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Orio K
Hey, guys! I was thinking that this might be an interesting little thread to open up. I know how daunting it can be to start RPing for the first time, and I wish I had seen something like this when I first started. And, of course, even us old dogs could use some new material to add to our arsenals! So, lets post the tips and tricks we have for making things fun and easy.
4/16/2012 #1
Orio K

Trick number one!

To format paragraph breaks into your posts, put a less-than symbol (<) and then a lowercase p (p) and then a greater-than symbol (>) at the beginning of each paragraph, and then a less-than symbol (<) and then a forward slash (/) and then a lowercase p (p) and then a greater-than symbol (>)at the end of each paragraph. Should look like this (without the spaces between the symbols): < p > stuff you want to say. < / p >

It's basic HTML code, and can be used in different ways, too. You can make something bold by substituting the p for a b, or italicized with an i.

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Orio K


Make sure you don't play another person's character for them. People tend to get really touchy if you force their character to do something, and it makes it a lot harder to RP equally. For example, instead of saying "Ibex pushed Orio, making him fall over," say "Ibex pushed Orio, trying to make him fall over." That way the person you're RPing with can tell what you want to happen, but doesn't feel forced into anything.

Conversely, don't make your character impossible to interact with, or "God Mod." Basically, if someone does something like what I said above and makes it seem like they want you to do something, you should try to do it. If you think it will advance the story/plot, try to go along with the other RPers, and they will do the same. Obviously you shouldn't/don't have to always go along with it, but at least consider their suggestion. This plays into God Modding because it keeps your character from being invincible/ too good. It's hard to see a character get hurt or not be the winner, but it's necessary in some cases.

Try to keep the RP threads limited to just RP posts. If you have a question or comment, head on over to the Questions or Other Stuff threads. Or you can always PM people! It's okay to put in something quick, or "bump" the thread if it's been inactive for a long time, but it gets confusing and difficult when there's a lot of other things clogging the thread.

We generally RP in third person (example: Orio ran for a long time, tripping and stumbling as he went)and put out of character things in double parenthesis ((like this!)).

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Character Tips

I'm going to use Illistil my Thysultai Assassin/Mage as an example throughout.

First thing I do when coming up with a character is to have a general idea in my mind, whether it's a Topic Specific Character on one who would fit a Fantasy, Sci-Fi, High school or a mix of genres is too have anideaof what you want them to look like, their basic history and personality.

The best way I have found for character creation is too focus on one area each time, I tend to start with History then personality because around those two I can build some basic features and can tie in any behavioural patterns, or certain physical features such as scars or anything they wear that may link to a life they left behind or a special person somewhere.

History and back story

Start by coming up with their base history, Illistil was born in the Thysultai capital to a family of rich aristocrats who were the fourth family from the throne, had a mother and a farther, no siblings, after that move onto the next stage of their life, as a teen/young adult so 13 to shall we say 30 for human characters but for Thysultai (being so long lived) it would be about 20/80, after that move on to something more recent up until it's more or less present.

Linking parts of their past to items they carry or certain physical features is a great way to make you character more lifelike, Illistil carries the dagger he killed his master with an eternal reminder of what it costs to be an assassin.


Illistil was pretty easy to come up with looks wise, all Thysultai are grey skinned and silver haired with grey or blue eyes, so I pretty much had Illistils basic done already just to add hair styles and such to him, clothing is important too, try to match their clothing with what they do, obviously the stereotypical mage won't wear massive armour cause the most they do is turn pages but it's perfectly fine for them to wear massive armour if their magic can help, right? Right?

Writing a post

Okay I was having a quick look round the forum and have noticed recently that with all the newbies here some posts are getting shorter and shorter. I hope to just give a few pointers on fleshing out your posts (I'm guilty of copping out of writing proper responses at the moment too!) and don't worry about it we all start off somewhere, it's not allways easy extending your reply!

Example: Poster One: Illistil wiped his blade clean and shethed it before saying "You should be more carefull, there are dangerous people in the woods" the man he'd just stabbed groaned and coughed blood, the puncture to his lungs was artflly placed, it wouldn't kill him quickly.

Poster Two: "Thanks" Mirey said her hand tightening on the hilt of her sword, this guy was no joke.

Okay so you've just been saved from being killed and robbed in the woods when a mysterious Thysultai drops from a tree and spears him with a dagger, whats your character thinking undernieth that Thanks? "Oh great, I'm dead for sure", do they actually mean it, are they the sort thats gonna be shocked and unable to move? Do they roll up and pull out a weapon, grab something and confront the new danger? Accept it and try to make friends (Not advised).

iPoster Two: Mirey hit the ground hard as she fell from the mans grasp as something large fell from the trees above landing on her assailent, there was a cry and he fell to the floor gasping. It was now that Mirey got a look at what had fallen from the tree and gasped he grabbed the hilt of her sword "Thanks but I could have taken him" She said her eyes narrowing, could she tust an assassin and an Elf to boot!i

One last thing (Well Two Actually)

Beware of God-Modding and making your characters too perfect as mentioned by Orio above!

And remember the senior members such as myself, Orio and Ibex will help you if you drop us a PM or post in the Questions thread but I'm sure anyone here will cheerfully help you out and we all have strong areas and things we all know.


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I don't know if this would count, but try not to separate all the characters, because that is a good way for a thread to die.
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Orio K

RP Lexicon:

RP: Role Playing

OC: Original Character

OOC: Out of Character

IC: In Character

Mary Sue/Marty Stu: a very generic, boring, or otherwise uninteresting character

Mary Sue Hunting: The act of calling someone out on their character's unoriginality in a non-constructive way. Generally considered rude and not allowed in most forums.

OP: Over Powered

God Modding: Making your character too powerful/ roleplaying in such a way that it is impossible to hurt/damage your character.

Mods/Admin: Moderators/Administrators. The people in charge of regulating the forum. Signified by the little shield under their name and shown in a list at the bottom of the page.

I'm sure there are more of these, so if you think of one, post it, and I will add it to this list.

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Agent 22

I would try but I think you covered them all. The only thing I can think of are these:

OOC: Out of character

IC: In character

4/21/2012 #7

Edited a small bit on Post creation, will add more when I have time and tidy up the post

5/3/2012 #8

One real problem is when your character is talking to someone else's character, and the other player leaves the rp. How long do you have your guy wait around for someone that might not come back before they give up and do something else? And what if the other character has, say teleported your character someplace he or she can't leave without the other OCs help? And then of course there's the big one that can end an rp. The topic revolves around the characters stopping the lich king, and the lich king's player stops coming in. How long before you assume the lich king isn't coming back and start a new topic? And what if you wait months, reboot the topic, and then the player comes back yelling because you didn't put the rp on hold for months waiting for him?

5/3/2012 #9

To keep that from happening, you can post that you will be back soon.


Post goes here.

((guys, gotta go. I'll be back soon)) or ((have to go to bed)) or ((brb)) or something like that.

5/3/2012 #10
Orio K

Ah, yes, the biggest thread killer of them all. Sometimes, there's really nothing you can do but let it drop.


-Talk to the other members of the RP and see where they want to go. If possible, just steer the thread in a new/different direction.

-Have someone take over the character of the person who ditched. This can be tricky, but if they have really stopped posting and it's been a matter of weeks, then it's not unreasonable. It's generally best to talk to a mod before you take this rout, just to be safe.

-Try to get in touch with the dropped player. Doesn't usually work, but it's worth a shot.

And seriously, if a person leaves without warning for so long that you have to get a re-boot going, then they've given up their spot in the RP. As far as I'm concerned, if someone comes back in and is upset that the RP wasn't put on hold, then it will be a good learning experience for them and hopefully they won't ditch next time.

Also, Alex is right, it is ALWAYS best to let people know when you are going to be gone for a while.

5/3/2012 #11

Don't expect someone to be able to read your characters mind or aticipate what they show both emotion and thought wise (And try not to do it yourself).

Allways show in your post what the character is thinking/feeling and if appropriate have them show it in some way, such as facial expression, gestures, muttering some holy lines under their breath and such

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