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(This is an RP Where absolutely anyone can join! They can use any of their OCs or all or some! And you don't have to mess around with their history or anything in order to fit the story! It's a festival! HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Every few hundred years, there's a large island that appears completely out of nowhere. On this island, a festival is celebrated, in honor of the multiple different dimensions. In it was anything a person could imagine, caves of dragons and dinosaurs, coliseums where battles are fought or seen, futuristic arenas where any sport can be played, museums and libraries containing much knowledge, and many more areas that represent the dimensions.

This isle simultaneously appears in every dimension, of any time period. It invites anyone and everyone to partake in its millions of activities! It doesn't matter what species you are here! Have fun!

How does it exist? How does it have these areas? Not many people know, but many could care less! It's a festival! Enjoy yourself!

Welcome to the Dimensional Festival!!!!!!!

7/13/2012 #1

(I guess since this was my idea, I should start this.)

Erin, Arc, and Oto all of a sudden appeared on Eldin Isle. Chrono had summoned them to the area, excited at her plan.

"HI! It's been a while!"

"Chrono!?" They all exclaimed. The last time they met her was unpleasant.

"Yep! I have a request! I want you three to go into the other dimensions and request for people to go to Eldin Isle! Ready? 'Kay bye!"

"Wait, we didn't acce-", Oto started, but was cut off, before they were all scattered once more.

Oto was arrived in and started to yell for people to go to Eldin Isle for a weekend.

Erin arrived in Madam Mahoganny's school for young mages, and went to the Madam to request a field trip to the Isle.

Arc was sent to Hartwall, and all she did was yell out, "GO TO ELDIN ISLE FOR A WHILE!" and just left.

The three of them traveled throughout many dimensions and did the same thing, until they were teleported back to the Isle. By this time, there were hundreds of people at the festival.

7/13/2012 #2

Chi was officially irritated. All she wanted was some peace and quiet, and look where that brought her.... She glanced around. Some weird... Place. Did she even pay attention to where she was going? She scowled and walked farther into a crowd of people, not understanding why everyone was so excited. She was already bored, what was there to do here? She yawned.

7/13/2012 #3

Oto was sore from all that running around. He walked around the festival looking all the different things this place had. Rides, arenas, multiple other constructs. He looked at everything until he bumped into Chi by accident.

"Hm? Oh, sorry about that... Are you okay? you look tired."

7/13/2012 #4

Chi quickly reacted, pushing Oto as far as she could away from her. She turned both her arms into blades and held them at his throat. The pattern on her left arm trailing from her fingertips down her left side of her body.

Clenching her teeth she didnt make an attempt to lower her blade-like arms.

"Dont touch me." she hissed.

7/13/2012 #5

Some of the people started to run away, and Oto started to get excited, he had been bored not fighting all this time.

"Well, you look strong. Wanna fight now, huh?"

Oto used his speed of sound to get away from the blades to a fair distance away, his gauntlets sparked with electricity as he got ready.

7/13/2012 #6

"Your not worth my time." she stated. Her arms coming back. "I just dont want you to touch me." she was about to turn away from Oto right then.

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #7

Chrono appeared right behind Chi.

"HI!" she exclaimed, knowing absolutely nothing about her.

7/13/2012 #8

Chi gazed at the girl coldly, taking a step back.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked, before glancing back at Oto. "Is this clown with you? Put him on a leash."

7/13/2012 #9

"I am Chrono. I'm the Guardian of the dimensions! And I already have a leash on him."

Oto tattoo burned so much, he kneeled down, holding it.

"Now stop scaring people off. If you want to fight, then go to the colliseum."

7/13/2012 #10

Chi's lips perked up slightly at Oto's burn.

"Man wish I had one of those." she murmured before turning to chrono.

"Collesium?" she inquired curiously.

7/13/2012 #11

"You don't know? This is Eldin Isle! Home to the Dimensional Festival! This Isle literally has all sorts of entertainment! The colliseum is one of them! Fighting tournaments against beasts and warriors are always held there!"

Chrono looked at Oto with an irritated look.

"You didn't tell anyone WHY they should come here?"

"They came all the same, anyway!"

7/13/2012 #12

"Actually... No one told me to be here. I accidently wandered here." Chi piped up. "I get irritated and angered easily, maybe something in the collisium will cool me down..." she glanced at her her words faded off.

7/13/2012 #13

"I can get you to there if you want. It'd be faster that way, since it's on the other side of this island."

Chrono quickly dashed up to Oto and bashed him on the head. She scurried back to Chi soon after.

7/13/2012 #14

Chi didnt fully smile but seeing Oto get hurt made her feel a bit better for some reason.

"Alright Ill check it out." she glanced at Chrono cautiously. "Just dont grab or hold my arms or hands. Fair warning."

7/13/2012 #15

"No problem!"

She snapped her fingers, and a portal enveloped the three of them. They reappeared at the front of the arena, where warriors of all kinds were entering to fight."

"Well, here we are!"

7/13/2012 #16

Chi's sharp weapon-like eyes gazed at the fighters. She would try to feel every single weapon but couldnt since there were too many. Most were okay but she couldnt find anyone too special.

"How do I join? Just walk in?" she asked curiously.

7/13/2012 #17

"Yep. The sign-in counter is inside. Just go up to them and they'll sign you in. All you need to do is tell them what kind of fight your looking for, fiends or other warriors."

Oto started walking away, when a portal appeared to bring him back to Chi and Chrono.

"You're still in trouble."


7/13/2012 #18

Chi snickered entering the area. She didnt see the differences between monsters and other fights so she said her preferences was anything.

"So I sign up and wait for my name to be called?" she murmured to herself as she continued walking.

7/13/2012 #19

"Yep. There's the desk"

The sign-in desk was right there, and Arc was walking awayfrom it.

"Oh! Arc, you're here too?"

Arc looked at Chrono and said,

"Yeah, I wanted to train some more. I couldn't find Erin anywhere, so I let him go for now."

Arc walked away

7/13/2012 #20

After signing up Chi sat down and waited. She was sure they would gather people to watch and te first round would be a few small monsters before they got into the big stuff. Audiences love to choose their favorites and make bids before they end up killing eachother. She disnt care though and she shouldnt be assuming anything right off the bat.

She sighed ignoring the new person, she just sat in a empty chair bored.

7/13/2012 #21

A man walked up to Chi and said,

"Oy. Your up next lass. your up against 7 wild trolls. Pretty easy, huh? After that you'll go up against 7 treants. If you beat all of those beasties without getting hit once, then We'll give you a chance to raise your rank and fight some of the stronger ones we got."

He led her to the gate to the battlefield.

"Good luck to ye."

He left as the gates opened to 7 trolls with hammers and maces.

7/13/2012 #22

Chi gazed at the trolls, her pulse renosating with the seven others.

"Perfect she smiled letting them charge her. Of course, trolls werent very bright creatures so she easily jumped out of the way and they smashed into eachother. With a swift hand gesture she beheaded all of them with her left arm blade. She changed back her arm covered in their blood, she only took two steps in the arena, she casually walked out waiting for her next seven monsters.

7/13/2012 #23

the Treants were let out and were easily larger than the trolls. They marched toward chi, with their eyes glowing a dull red.

7/13/2012 #24

Chi stopped turning slightly so she could see them from the corner of her eyes.

"Heh, the bigger they are the harder they fall." she hummed amusedly her right arm changing into a beautiful sword. She decided to switch it up a bit, letting her blade burst into flames swiftly she shot a wave of fire at the crowding Treants and the wave sliced swiftly through their stomachs before eating them all up in fiery fury.

7/13/2012 #25

They audience was amazed at this new fighter's fighting capabilities. They don't see a newcomer to the coliseum beat the fiends so quickly that often. The announcer started to speak,

"Woah! We have a strong one! She managed to kill them all, without being hit ONCE! That means she'll be given a test to raise her rank! And on her first match too."

Two tall creatures entered the arena, each with large tusks, huge ears and tongues, with dark skin.

"Ladies and Gentleman, behold the undead corpse-eaters: Thaye and Tasei!!!!!!!"

Both of them dashed toward Chi, their steps perfectly in sync. They ran right past her and quickly devoured to corpses of the trolls. They looked at the blood on Chi's arm and dashed at her again, but this time, much faster than before.

7/13/2012 #26

Chi wasnt a careless fighter, as the two monsters she never have encountered before ran past her she lightly grazed one with her fingertips. Allowing her to match her speed with them and easily keep up. She dodged them gracefully, feeling and knowing their attacks minutes before they actually came. She felt like she were dancing with the two, and was actually having a bit of fun doing so. She decided to go defensive and wait for their attack before countering, they were undead and their speed had nothing on her.

7/13/2012 #27

Thaye swung both of its arms at Chi from the sides, Thasei raised its own arms to attack from above, while still blocking her way.

7/13/2012 #28

Chi smiled then did something that no one else with a sain mind would do, she grabbed hold of Thasei's raised arms by jumping into them. She smiled at it and felt her heart resonate with Thasei's arms, claws, teeth, anything that the creature could possible use for destructive or killing even hurt purposes. She was in control, she made an opening and then slammed Thasei's arms down on Thaye. She stopped waiting to see what they would do next. She was a pretty chiverlous person afterall and she loved taking turns.

7/13/2012 #29

The two of them dashed to Chi with with their mouths wide open, trying to devour her.

7/13/2012 #30
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