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Rory Fallen

"I mean it, Marie. I'm not going to let you run off and upset everyone at your house because they don't know where you are."

12/24/2013 #121

Which just goes to show you how arrogant he was. He just assumed she'd planned on turning the night into a big production where she disappeared and Stephanie got to worry that she'd run away from home or something. Well, okay, maybe that did sound like a good idea, but still, it was arrogant of him to assume that sort of thing about her. She didn't look at him. Her purse thumped against her side in an angry rhythm.

12/24/2013 #122
Rory Fallen

"Marie, get in the car."

12/24/2013 #123

The park came into view. She picked up her pace.

12/24/2013 #124
Rory Fallen

"You're being melodramatic about this."

12/24/2013 #125

Well, he could just add that to the list of her other faults he no longer had to put up with.

12/24/2013 #126
Rory Fallen

"I'm not leaving and I've got a full tank of gas."

12/24/2013 #127

Of course he did. Organized people always kept their tanks full.

She made it to the park and finally turned to him. "If you want to follow me, fine. Have fun driving through the swing sets." She left the sidewalk and walked across the grass. The park sat in the middle of their neighborhood, surrounded by houses, and more than a few streets ran up to it. She didn't have to look back to know what Nick would do. He would sit in his car and watch her walk across the park until she headed toward a street. Then he'd drive around and head her off on that street.

She strolled toward the first street opening on the right. Before she got out of sigh she turned to check and see if his car had left. As soon as it had, she doubled back, walking the same way she'd come. Except that instead of walking home, she turned on Emily's street. Really, Nick was almost pathetically easy to lose. Which just goes to show you that college bound doesn't necessarily mean street smart.

12/24/2013 #128
First King

Emily welcomed Marie in with hugs and comforting murmurs. Upstairs they sat on Emily's bedroom floor, the whole time she told Marie what a great catch she was and how she didn't need Nick. What kind of jerk hits on his girlfriend's sister? What kind of sister steals boyfriends from family members? They deserved each other.

12/24/2013 #129

Marie stayed at Emily's for the next three hours. Not really long enough to worry her parents. Her curfew on weekdays was 10:00 PM. If Stephanie knew she wasn't with Nick anymore and worried about her, fine. If she thought that Marie was out with her new boyfriend until past 10:00, even better. She cried and ate Oreos, nodding at everything Emily said but couldn't agree with any of it. It felt like the people who knew Marie best didn't care about her. In her mind, Nick's list of her faults kept growing. All of her popularity was a sham. She didn't really have anything going for her. She was disorganized, irresponsible, and didn't take any of her classes seriously. Which probably showed a lack of ambition, talent, and dependability. Obviously there was something permanently wrong with her, something too huge to fix.

And on top of all that she had a cream silk and chiffon prom dress hanging in her closet that cost her three hundred and fifteen dollars. She didn't want to return it to the dress shop. How humiliating would that be?

12/24/2013 . Edited 12/24/2013 #130
First King

Emily got the sense that her pep talk wasn't working, mostly because she watched as Marie kept making Oreo skyscrapers and shoving them in her mouth. Emily finally took the package away from her. "Marie, someone else will ask you to prom. Someone better, someone who appreciates you, and then you'll see Nick was wrong."

12/24/2013 #131

She nodded. She still didn't believe her.

When Marie walked into her house and 10:15, her parents and Stephanie sat in the family room talking in harsh, subdued voices. She knew they were talking about her because they stopped as soon as she walked in. Marie faced Stephanie directly. "You owe me three hundred and fifteen dollars for a prom dress," she told her, then walked upstairs to her room.

Marie ate oatmeal without sugar the next morning as a sort of dietary penance for her Nabisco sins. She imagined the little oat flakes 'tsk-tsking' as they floated by blobs of fat that were headed straight to her thighs. It was the only reason she could think of to be happy that she now had to walk to school. She wasn't sure if Nick would still drop by the house to offer her and Stephanie a ride, but there was no possible way she was going to get in the backseat and watch Stephanie sit beside Nick. So it was just best to be long gone before he came.

12/24/2013 #132
First King

While she ate Marie's mom tried to talk to her about the whole situation. She'd also tried last night but hadn't been able to. Stephanie had tried as well, and to tell her Steph's side of the story, which was about the same as Nicks, except Stephanie didn't look away from her as she told it. She had told her,

"Nick and I will both being going to George Mason in the fall. You didn't think that freshman in college was going to keep dating a junior in high school, did you?"

12/28/2013 #133

Yes. But she didn't say that. She just added 'immature' to her mental list and said, "Would you mind turning off the light on your way out? I've got to get up early in the morning." Marie had snapped, dismissing her sister from her room.

So now her Mom gave her a concerned-parent pep talk as she ate her oatmeal about how she was disappointed in Stephanie's choices, but if it hadn't been Stephanie, it would have been someone else. Dating had its ups and downs, After all, at this point in her life she wasn't looking for a future husband. She should be dating for fun, to learn about relationships, to see what kind of qualities she liked in a guy. She would go through many more boyfriends before she found the right one.

Which, Marie could easily say, is not what you want to say to your daughter when you are trying to cheer her up. Marie wanted to say, "Really? You mean I get to feel like the bottom of my stomach has been manually ripped out with each relationship I go through? I can hardly wait to get back to the dating market."

But of course she didn't say that because none of this was her mother's fault, unless you count the fact that she gave birth to Stephanie. Besides, she'd finished crying about it when she'd finished her last Oreo skyscraper. As Dad would say, she'd taken her losses, now she needed to regroup, rethink, and plan the next offensive. Which in this case involved getting someone even cooler to ask her to prom in order to show Nick and Steph that she didn't need or care about them.

She nodded at her mother. "I'm fine. Really."

3/29/2014 . Edited 3/29/2014 #134
First King

(Hey hey girlie! So ready to get back into this, thanks for shooting me a PM! I miss this place!)

She reached over and patted Marie's hand. "I know you will be. Just remember, boys come and go. Sisters are forever."

Stephanie swept into the room, walking by the kitchen table and scanning the counters. "Has anyone seen my chemistry folder? I left it on the coffee table and now its gone."

3/29/2014 #135

((Oh and I've missed you too! Like crazy! Now we can get you back into some things :) I mean the forum has really exploded and its been amazing. Hows the baby? When are you due?))

Marie picked up her glass of milk and took a slow sip. "Nope."

3/29/2014 #136
First King

(She's great! Some time in July or August I think is what we were told on my last appointment. Andrew and I are so very excited :) And it's really just going all so well. Still in the apartment though, haven't had much of a chance to go house hunting since December. But we still have the extra room so its not a huge loss if we don't move into a house by the time she's born.)

She hurried out of the room, mumbling.

Their mother watched Marie in silence. Finally she said, "Maybe after school the two of us can go out and do something. Would you like that?"

3/29/2014 . Edited 3/29/2014 #137

((Oh thats wonderful! So exciting, you're going to make a wonderful mom and Andrew a great dad! You should send me pictures when she's born! I'll give you my email in a bit :D))

"I'm fine. Really."

3/29/2014 #138
First King

Stephanie came back into the room, this time with her hands on her hips. "My brown shoes are gone too. They were in my closet last night and now they're not. What happened to them?"

3/29/2014 #139

Marie took the last of her oatmeal and shrugged. "Don't know."

3/29/2014 #140
First King

She pulled her gaze from Marie and turned to her mom. "If I can't find my brown shoes, I'm going to have to change my entire outfit. They're the only shoes that match these pants."

3/29/2014 #141

She stood up to take her bowl to the sink. "Don't be too long. You know how Nick hates to wait." Then she left the room.

Okay, so it was slightly evil to hide her stuff, but considering all of the things she could have done, Marie figured she got off easy.


For the next week, Marie ignored Stephanie and Nick the best she could and flirted with everyone on her possible-prom-dates-who-are-way-cooler-than-Nick list. She had thought attention from any of these guys would fill the hole that had been blasted in her when Nick dumped her, but it only made things worse. One by one, they all asked other people to the dance.

On Saturday morning, Nick came over to pick up Stephanie for some sort of date. Marie wasn't sure of the details since she wasn't on speaking terms with either of them anymore. She could hear their low voices discussing something in the living room while she lay on the couch flipping through a magazine and trying to ignore them.

3/29/2014 . Edited 3/29/2014 #142
First King

This went on for a couple of minutes until finally Stephanie walked up to her.

3/29/2014 #143
Rory Fallen

(Hey Daisy!)

Nick reluctantly followed her.

3/29/2014 #144
First King

(Hey Roar! Long time no see!)

Stephanie nudged him, giving him a look.

3/29/2014 #145
Rory Fallen

He spoke, "So, um, you know Tristan Hawkins from track?"

3/29/2014 #146

((Hooray! We're all back together!))

She did know him, if you counted the three or four times they'd spoken over the last two years as knowing someone. He was the quiet type that just sort of faded into the background most of the time. True, he wasn't bad looking, in a choir-boy sort of way. He had nice features and pretty blue eyes. But he looked more like a freshman than a senior.

He probably would have been completely overlooked in high school if he wasn't an extremely fast runner. This skill may have been acquired by running away from bullies during junior high. But at any rate, the track coach loved him. Marie nodded in answer to his question, pretending it didn't feel like swallowing splinters to look at Nick.

3/29/2014 #147
Rory Fallen

"Well, I was talking to him the other day and he mentioned he wasn't going to prom, but you know, he'd like to. And I told him you weren't going with anyone..."

3/29/2014 #148

She propped herself into sitting position. "Wait a minute, are you telling me you're trying to set me up with Tristan?"

3/29/2014 #149
First King

Stephanie exchanged a glance with Nick. "Well, you already have a dress and it would be a shame not to wear it."

3/29/2014 #150
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