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Nova Singer

Lixa's Adventure thingy.

3/24/2012 . Edited by Ibex, 11/2/2014 #1
Nova Singer

((What are you doing? ^-^))

Lilly touched Niko's shoulder. "I'm going hunting." she pulled her hood up and walked into the dense forest. 3/24/2012 #2
Adams BadApple
((Haha, nothing.)) Mason stepped carefully over twigs, stalking a deer as silently as possible through the woods with a longbow.
3/24/2012 #3
Nova Singer

((You're staring ^-^))

Lilly climbed up into a tree, slinking around from branch to branch a little noisily, she morphed and balanced on her paws in the tree, sniffing the air for signs of food.

3/24/2012 #4
Adams BadApple
((Am I? :D)) Mason sucked in a breath and stepped behind a tree, trying to stay downwind of the animal.
3/24/2012 #5
Nova Singer

((lol yes, yes u r. stop doing that!))

Lilly inhaled, and smiled inwardly, catching the scent of a big deer.

3/24/2012 #6
Adams BadApple
((Doing what? :] )) Mason notched an arrow and drew back, aiming at the deer.
3/24/2012 #7
Nova Singer

((staring at me while you're typing! XD its weird! you're not even looking at your screen, you're just staring, its creepy :3))

Lilly growled and rolled her shoulderblades, coming in eyesight with the deer. Her nose was oblivious to the scent of the stranger.

3/24/2012 #8
Adams BadApple
((Haha, that's the point baby.)) Mason smiled, and crouched, touching the fly feather of the arrow to the corner of his mouth.
3/24/2012 #9
Nova Singer

((lol, you think everyone's asleep yet?))

Lilly lunged from the tree at the deer.

3/24/2012 #10
Adams BadApple
((Most likely, it was a long day. Why don't you bring your computer over here and sit by me on the bed? I'm lonely.)) Mason let his arrow fly the same time there was a flash of movement, his eyes widened and then narrowed in confusion. Was that a.. wolf?
3/24/2012 #11
Nova Singer

((haha, i'd like to, but cant if we're gonna keep rping. my computers near dead and i've got the charger plugged in behind the desk here. lol we havent said one word out loud since we turned on our computers.))

Lilly howled in pain, an arrow sprouted from her hindquarters and she fell off the deer, it sprinted away unharmed.

3/24/2012 #12
Adams BadApple
((Ha, yeah I know. Well you look tired anyway, come on over here and I'll turn my laptop off and we'll get some sleep.)) Mason dropped his bow and darted forward to the wolf, he could tell it was female from the build. She was a very beautiful animal. "Ah. I'm so sorry." his hands hovered above the embedded arrow uncertainly.
3/24/2012 #13
Nova Singer

((lol i am a little tired. but you know that if i shut my computer off and hop on that bed with you we're not gonna get much sleep ^-^))

Lilly morphed painfully and squinted her eyes shut and yanked the arrow out with gritted teeth. "Good job." she growled at the man sarcastically. 3/24/2012 #14
Adams BadApple
((Probably :) Which is exactly my point, c'mere.)) Mason ran his hand through his hair with wide eyes, staring at the beautiful girl that sat in the wolf's place, blood dripped from her thigh but it was quickly closing. "Ah.."
3/24/2012 #15
Nova Singer
((are you home safe?)) "Well don't just sit there and stare, help me up." Lilly grumbled, holding her hand over the wound.
3/25/2012 #16
Adams BadApple
((Yeah I did, no worries Sammy.)) Mason reached out timidly and wrapped his hand around the girls arm, pulling her gingerly to her feet. "I'm really sorry. I.. I was aiming for the deer.. and then you, a wolf.. what are you?"
3/25/2012 #17
Nova Singer
((you bruised me ^-^)) Lilly scowled and pulled her arm away a little. "Gee, what a way to start an introduction. Do you always shoot someone then ask what the hell they are?" she snapped.
3/25/2012 #18
Adams BadApple
((Did I really?? I'm sorry, well damn now I feel really bad.)) Mason's eyes widened. "Um, no. I'm sorry." he repeated. "I'm Mason, and.. do you need any help with that?" he asked, his eyes on her leg.
3/25/2012 #19
Nova Singer
((lol relax, im just teasing u, even though you seriously did bruise my collarbone lol ^-^))Lilly brushed herself off. "Lilly." she said curtly. "And no, I just need to find my friends."
3/25/2012 #20
Adams BadApple
"Your friends? Let me help you find them then." he offered his hand to her.
3/25/2012 #21
Nova Singer
"Well I supposed it's the least you can do." she took his hand and stepped out of the woods with him into the field, limping slightly. "Lixa!? Niko!?" she called.
3/25/2012 #22
Adams BadApple
((Have you talked to Christian today?)) Mason looked around the field, his hunting skills zoning as he scanned the area for signs of people.
3/25/2012 #23
Nova Singer
((Christian who? ^-^)) Lilly pulled him forward and started walking. "Come on, they probably went back to the castle."
3/25/2012 #24
Adams BadApple
((Ha-ha, very funny.)) Mason followed behind her with their hands linked, still looking around to see if he could catch any sight of anyone.
3/25/2012 #25
Nova Singer
((I thought it was ^-^)) Lilly let go of Mason's hand and called out for Nikolai or Lixa again.
3/25/2012 #26
Adams BadApple
((You think everything is funny X3)) Mason cleared his throat in the silence between the two of them. "Who are we looking for again?"
3/25/2012 #27
Nova Singer
((lol this is true XD but that was funny.)) She looked over her shoulder at him. "Lixa and Nikolai, they're brothers." Lilly said vaguely.
3/25/2012 #28
Nikolai's eyes shot open from his deep sleep. "Lil!" He called out, scrambling from his bed and rushing out into the castle. He and into Lilly's direction, Lix already by his side. "What happened!?" Nikolai yelled worried.
3/25/2012 #29
Nova Singer
"Bird brain over here launched an arrow at me." she grumbled, touching the bloody wound on her thigh.
3/25/2012 #30
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