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((Sister city for Landin))

A large city made up of skyscrapers and big name enterprises where millions live and work. Humans along with millions of other types of species live here, though the humans are unaware of the presence of magic or the creatures they live and work alongside with.

11/4/2012 . Edited by Ibex, 11/2/2014 #1
First King

Boys weren't a problem for Stephanie. They only paid attention to her while asking for help with homework. She always knew the answers. No problem. It wasn't because she wasn't pretty enough. She was. Long dark hair the color of milk chocolate, hair that she usually wore pulled back into a ponytail because it took her two minutes to do and she didn't have hair falling in her face while she looked down at schoolwork. Her eyes were warm and large, even behind the glasses she always wore. It was, unfortunately, her air of extreme competence that scared boys away.

She walked out of the school building with a backpack, which was heavier than it needed to be, because it couldn't hurt to read over her Shakespeare assignment one more time. She was not thinking about anything important at all. If she had thought of Nicholas Delmont that day, those wishes, those half-formed sighs of longing had faded as soon as calculus ended. He never paid her any attention, and she never expected otherwise, which is why it was so odd when she looked up and saw him leaning against her family's Taurus in the school parking lot. She stopped mid stride, looking like a Stephanie statue someone had created on the edge of the sidewalk. She forced herself to take another step. She analyzed the situation, but she couldn't fill in the blank of why he would be leaning against her car. He must want to talk to her. Her. HER. She smiled as she approached him, a greeting starting to form on her lips, she waited for a kick of courage to spring it into action, but courage is a fickle creature. Just as you need it, it often makes excuses and rushes out of the room.

12/21/2013 #2
Rory Fallen

He looked at her and stood straighter, his expression friendly.

"Are you Marie's sister?"

12/21/2013 #3
First King

"Yes." Her footsteps faltered, but not enough to be noticed, at least not by a guy who'd never glanced at the back of the calculus classroom.

12/21/2013 #4
Rory Fallen

"Stephanie?" he asked, as though it might have been Sarah or Savannah.

12/21/2013 #5
First King

She said, "Yes." But her mind said, "What does Marie have to do with anything?"

12/21/2013 #6
Rory Fallen

His attention shifted to something behind her and he smiled, a sudden dab of sunshine reflecting in his expression.

12/21/2013 #7
First King

Stephanie turned and saw her sister striding toward the car. Vision is also a fickle creature. You can see an object a hundred times, a thousand times, and it remains unchanged. Then in one swift second you realize it has been changing all along and your eyes hid it from you.

Marie wasn't just the little sister who left her clothes strewn on the bathroom floor, who always needed help with her geometry homework, and who misplaced the car keys with such regularity that she ought to have them stapled to her purse. Until then Stephanie had never realized — Marie had become beautiful.

12/21/2013 #8

Even though Marie was only a sophomore, she was an inch taller than Stephanie. Her chocolate brown hair, the identical color of Stephanie's but with lustrous highlights that their mother painstakingly applied once a month, swung around her shoulders. Not only had Marie long ago switched to contacts, but the eyeliner and smokey eye shadow she wore gave her a glamorous air. Her walk was fluid, filled with confidence, and her clothes looked like they'd been torn from a fashion magazine.

Marie glanced at Stephanie, then smiled at Nick. "I see you found my car."

12/21/2013 #9
Rory Fallen

"It's just the hot rod you promised."

12/21/2013 #10

She threw Stephanie a longer gaze. "And you've met my sister."

12/21/2013 #11
Rory Fallen

"We were just getting around to that." Nick turned his attention back to Stephanie. "I'm Nick. Marie and I are..." He shrugged. "You know..."

12/21/2013 #12

Marie laughed, a tinkling sound of happiness, and nudged into him.

12/21/2013 #13
First King

Stephanie was grateful neither one of them noticed her for a moment, as she looked like parts of her had been ripped up and flung into the wind. While Nick smiled at Marie, little pieces of Stephanie fluttered down to the parking lot. She was able to put on a disinterested stare by the time they turned to her again.

12/21/2013 #14

"We stopped by to tell you that I'll be riding home with Nick," Marie said. "He's got a rebuilt T-Bird. How cool is that?"

12/21/2013 #15
First King

"Cool," Stephanie said.

12/21/2013 #16
Rory Fallen

Nick took hold of Marie's hand casually and nodded in Stephanie's direction. "It was nice to meet you."

12/21/2013 #17
First King

As they turned and left, Steph realized, with another rip to her heart, that he hadn't recognized her. He didn't even know she sat in the back of his calculus class. She waded through the litter of her old self and climbed into the battered Taurus.

12/21/2013 #18

For the next few days all of Marie's happiness came in hues and shades of Nick. Love kept her drifting around the ceiling, too far up to even notice the usual high school popularity drama that envelops teenage girls.

12/21/2013 #19
First King

Stephanie buried herself in her schoolwork, silently mourning with differentials and integrals. Sometimes when the mood struck her, she would lash out with Shakespeare or grow haughty with Spanish verbs. Occasionally she tortured herself by asking Marie questions about Nick.

"Where did the two of you meet?"

12/21/2013 #20

"He's on the track team," Marie said. "At first I was sort of intimidated by him because he's a senior and he's so, you know, to-die-for-gorgeous, but I went up and flirted with him and it turns out he's really down-to-earth. Very smart. He reminds me of you sometimes."

12/21/2013 #21
First King

Marie went up and flirted with him. That was it? That was all it took to get Nick's attention? Why hadn't Stephanie joined track? Her father had suggested it, after all. Since he was a lieutenant colonel in the marines, he jogged four miles a day. He said jogging could become a family affair. Stephanie, however, had insisted that it was irrational to run on a track. You didn't actually go anywhere, so what was the point of getting there the fastest? That was the problem with being smart. Sometimes you overlooked the obvious points, like the opportunity to flirt with jocks. Not that Stephanie really knew how to flirt anyway.

Besides, how could such a smart guy like Nick have been captured by mere flirting? Did he not care that Marie doodled her geometry proofs into abstract art instead of finding out the area of the angles? Did he not know that Marie's definition of "taking notes in class" meant passing pieces of paper with messages scrawled on them back and forth with her friends?"

12/21/2013 #22
Rory Fallen

Four days after their meeting in the parking lot, Nick noticed Stephanie in calculus. He walked into the room and, in an apparent visual aberration, his gaze wandered toward the back. His head jerked slightly in surprise and he walked over to her desk. "Hey, I didn't know you were in this class."

12/21/2013 #23
First King

Yes, she had realized that already; every day and every moment since he'd first spoken to her. She'd worn that knowledge like clothing. When he'd taken Marie's hand in the parking lot he might as well have said to Stephanie, "Here is your invisibility cloak."

She smiled back at him like it was a surprise to see him too. "Yeah, I sit in the back."

12/21/2013 #24
Rory Fallen

"Do you like calculus?" he asked.

12/21/2013 #25
First King

"Yes." She hadn't meant her answer to come out as if she had been offended, but that's what it sounded like when it left her lips.

12/21/2013 #26
Rory Fallen

He laughed uncomfortably and said, "It's just that for Marie's last pop quiz she gave the definition of an isosceles triangle as 'one that was lonely.' Scalene was one that suffered from skin disease."

12/21/2013 #27
First King

It gave Stephanie a wicked sense of satisfaction that he'd noticed that aspect of her sister's personality, but she tried not to sound too arrogant. "Marie doesn't worry about homework. Apparently they don't care about your GPA when you apply for beauty school."

12/21/2013 #28
Rory Fallen

"Beauty school, huh? I would have thought she'd already graduated valedictorian from there."

12/21/2013 #29
First King

Stephanie blinked at him in frustration.

12/21/2013 #30
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