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"Amyu." she told him, as she sat down and yawned.

6/23/2012 #121
Milde the tough Teddy

"Ah..." Mihkku nodded. "I'm Mihkku Vasili." He smiled slightly at her.

6/23/2012 #122

Amyu nodded falling asleep again.

6/23/2012 #123
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku sighed as he looked at the girl. He walked closer to the bush and lay down as well.

6/23/2012 #124

"I guess I'll be night watch then."

Oto ran up a tree, being careful not to wake the two up, and stopped at a high branch and looked down to keep watch.

6/23/2012 #125
"Not needed." Amyu commented half awake and half asleep. ((Amyu randomly falls asleep at random times, its not because its night or anything, she gets tired easily every like... 20 mins or so xD))
6/23/2012 #126
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku closed his eyes feeling tired. He hadn't been able to sleep well in weeks, ,always fearing that something might attack him while he's dreaming. Maybe it was safe to have a short nap while the two were present, he wondered.

6/24/2012 #127

The hours passed by, and nothing tried to sneak up or move towards the group. It was nearly dawn, but Oto wanted to stay up in the tree until the sun shows itself a bit more.

6/24/2012 #128
Amyu woke up, her stomach growled. "Hungry." she stated, she poked at the centuar.
6/24/2012 #129
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku jumped up and straight to the bush, with a yelp. His breathing was erratic and quick as he peeked from the bush only to see the girl. "Q-quit poking me! I t-thought someone wa-was attacking me." He whined and frowned at her.

6/24/2012 #130

Amyu ignored him, she nudged closer to him. "Poke of doom." she commented poking him again.

6/24/2012 #131
Milde the tough Teddy

"You know, if I were a real horse I would have bitten you already." Mihkku commented stepping out of the bush. "Why did you wake me? I can't hear or smell any danger..."

6/24/2012 #132

"Hungry." Amyu replied. She never got her own food before... Usually the humans fed her.

6/24/2012 #133
Milde the tough Teddy

"Hmm..." Mihkku frowned in tought. "Well these berries are ediable and most of the flowers. Here is also trees that grow fruits. What do you eat?"

6/24/2012 #134

Amyu's nose wrinkled at the berries.

"I dont know." she told him, it was true... She didnt know what the humans fed her. It was far from berries though.. She wasnt a herbevorir thats all she knew.

6/24/2012 #135
Milde the tough Teddy

"You should try these." Mihkku said picking one berrie and ate it. "They are sweet." He smiled at her.

6/24/2012 #136

Amyu picked one and smelled it, she cringed in disgust.

"Gross." she commented. "Sick."

6/24/2012 #137
Milde the tough Teddy

"At least try it before judging..." Mihkku muttered and walked deeper into the forest in search of some kind of tree that bore fruits.

6/24/2012 #138

Amyu followed him, unwilling to try the berries.

"Sick." she stated keeping up with him.

6/24/2012 #139
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku sighed. 'Humans...' He sniffed the air and soon found the alluring sent of...peaches. He walked a little further before coming to the tree. To his embarrassment the fruits were too high above him.

6/24/2012 #140

Amyu's stomach growled as she gazed above them, looking towards the centuar and the fruit she noticed he wanted them.

With little effort, she jumped onto the centuar and pushed herself into the tree. She could climb rather easily and she shook a few fruits down effortlessly.

6/24/2012 #141
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku had been surprise at her sudden actions. "Warn me next time, okay?" He asked as he rubbed his back. "Those should be good even for you." He said pointing at the fruits.

6/24/2012 #142

Amyu gazed at the peaches. "Sick." She commented.

6/24/2012 #143
Milde the tough Teddy

"Just try it! You never know maybe you'll like them." Mihkku tried to convince her to eat.

6/24/2012 #144

Amyu hesitantly took one and bit into it.

After a few moments she poked centuar,

"Sick." she stated holding onto her stomach.

6/24/2012 #145
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku shook his head. "You're impossible... What do you ususally eat then? If it's meat you can hunt that all by yourself." He huffed crossing his arms.

6/24/2012 #146

Amyu growled slightly and sat down. She held her stomach and puked.

"Gross." she commented.

6/24/2012 #147
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku made a digusted face as he smelled the vomit. "If you can't eat fruits or berries then I can't help you." He shook his head.

6/24/2012 #148

Amyu shivered as she sat there and whined.

6/24/2012 #149
Milde the tough Teddy

Mihkku felt pity as he gazed at her sad form. "Can you do anything on your own?" He asked slightly frustrated.

6/24/2012 #150
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