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"Yeah, I agree."

William sat down on the floor.

"But if he can lead a crew, and attack a ship every now and then, then I guess he could still be called a captain."

12/1/2012 #181
Etoile x Noire

Melanie sighed, but didn't push the matter. Instead, she got down on the floor next to the edge of the bed where Peter laid. "I can tell your stressed, you're thinking of so many things right now. Something must've happened but you don't want to worry anyone, so I won't push it. I came back inside because it started to grow a bit chilly outside."

12/1/2012 #182
Adams BadApple

"Yes, it gets pretty cold out here on the water. And it's just as cold on the floor so just get in the bed Melanie, before you get sick." Peter told her, grunting as he sat up and ran his hand through his hair tiredly. He did have a lot on his mind. Their supplies was certainly falling to a low, and Peter had to feed the crew. They had to make port soon before winter set in. Though the safest coastal town to dock in, he was uncertain, and he was sure that when they did dock Katri would do all she could to get rid of Melanie herself, and Peter would not allow that to happen.

12/1/2012 #183
Nova Singer

"He's not a bad captain. He's just not a very good pirate." Katri mumbled.

12/1/2012 #184

"I guess you're right... What's your story anyway?" asked William

After drinking some more, he specified his question.

"How'd you end up on his crew?"

12/1/2012 #185
Nova Singer

Katri suddenly laughed, her first genuine laugh in probably years because he surprised her. "I don't share backstories, sorry." She took another drink of rum, and her head was beginning to earn a pleasant buzz.

12/1/2012 #186
Etoile x Noire

"Did you really think I would sleep on the floor?" Melanie laughed as she made her way around to the other side of the bed, "I have no intentions of doing something that unbelievable." She had many things on her mind as she slipped into the covers. "Don't stress youself out too much- you can get a fever from it." Melanie warned Peter seriously as she closed her eyes and pulled the covers up a little. Many things were on her mind as she began to slowly but gradually fall asleep.

12/1/2012 #187
Adams BadApple

Peter fell asleep as soon as he stretched out and closed his eyes, it was a restless sleep that made him toss and turn, but it was sleep so he welcomed it with open arms.

12/1/2012 #188

"Heh. I guess it wouldn't matter anyway."

William finished his drink and took out a fresh bottle

12/1/2012 #189
Nova Singer

"What about you?" Katri asked, her words slurring just a little.

12/1/2012 #190

"Huh? You saw me arrive with my friend Tim. We were stranded in the middle of the sea, and you guys helped us."

12/1/2012 #191
Nova Singer

"Well yeah. But what was your life before?"

12/1/2012 #192

William drank some more.

"I'm searching for a ship I used to live on. The government took her, and I don't want their hands on her."

12/1/2012 #193
Nova Singer

Katri snorted. "Tough chance of that. Unless it was a speeder they probably chopped her up." Katri finished the bottle and she yawned loudly. She stood up and walked toward the stairs. "Well, I'm going to turn in." Katri said, starting to walk up the stairs. "Goodnight William." She added before disappearing up the staircase.

12/1/2012 #194
Adams BadApple

During the night Peter and Melanie had ended up in the middle of the bed, with Peter's chest pressed against her warm back and his arm wrapped around her middle.

The sun rose over the ocean horizon at dawn, casting light through Peter's window.

12/1/2012 #195

"...Chopped her up, huh?... Well, if they did that, then I'll do the same to their ships."

William drank some more, lamenting the past.

12/1/2012 #196
Etoile x Noire

Melanie groaned in irritation as she held her hand above her face, the light slipping in through the windows. She was unaware of the posistion she was in- and the fact that she wasn't in her own home anymore. "Close the curtains, it's too bright." Melanie complained, trying to bury her face in the pillow. "No, I don't want you to get my father, just close the curtains and I'll get out of bed. Tell ihim/i to bug off."

(She's talking in her sleep! XD)

12/1/2012 . Edited 12/1/2012 #197
Adams BadApple

Melanie's mumbling made Peter awake into a barely awake state with a slight snort, but he only curled his arm tighter, pulling her closer and he drifted back to sleep feeling warm.

12/1/2012 #198
Etoile x Noire

Melanie blinked, glancing out the window. She heard the rush of an ocean and Seagulls crowing, which made her wonder where she was. Melanie reached down to where her waist was and felt a hand pull her in closer to something warm- perhaps what felt like a chest. She glanced slightly over her shoulder to see a very familiar face then quickly looked back.

P-Peter?! Was I like this the whole night?! What happened?!

She quickly recalled the recent events. That's right, she was on a ship and she got rescued by Peter- a Pirate on the Carribean sea. She wasn't at her home anymore because she got kidnapped a few months back by the crew and Captain of Wave Ripper. This was very awkward for Melanie indeed.

12/1/2012 . Edited 12/1/2012 #199
Adams BadApple

Peter's heavy, husky breathing of sleep continued for fifteen minutes or so, before his eyes opened slowly and sleepily. He was fully awake now, and he yawned loudly. "Good morning." He murmured to Melanie.

12/1/2012 #200
Etoile x Noire

Melanie's cheeks heated up as she realized that she had let another man sleep with her- let alone the Fiancé she resented so much. "How can you be so calm in this situation?" she questioned Peter, her voice panicking and at the same time, cherishing the moment.

12/1/2012 #201
Adams BadApple

Peter untangled himself from her and reluctantly pulled out of the warm bed with a sleepy sigh. "What do you mean?" He mumbled, rubbing his eyes as he moved to the window and drew the curtains.

12/1/2012 #202
Etoile x Noire

"Don't tell me you don't realized what happened last night." Melanie stated, "I mean, I wake up in the morning to find out I'm in the bed with another man, and you're acting like nothing's a big deal."

12/1/2012 #203
Adams BadApple

He shrugged. "Melanie we slept in one bed together. It's not that huge of a deal." Peter pulled put a fresh shirt and pulled it on.

12/1/2012 #204
Etoile x Noire

She decided not to divulge on the matter any further. It was most likely she would get embarrassed talking about it. "Well, it is a huge deal to me..." she mumbled, sitting up.

12/1/2012 #205
Adams BadApple

Peter looked over his shoulder at her. "Sharing a bed with a man for one night bothers you so? Perhaps I should aquire a couch then so you wont be so uncomfortable and embarrassed." He said, looking at her with an amused smirk.

12/1/2012 #206
Etoile x Noire

"No!" Melanie immediately stood up. "A couch is too much for you to handle!" She defended, "You don't even know why I felt uncomfortable when I woke up this morning. I found out that I wasn't in my own home anymore, and the fact that your arm was around my waist when I am already engaged to another man."

12/1/2012 #207
Adams BadApple

His eyes widened slightly and he cleared his throat. "I apologize." He murmured. "And I think I will get a couch.. you'll have more room on the bed and you won't have to feel so uncomfortable with your faithfulness to your future husband."

12/1/2012 . Edited 12/1/2012 #208
Etoile x Noire

Why must I always do this? I said too much again... I'm too straightforward and now I'm embarrassed...

"Please... don't do that." Melanie murmured, "He doesn't deserve me anyways."

I don't even love him...

12/2/2012 . Edited 12/2/2012 #209
Adams BadApple

Peter laughed. "Your little husband to be isn't what you want as your groom eh?" He asked, flashing a devilish and amused smile.

12/2/2012 #210
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