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Orio K
The land of Fieri Alius, a kingdom lush with forests, rivers, lakes and mountains. The elderly King Roi is generous and good, and the people thrive under him. Magic of all kinds is practiced openly here, and beings of every kind are seen roaming about, many of them swearing fealty to Roi. However, the army is weak and small, since the country has no enemies... yet. This land may be fertile now, but it is also ripe pickings for anyone who would oppose it.
4/9/2012 #1
(Should we start completely over? if not, I'll edit my post.) the old witch, Sandra, lived in a tiny cottage in the woods. ((lol so fairy tale ish.) She mostly kept to herself, and rarely was seen of her, unlike long ago, when people came to her for her to cure her and such. Now that she is old, she rarely gets visits. Her magic is dwindling, though.
4/10/2012 #2
Orio K

((sorry to have kind of killed your thread, Jackie. You're character seemed really interesting. Here's my contribution to starting it back up!))

Prince Alan kicked his horse, urging the animal further into the woods. The trees were getting closer together, and the horse was getting nervous, but Alan had no intention of letting the deer he had been chasing get away. He shot an arrow after it, but his horse spooked at a too-close limb, and the shot missed.

Grumbling, King Roi's oldest son petted the animal until it calmed, looking around. This part of the forest was unfamiliar to him.

4/14/2012 #3
(can I just say that Sandra's house is near there? XD) Sandra looked out the window, and saw a horse. "strange..." she muttered to herself.
4/14/2012 #4
Jackie the Giant

((It's okay, Orio.))

Len had been asleep in a tree when a horse's spooked scream startled him awake. He fell off the branch with a yelp, hitting the ground in a clatter of bones. He groaned and sat up, rubbing his skull and muttering words that should not be repeated around children.

4/14/2012 #5
Orio K
Alan just barely managed to keep from letting out a startled scream of his own when something fell out of an adjacent tree. When he looked closer, he couldn't help but gasp. The prince had heard of mages and wizards creating living creatures of dead materials, but he had never seen it before. Some of the magic of the moment was lost, however, when the creature started swearing. Then it was laughter that he had to hold back, pushing ginger hair out of his green eyes. The horse seemed unsure of the new creature at its feet and inspected Len with its nose.
4/14/2012 #6
Jackie the Giant

Len looked up in surprise when the horse that had woken him up began to sniff him, probably to see what the heck he was. The skeleton looked up at the horse's rider, and then stood up. He was rather tall, and was eye-level with the man, despite the stranger being on horseback.

"Sorry 'bout tha'." Len said in embarrassment, a thick accent marinating his words. "I should leyrn no' tah sleep in trees."

4/14/2012 #7
Sandra stared at Len, and at the Prince. What was he doing here?
4/14/2012 #8
Orio K

Alan's eyes followed him up; he was surprised by the creature's height.

"Oh, not at all." he said, grinning. "I did not mean to startle you. Goodness, you are tall."

He extended a leather gloved hand. "I am Alan."

Alan left out the titles and such; he hardly looked like a prince in his current state, and he didn't think someone with such a thick foreign accent would know who he was. He was dressed all in heavily used and abused hunting leathers, and he was sure that about half the forest had gotten caught in his gingery curls. His fine horse, the quality of his gear, and the carefully enunciated accent he spoke with gave him away, but he didn't know that.

4/14/2012 #9
Jackie the Giant

"Len Hamilton." Len replied in a voice that suggested he would have been grinning if he had a face. "Nice tah meet yah." He took Alan's hand and shook it amiably while secretly looking him over (you can only really tell the general direction of a Skeleton's gaze).

The young man looked kind of shabby, with his leaf-ridden curls and worn-out leather, but his horse and saddle were a good one. He couldn't judge the accents here, but he sounded like a higher-up as well.

Interesting. He would have to ask about that if he got the chance.

4/14/2012 #10
Orio K

"And you, as well." Alan replied, letting his curiosity beat his tact into submission. "Might I ask what you are doing here? Your accent leads me to believe that you are not native to these parts. And pardon my saying so, but I do not think I have ever seen someone such as yourself before."

Alan hadn't yet noticed the cottage; there was a large tree, the one Len had been sleeping in, between him and the house.

4/14/2012 #11
(I'll make him notice it XD) The stove that Sandra was cooking her meal on exploded in a burst of red smoke. It poofed out the chimney and the windows, making a loud noise. She wasn't hurt, because her stove had a mind of it's own. (I'm leaving for Montreal tomorrow. My posts will be delayed. :D)
4/14/2012 #12
Jackie the Giant
"Oh, I wander aboot." Len waved one skeletal hand carelessly. He wasn't at all insulted by Alan's blunt questioning, since it had happened almost every time someone met him. "I've had a serious case ah wander lust fer ah few hun-dred years noo. I was 'riginally from Dral thoo. As for me bein' a skelton, well... it's a loong story." He shrugged, his bones making faint scraping noises against each other.
4/14/2012 #13
Orio K
Alan nodded understandingly; he hadn't really expected a short answer to his question. He tried to recall the location of Dral, but geography was always his worst subject. Just as he was about to ask about it when the explosion sounded. His horse bounced up, rearing as well as it could in the dense forest and shrieking. The prince stayed on easily, though he had been startled himself, and thought to himself that someday he was going to buy a horse that wasn't so damn high-strung.
4/15/2012 #14
Jackie the Giant

Len staggered forward slightly in surprise at the explosion, though he was careful not to scare Alan's horse more than it already was.

"What the skag was that?" He asked, breathless despite not having any lungs.

4/15/2012 #15
Young Artist
((Can I have her start off when the stove explodes?)) A loud crashing sound resounded as a girl came tumbling out of the trees, entangled in a mass of branches and leaves. She rubbed her head and picked some leaves out of her hair, "What was that sound?" She asked to no one in particular as she remembered the loud boom that had knocked her out of her resting place a minute ago. Then she blinked as her ears picked up on some sound. 'I suppose I'll go check it out.' Ariana thought as she ran towards the source of the noise.
4/16/2012 #16
Orio K
Alan, without too much difficulty, convinced his horse to move around the tree so that he could see the cottage. Black smoke lingered around the house, and the Prince didn't want to risk getting closer. "Hello?" he called. "Is there anyone in there?"
4/16/2012 #17
Sandra looked out the window. "Hello? Who goes there?" she asked.
4/17/2012 #18
Orio K

"Ah, Madam, are you alright?" Alan asked, urging his horse towards the house. "We heard an explosion!"

4/17/2012 #19
Young Artist
As Ariana came upon the scene, she was certainly surprised to see a woman, a human who seemed to be of high rank, and a moving skeleton. She raised her eyebrow and leaned against the tree, "This should be interesting."
4/17/2012 #20
"It was just my stove. " She called back. "it does this all the time"
4/18/2012 #21
Raven walked through the woods with her bow. She could hear her father's guards trailing a few yards behind her on their horses. Her sharp hearing picked up the sound of an explosion. "What was that?" she asked, turning around to face the direction the guards were in.

"What was what miss?" the elder man asked.

"That explosion, that way." Raven pointed to her right.

"We didn't hear anything miss." said the younger man. Raven huffed and shouldered her bow.

"I'm going to check it out." she started walking before they could start protesting, her barefeet scraped across the forest floor as she struggled to get bearings on her directions towards the sound. Though now, she could clearly pick up voices.

4/18/2012 #22
Orio K

"Ma'am, I think you might need a new stove!" said Alan, dismounting and leading his horse into the clearing next to the house. "It's not going to do that again, is it?"

He looked apprehensively back at Len, wondering if getting closer was safe.

4/19/2012 #23
Raven kept walking until she felt the trees thin out and wind blew across her body, signaling for her that she was a clearing in the forest. "Hello?" she asked, not asking if there was someone there, but who was there. She could hear at least two people.
4/19/2012 #24
Jackie the Giant
"I'll go first if you're nervous." Len offered casually. "I'm dead already, so as long as I'm not vaporized or shattered, I can put myself back together."
4/19/2012 #25
Her father's men were in step behind her. "Miss Raven you really shouldn't be wandering off without supervis.... My Prince!" the youngest guard exclaimed, getting a proper look at the clearing and the skeleton man and King Roi's eldest son. Raven's bodyguards fell to their knees, bowing their heads before the future king. Raven looked literally blindly around. "Who? What?" she asked, thouroughly confused about who was around her, which was a first for her lately.
4/19/2012 #26
"I think I might need a new stove." She said, laughing.
4/19/2012 #27
Orio K

Alan visibly flinched at the sudden use of his title, turning uncomfortably to look at the guards.

"Please, get off the ground. We are not at court, formalities are not needed." he said dismissively before noticing Raven and walking over to her to bow over her hand. "Ah, Lady Zarie. I had not expected to see you so deep in the forest."

He was too tactful to mention it, but he hadn't thought that the famously blind noble would would be allowed in such a dangerous place. Alan supposed that that was the reason for all the guards.

4/19/2012 #28

Raven brushed some of the loose hair that had escaped her pony tail behind her ear. "Hunting is not only for the men, Alan." the older guard cleared his throat uncomfortably. Clearly irked about Raven addressing him so casually but she pretended not to notice.

4/20/2012 . Edited 4/20/2012 #29
Young Artist

A small grin played across Ariana's face as she watched how this had unfolded. 'So now two nobles who know each other meet along with a witch and a skeleton. Interesting group of people if I might say so.' She than straightened and walked towards the house. "Some soldiers you guys are. You should always make sure the principle is secure when in an area." She said towards Raven's guards. Ariana held up her hands just in case, "Don't worry, I won't hurt anyone." She said, careful to make sure she wasn't portrayed as an enemy.

4/20/2012 . Edited 4/20/2012 #30
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