter walked into the bathroom for a moment and returned quickly holding a wet rag which he placed over the gash on his upper left arm.

11/28/2012 #96
Etoile x Noire
"Thank you." Melanie murmured, nodding slightly and making her way into the bathroom past Peter. He had already begun to grow on her and it was frustrating that her her loud and obnoxious side was clearing away so suddenly. In a way, he reminded her of that boy she had saved many years ago. She clutched the pendant around her neck. It was more valuable than anything and she would hate to lose it.
11/28/2012 #97
Adams BadApple

After Peter had cleaned and dressed his wounld, he pulled on another shirt over his head. Then, he left his quarters to go tend to the ship. He snuck his way into Katri's things and pulled out a few extra clothes for Melanie as well.

11/28/2012 #98
Etoile x Noire
Melanie turned to shut the door, leaving it slightly ajar so she could watch Peter leave the quarters. After Melanie locked the door, she turned around and began to undress. Luckily, she wasn't wearing a hoop skirt back then, because otherwise, it would have been such a hassle to get out of it. The brown-haired girl stepped inside the tub full of bathwater. Sighing in content, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.
11/28/2012 #99
Adams BadApple

Peter left Melanie alone to bathe and relax, though he was becoming ever more interested in her story. How long had she been a captive of the Wave Ripper's captain? Where did she come from? Such thoughts ran through his mind as he arranged a dinner in his room for the both of them.

He redirected the route of The Phoenix towards the west, hoping to make port somewhere soon. The supplies they had left were dwindling and he would have to make quite an effort in stealing the things they needed.

11/28/2012 #100
Etoile x Noire

Melanie allowed the soap suds on her body to sift through her fingers and toes. It felt good to be in the washroom all by herself, not having any maids to finish the job for her. The freedom she had was hard for her to believe and her current changing lifestyle was much better than her previous one as the Daughter of a Governor from a British colony. It was wonderful to be free. Even though the water felt good, she didn't want to keep Peter waiting as he did say something about dinner. Stepping out of the bathtub, she wrapped a towel around herself, and made sure the shining silver pendant was still around her neck. It was.

Making her way over to the door, she placed her hand on the door handle, ready to unlock it. However, she realized something. She had finished bathing but, what about the clothing he said he'd go off to find? Did he bring them back yet or was he still searching for them? Where did he place them if he did find them?

Melanie stayed quiet for a moment, pondering about what she should do.

11/28/2012 . Edited 11/28/2012 #101
Adams BadApple

Peter had Katri's clothes for Melanie packed away in the dressers along with his own clothes. However he had laid out a dress on the well made made bed. A simple, deep royal blue gown that he thought would suit her.

11/28/2012 #102

(aww you guys restarted this.... :/)

11/28/2012 #103
Etoile x Noire

((There were three requests through PM so WillowLight restarted it for everyone.))

Melanie quickly gathered up her dress and undergarments, then cautiously unlocked and opened the door to the bedroom. She glanced around, still in awe by her surroundings. As she made her way over to the bed, she noticed a deep blue gown waiting for her. Strolling along to the side of the bed, she reached out and touched its feathery existence. "So soft..." she murmured. It was hers, right? A gown that she was borrowing? Regardless of her immediate thoughts, she quickly slipped the gown on, immediately becoming relaxed in it. Her old undergarments would have to do for now until she arrived back in Hemmingway.

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Adams BadApple

It was nearly sunset, and the waters were calm. The wind had billowed up surprisingly fast so Peter had the crew let down the sails before they went below for their supper. He remained the only one on deck now, at the helm, gently guiding The Phoenix along the still waters. He looked and felt as serene and relaxed as the ocean he was sailing on.

11/28/2012 #105
Etoile x Noire

Melanie stroked the fabricated existence on her body. How could a Pirate be able to afford so much? She frowned at that question, suddenly realizing that they most likely stole most of the things on this ship. She glanced around the Captain's quarter's before settling with exploring the ship a little bit. Peter was nowhere to be found, so she could explore a little right? She made her way around the spacious area, familiarizing herself with the knick knacks and small things in the area.

Following down, she made her way over to the table in the middle, noting that plates and utensils had been already prepared for dinner. Whose doing was it? Peter's? No, he didn't seem like the type of man to do something like this. Speaking of which, where was he? He was nowhere to be found in the Captain's quarters, perhaps he was outside on the Captain's deck?

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Adams BadApple

Peter dropped the anchor for the night. He went below deck to the small mess hall, looking for Cook. No one actually knew his name, so everyone just called him Cook. Peter found the rotund old man moving around the mess hall, cleaning up after the crews dinner. "Cook, is everything ready?"

Cook looked over at Peter and smiled. Most of his teeth were rotting or missing but it was still a kind smile. "Aye Captain Leck. And I've got some right aged red wine for ye too."

Peter smiled in thanks. "Thank you Cook." Peter took the old silver platter which had two plates of various seafood on it, and he also took the bottle of wine. He then made his way back above deck and knocked on the door to his quarters.

11/29/2012 #107
Etoile x Noire
Melanie considered wandering the ship itself to go find Peter. However, the only thing that stood in the way was the fact that she had no clue as to where everything was. She sighed in defeat, fingering the pendant around her neck once more, then let her hand drop to her side, continuing to explore the Captain's quarters. Suddenly, a knock at the door made Melanie flinch. She wondered who it was, but quickly assumed it was Peter without thinking of what could lie behind the door- whether it be a drunk crew member or that rude imbecile who called her a thing. She quickly dashed over to the door and swung it wide open, to see Peter standing there. "Peter!" she exclaimed, feeling exhausted. "What a pleasant surprise. I thought you had gone somwhere but now you're back." she said between breathes.
11/29/2012 #108
Adams BadApple

Peter smiled at her, and he walked into the room, setting the food and wine on the dining table. He turned back to face her. "Wow, look at you. I was right, the dress looks wonderful on you."

11/29/2012 #109
Etoile x Noire
Melanie's eyes followed Peter's every move as he walked in with the food and wine, then set them both on the table. She turned and closed the door behind her, hands still on the door handle. Melanie did her best to calm down the line of exhaustion in her chest. She couldn't believe that she had actually assumed it was Peter and it was- why would she run to the door in the first place? Glancing up at Peter's comment, she let go of the handle and inspected the royal blue gown again. "You... did this?" she inquired.
11/29/2012 #110
Adams BadApple

He nodded, bringing his hand to his chin as his eyes ran over her slowly. "Good, it looks like it fits. I've had it for a while now and it hasn't been put to good use. So it's yours," he said turning his back to arrange their dinner on the table and pouring the wine.

11/29/2012 #111
Etoile x Noire


She looked over the cloth again and glanced back up to tell him "Thank you" but Peter's back had been turned so Melanie didn't say anything. Instead, she stood there and watched him with amusement as he set up the table for dinner and poured wine for the both of them. On impulse, she reached up to touch the pendant around her neck for comfort. It was an awkward silence indeed and Melanie felt a bit a nervous dining with a man she hardly knew, or was a Pirate- a Captain of a ship, for that matter.

11/29/2012 . Edited 11/29/2012 #112
Adams BadApple

Peter finished up with the food setting and pouring their dinks and he walked around the table to pull out a chair, and he looked up at her, gesturing for her to sit in the chair he was standing behind.

11/29/2012 #113
Etoile x Noire

Melanie cautiously stepped forward towards the chair Peter was standing behind, her left hand still clutching the pendant in an effort to cure her nervousness. "Thank you." she told Peter quietly as she sat down. Releasing her grip from the pendant so she could eat, Melanie made a huge effort to not appear nervous or anxious for that matter.

11/29/2012 #114
Adams BadApple

Peter slid her chair closer to the table, then he took a seat across from her. Peter lifted his goblet and took a refreshing sip of wine.

11/29/2012 #115
Etoile x Noire

"You didn't have to go the trouble of doing all this..." Melanie stated quietly, her small hands clutching the fabric of the gown she was given. It felt like she was back at home, and not to mention, this Pirate's manners was far better from her own. She admired the man for doing such a thing but not anything could just allow her to thank him and do as she willed. It was far from that, and Melanie felt like she was being pampered all over again- making her think of her father and siblings.

11/29/2012 #116
Adams BadApple

He shrugged. "It wasn't really trouble. Aboard this ship, your basically mine. What I mean to say is, youre protected by me which is a sign of possession to the crew. I like to make sure anything that is mine gets taken care of."

11/29/2012 #117

(aww....oh well *sigh)

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Adams BadApple

((Gonna give a good layout of the ship with this post))

As Peter sat, eating, lost in thought, he gave a sweeping look over his quarters. His mind drifted around the ship he knew so well.

The Phoenix consisted of three levels not including the top deck.

On the deck, at the stern, was where Peter's quarters were. Also on the deck, a few paces to the right of Peter's bedroom door, there was another door that led into another equally spacious room that was his private office. Peter's office held his desk, maps, navigational tools, bookshelves that were filled with tons of rolls of parchment, and many books. There was also a glass and wood cabinet that acted as a weapon display case. In the right corner of his office was a square hole embedded in the floor with a stairway to give him easy access to the floors below deck.

At the very bottom level of the ship, it was storage of their supplies. Many things like food, weapons, water, and rum. And also the brig was on the bottom level. The middle floor of the ship was entirely devoted to the crew. Their quarters, bathrooms, the kitchen and mess hall. And everything was well designed, organized and clean. The level directly below the deck held the cannons, weapons, and everything that was needed for a battle.

Peter gave a great deal of time in making sure the Phoenix was more, much more than just a ship. He made everything as sophisticated and comfortable as possible for everyone to feel like the ship was their home.

11/29/2012 #119

William was with Little Tim on deck. William was drinking some of the rum that he took from the Wave Ripper.

"What's so good about rum anyway?" asked Tim

"When you're at least my age, you'll find out." replied William, continuing to drink

11/30/2012 #120
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