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Tyrannical Aegis

"Can we come in, yet? We're dying out here!" Omni shouted, in tears of joy.

10/2/2012 #3,751

Briseis took the baby, wide eyed. Her breathing was deep and she looked into her daughters huge, round eyes. They just stared at each other for the longest time. "You're so beautiful. Beautiful baby girl." She sing-songed in a hushed tone. "Hey there Krista. I'm your mom." She murmured.

10/2/2012 #3,752
Nova Singer

Kella smiled, walking over to the door and she opened it just a crack. "You guys can come in now. Just don't crowd her too much, she didn't do so well with delivery and she's tired." Kella opened the door of the rest of the way and smied at Omni. "Come on in and meet your daughter."

10/2/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #3,753
Tyrannical Aegis

Omni rushed to his wife's side looking at his child with wide, teary pink eyes. "She's so beautiful, dear." he said as he kissed his wife's forehead, then turned to the infant. "Hey... Hey... I'm your father, Krista."

10/2/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #3,754

Briseis beamed. She angled herself, holding Krista in her arms, so Omni could get a better look at her. Briseis smiled at Omni tiredly. "Look what we did." She whispered dreamily, running her thumb over her daughter's small forhead.

10/2/2012 #3,755
Tyrannical Aegis

"Oh my god, she looks great..." Omni said, holding Krista close.

10/2/2012 #3,756

Briseis let go of Krista, passing her off to Omni so she could lean back into the pillows, her eyes barely hanging open. "She's beautiful, perfectly healthy."

10/2/2012 #3,757
Nova Singer

Nari smiled at Omni, Briseis and baby Krista. She lingered for a moment more before dissolving into blue light, and she Roved down through the floor.

Kella sat down in a chair, wiping sweat from the back of her neck. There had been a few moments where she had been genuinely worried about losing both Briseis and the baby.

10/2/2012 #3,758
Tyrannical Aegis

Tears were starting to overflow. "That's good..." he said. "But what about you? Are you ok, dear?"

Bayde was still outside. "Where do you think your going, Nari?" he asked

10/2/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #3,759
Adams BadApple

Kadames stood, leaning against the doorway, watching with soft eyes. But it wasn't his family. It was Omni's. He felt himself let go at that moment. Seeing Briseis, lying in bed with a baby in her arms, smiling, with the baby's father sitting by her side. It wasn't him. And he was oddly okay with it in a way.

10/2/2012 #3,760

Briseis nodded slowly. "I'm alright. Just very tired." She whispered softly.

10/2/2012 #3,761
Nova Singer

Nari reformed in front of Bayde. "The Underworld, just for a while."

10/2/2012 #3,762
Tyrannical Aegis

"Alright, dear." Omni said. "Rest. You need it."

"What is so important, there?" Bayde asked.

10/2/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #3,763

Briseis nodded, leaning her head back. She smiled at Krista once, holding out her hand and the baby curled her tiny hand around Briseis's pinky. Briseis's eyes fluttered closed in instant sleep.

10/2/2012 #3,764
Nova Singer

Nari just shrugged. "Demons to kill, seers to talk to, magic to trade. Basic stuff."

10/2/2012 #3,765
Tyrannical Aegis

"Ok, But if you see Kira, tell her I say 'Hi', 'K?" Bayde said.

10/2/2012 #3,766
Nova Singer

She raised an eyebrow. "Kira? That girl you were hugging earlier?"

10/2/2012 #3,767
Tyrannical Aegis

"That was Elysium, not Kira."

10/2/2012 #3,768
Nova Singer

Nari laughed dryly. "You've got to realize I don't know half these people. Because half the population in my time period is dead."

Because of that baby in there, Nari added silently.

10/2/2012 #3,769
Tyrannical Aegis

"I heard that, young lady." Bayde said accusingly.

10/2/2012 #3,770
Nova Singer

She glared at him. "You promised never to read my thoughts." Nari grumbled.

10/2/2012 #3,771
Tyrannical Aegis

"Yeah? When?" he asked.

10/2/2012 #3,772
Nova Singer

"After about the fourth time you caught me trying to sneak out to a party." She muttered. "It's such an unfair advantage you've got."

10/2/2012 #3,773
Tyrannical Aegis

"After that I just KNEW. And I cant help it, I don't like it anymore than you do."

10/2/2012 #3,774
Nova Singer

She sighed. "I'm just gonna go." Nari Roved and descended down through the floor toward the Underworld.

Kella smiled at Omni holding Krista, and she left the room, seeing Bayde. "Hi." She whispered tiredly.

10/2/2012 #3,775
Tyrannical Aegis

Bayde smiled and said, "Hey, you tired?"

10/2/2012 #3,776
Nova Singer

She shook her head. "Not really, I'm just not feeling so well."

10/2/2012 #3,777
Tyrannical Aegis

Bayde out an arm around her and said, "Anything I can do to help?"

10/2/2012 #3,778
Nova Singer

"I don't think so I think it's just the...." Kella suddenly stopped and looked down. She paled and almost screamed at the sight of blood covering her thighs. Her knees buckled and she nearly collapsed. "Oh my god, the baby."

10/2/2012 #3,779
Tyrannical Aegis

"What's wrong?!" Bayde said as he caught her as she fell.

10/2/2012 #3,780
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