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Nova Singer

She inclined her head as they walked across the small lobby, waiting to hear his answer.

5/19/2013 . Edited 5/19/2013 #481

"About ten years now..."

5/19/2013 #482
Nova Singer

Alice let out a low whistle and tugged a little on her red curls. "Wow. I've only been here well... since about when we first met. Not even a year yet."

5/19/2013 #483

Allen shrugged solemnly, and smiled. "This place isn't that excited." He murmured. "Any who, lets hurry."

5/19/2013 #484
Nova Singer

She nodded and followed, casually slipping her hand into his. Alice's lips still tingled from the kiss.

5/19/2013 #485

Allen smiled, and led her to his small apartment. After unlocking the door, and pulling Alice inside he flipped the lights on to show a rather simple apartment with a bed, a television, several guitars and a mic stand.

5/19/2013 #486
Nova Singer

She smiled at the cozy room. Alice leaned against the wall by the door. She couldn't help but just look at Allen, she giggled a little suddenly, picturing herself looking a little lascivious in the way she was looking at Allen.

5/19/2013 #487

Allen smiled, and slowly leaned toward Alice his eyes half closed

5/19/2013 #488
Nova Singer

Alice put her hands on his shoulders and closed the distance between him, pressing her lips to his.

5/19/2013 . Edited 5/19/2013 #489

Allen kissed Alice back slowly, and sweetly

5/19/2013 #490
Nova Singer

She arched her back and her torso pressed into him. Alice sucked in a breath through her nose to deepened the kiss but then she pulled back abruptly. Knowing that if they continued kissing it would undoubtedly lead to something else. She brushed her fingers through his hair. "How've you been, Allen?"

5/19/2013 #491

"Busy" Allen shrugged. "And you?"

5/19/2013 #492
Nova Singer

"Working." She murmured. Alice stroked her hand across his face. "Allen, will you sing for me?"

5/19/2013 #493

Allen smiled and hummed slowly, thinking of a song to sing

5/19/2013 #494

"Welcome to my small castle, my lovely princess." Allen sang, and sang that line over and over

5/19/2013 #495
Winter Blossoms

(No ones here.)

5/28/2013 . Edited 5/29/2013 #496

((Im still waiting for SolarChaser.))

5/31/2013 #497
Winter Blossoms

(Oh, okay.)

5/31/2013 #498
Nova Singer

((AHH! Dear god I'm sorry!))

Alice smiled and ran her hand through her hair. "Do you wanna go out to a party with me? Tomorrow night?"

5/31/2013 #499

((It's no problem sweet heart. OH! I went to animazment!))

Allen smiled and nodded happily at the idea. "What kinda party?" He asked, tilting his head lightly.

5/31/2013 #500
Winter Blossoms

(So how can I join in?)

5/31/2013 #501
Nova Singer

(Oooh really! Was it fun?)

She smiled sheepishly, rubbing her arm. "It's my friend's college party uptown. It's a huge blowout thing but I never go."

5/31/2013 #502

((Winter, maybe tend this little party? A good way to join. Also Solar it was really really fun...although I got stalked by a creepy guy with Yaoi written on his stomach.))

Allen laughed, and clapped his hands. "Sounds like a lot of fun. Sure I'll it formal?"

5/31/2013 #503
Nova Singer

((Yikes! I would've been extremely freaked out.))

"Nah, it's a college party. But anyway... you wouldn't, wanna come back to my place would you?" Alice asked, looking up at him from under her eyelashes. This was so wrong, so wrong on so many moral levels for her. She'd already slept with Maddox, and was technically 'involved' with him, but she had too strong of feelings for Allen to ignore.

5/31/2013 #504
Winter Blossoms

(Okay! :D)

5/31/2013 #505

Allen smiled lightly with a twinkle in his eye. "One thing first." He said, holding up a finger to Alice's nose. He turned, and walked to his fridge and pulled out a bottle of Vodka. Quickly he spun, and picked up his acoustic guitar. Looking at Alice he shrugged and smiled, "Bring these along for some fun." He said happily.

5/31/2013 #506
Nova Singer

She laughed and took his hand to leave.

It only took about fifteen minutes to walk to her apartment. Once inside, she clicked on the TV to a random movie that was on and she let her hair down from it's ponytail. Her short, bouncy red curls fell softly to her shoulders and Alice blew the bangs out of her eyes. She quickly fetched glasses from her cupboard for the vodka and she flopped down on the couch, leaving a space for Allen. She smiled at him invitingly.

5/31/2013 #507

Allen sat down and returned the smile warmly, and strummed a few strings on the guitar in his hands. "You know." He murmured, "Im going to admit Alice, I have had you on my mind for a while now."

5/31/2013 #508
Nova Singer

Alice tilted her head to the side, not smiling but her eyes crinkled like she was. "Me too."

5/31/2013 #509

Allen smiled, and sighed with content and continued to strum the guitar in silence playing a slow, rather romantic song with soft notes and a relaxing rhythm.

5/31/2013 #510
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