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"Well it's nice to see you, too," she said, sticking the pen behind her ear. "Look, I doubt Maddox would take me back. He's still probably worried that he'll lose control again. And what exactly is the Hell Spore flu?"

10/28/2012 #481

"All you need to do is prove to him that you're the best he's ever had, and the whole incident can be avoided by taking the week before and after each solstice off, that way you avoid any contact. And the Hell Spore flu is like any normal flu, except only demons can catch it and if not taken care of he might lose his powers or worse, he'll die."

10/28/2012 . Edited 10/29/2012 #482

"Well if he needs me, then why doesn't he come and talk to me about it?" Alice knew she was being a stubborn fool, but it wasn't like she could just drop her new job like that. She'd only been a waitress for about two weeks. "I mean, I know he's sick and all... Is it really that serious?"

10/28/2012 . Edited 10/28/2012 #483

"Only males can contract the flu and I am unable to go near him or else I'd get sick, too. Female humans are best suited for nursing demons back to health."

10/28/2012 #484

Alice blew her bangs out of her face. As much as she wanted to avoid him, she couldn't just ignore the fact that Maddox was sick and no one was taking care of him.

"Fine," she said with a sigh. "I'll come by his apartment after my shift to check up on him."

10/28/2012 #485

"What time are you off? I can give you a ride."

10/28/2012 #486

Alice checked her watch. "I'll be off in about two hours, so around 6 PM. I'll meet you outside the diner, unless you wanna stay and eat...and possibly give me a large tip?" She grinned at him.

10/28/2012 #487

Argos scoffed at Alice but in good humor as he ordered a ruben sandwich to go.

10/28/2012 #488

She grinned, writing down his order, and left his table, taking the menu with her. About half an hour later, Alice came back with Argos's burger in a bag. Once Argos left, people started coming in the diner, their mouths watering for Joe's famous burgers. It was such a busy late afternoon that before she knew it, her shift was already over.

Alice changed into something casual and collected her belongings from the employee's locker room. She then proceeded outside of the diner, searching for Argos.

10/28/2012 #489

Argos was sitting in his usual car that he drove Maddox around town with, waiting for Alice.

10/28/2012 #490

Alice saw the familiar car and walked over. She knocked on the window and waved at Argos.

"Hey," she said, opening the passenger door and then climbing in.

10/28/2012 #491

"Good, let us hurry back. When I left, Master Maddox had locked himself in his bathroom, vomiting. Oh, and be warned that his apartment is scorching hot. Hell Spore flu lowers the body temperature to the point of hypothermia."

10/28/2012 #492

She nodded, taking a deep breath as she was suddenly feeling a little nervous. "Let's go."

10/28/2012 #493

Argos drove to Maddox's apartment, parking outside the front doors. "Good luck."

10/28/2012 #494

Alice cast Argos a worried look before heading inside the apartment. The doorman greeted her warmly and even remembered her. Although he wanted to talk to her, Alice told him she couldn't stay because she had to see Maddox right away.

When Alice got off the elevator, her heart was beating rapidly. She knew Maddox couldn't get up to open the door so she used the spare key to get in. Upon opening the door, she was greeted by the warm air inside Maddox's apartment.

"Maddox?" she called, heading to his room.

10/28/2012 #495

Maddox was laying in bed underneath layers upon layers of heavy blankets, two space heaters in his room on full blast. And still he was shivering like it were below freezing.

10/28/2012 #496

Alice knocked on the door lightly before poking her head inside.


10/28/2012 #497

"Why're you here?" he mumbled.

10/28/2012 #498

"Came to visit you," she said, smiling warmly at him, entering the room and she knelt by his bed. "I heard you were sick, so I thought I'd drop by."

10/28/2012 #499

"I don't want a nanny." Maddox said, turning over to put his back to Alice like a stubborn child who didn't want to get up from bed.

10/28/2012 #500

"I'm just here to help a friend," she said, rolling her eyes at Maddox's stubbornness.

10/28/2012 #501

"Do what you want, then." Maddox said, too tired and sick to care.

10/28/2012 #502

"I'll be right back," she said, standing up from the floor and leaving the room. She didn't know anything about the Hell Spore Flu, but Argos did say it was like the regular flu, except only male demons can catch it. So, Alice decided to make some soup. It would definitely warm Maddox up.

10/28/2012 #503

Maddox groaned and coughed and sniffled the entire time Alice was busy making the soup. Already he had made Argos run around town, buying space heaters and electric blankets and vapor rub and every flu medicine there was to take, running the poor servant ragid.

10/28/2012 #504

Alice returned half an hour later, a bowl of chicken soup in her hands. She set the bowl on the bedside table and sat on the edge of Maddox's bed. She gently shook him, whispering, "Hey, Maddox, have some soup. It'll warm you up."

10/28/2012 #505

"Why not just simply be done with me? Don't you hate me for firing you?" Maddox asked as he slowly sat up in bed.

10/28/2012 #506

"I don't hate you," Alice said simply, waiting for Maddox to find a comfortable position.

10/28/2012 #507

"You even made soup?"

10/28/2012 #508

She nodded her head, grabbing the soup from the table. She set the bowl on her lap.

"I hope it's not as bad as my coffee," she joked, blowing a spoonful of soup before bringing it to Maddox's lips.

10/28/2012 #509

He frowned, never had he been spoon fed, not since he was an infant. He felt like Alice was treating him like some old geezer in a nursing home. But he was going to spare Alice his harsh remark since he hadn't the energy to criticize and opened his mouth while tossing aside his pride at the same time.

10/28/2012 #510
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