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In this world they exist. The trolls, the centaurs, mermaids, elves, dragons, dryads, dwarves, fairies, witches, warlocks, griffins, nymphs, naiads and more. Here they thrive. Here they are free. Magic is commonly practiced, but only exceptionally powerful beings can master exceptionally powerful spells. Humans dwell alongside the creatures they call their brethren. Here there is peace. The human King Tieneo is a fair king and under his young and healthy reign all is prosperous and right with Miryrium. People from all over the world flock to Miryrium to find a better life.

Unbeknownst to all, creatures thought to be dead still live, and have taken home in the secret dark woods and hidden sunlit forests and glens of Miryium. The Liosalfar and the Dockalfar, two races of elves as old as the sky and earth. The Liosalfar, elves of light, enchanters. In books of legend and myth they are associated with the sky and the sun and light. And their counterparts, the Dockalfar, dark elves. Thousands of years before, both races lived in the knowledge of humans and other species, the Liosalfar kept peace upon the earth, and were wise, renowned and powerful beings who lived happily upon the earth under the sun. The Dockalfar lived underground, the source of evil magic and wrong. The Dark Centuries were the years of eternal war between the Liosalfar and the Dockalfar. In the end history says they ultimately destroyed themselves, the Liosalfar died protecting all, and the Dockalfar died out trying to rid the earth of the creatures they believed to be inferior. From the ashes of war species and creatures and humans rose and re-built again. What no one knew was that a small group of each elven race survived, and fled into hiding. In time, both were forgotten.

But they still live, the Dockalfar live deep in the Tenebris Woods of northern Miryrium, plotting their revenge against the Liosalfar and all others who aided them in the Dark Centuries war. The Liosalfar reside in the Lux Forest in the south west, where they live and grow in their hidden city of Clarus. Few are given tasks of going out into the world in secret to help those who are important for keeping peace, concealing their identity of their true race to all for the safety of those around them, for the Dockalfar assassinate those who are strong, three tries have been attempted on King Tieneo's life since he became king already.

Here there is peace. Here, the Liosalfar and Dockalfar are making their return into the world again. Join into the politics and court life of a noble in King Tieneo's city capital Engia, live as a Liosalfar or Dockalfar, or live in Miryrium as a human, troll, centaur, mermaid, elf, dragon, dryad, dwarf, fairy, witch, warlock, nymph, naiad or any other creature.

This is Miryrium. In this world the Liosalfar and Dockalfar still exist. In this world peace will not last forever.

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(Can I join this?)

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((Yeah sure :D))

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"Okay, just hold still," Lydia murmured, sitting on the bedside by her patient in the infirmary.

"Is this going to hurt?" The elder elven man asked, looking up with slightly concerned blue eyes.

"No." She told him, her attention mainly focused in closing up the wound in his leg. Once she was done, she gave him herbs for infection and pain.

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((Hope it's okay to join! :3))

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((Yeah sure, hop right in))

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(I won't be able to hop in myself for a bit. Need to finish some homework)

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Chel sat out in the open, nearby a waterfall. She flicked her scaly green fish tail, splashing a little bit of water on herself. Life was quite dull for her at the moment, and only a little surprise would perk her up. "What's the matter?" Sylvia, one of Chel's friends swam up to her, only causing Chel to sigh in vexation. "It's nothing. I'm just bored." she replied cooly. "So it is something!" Sylvia giggled, splashing Chel.

She shot her a look of annoyance, to which Sylvia nodded and took it as Chel wasn't playing around. "I want to learn more about the division of elves..." Chel murmured, laying on her stomach. Sylvia sent Chel an apologetic look. "I don't know anything about them..." she answered calmly.

"Find out for me then..."

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Otomos walked on a road to some village or town pr place that he didn't bother to find the name of. He was whistling a tune called sword of fury. He saw a village and a waterfall in the distance.

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Sylvia gasped, her features hardening like Stone. "You know I can't leave this place, and neither can you. Stop fantascizing and stay here. This is where you belong." She placed a comforting hand on Chel's arm. "Just stay here." Chel shook her head, and sat up. "I won't." she stated firmly.

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Adams BadApple

"You've got to be kidding me..." Christopher muttered, turning the map in his hands once, twice, three times, around and around to pinpoint his location with no luck. "Well... Shutter.. I think we're lost boy." He patted the neck of his large chestnut brown stallion. He nudged the horses sides with his heels to get Shutter walking again. Christopher held the reins with one hand. "I guess we should just find some shelter until tomorrow."

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Sylvia's gaze stayed firm and concerned. "Then I'll go with you." This caused Chel to glance up at Sylvia with wide blue eyes. "I don't think you'd want to. There's humans out around at this time." Sylvia turned away and began to head down the stream. "I don't care. Are you coming or not?" Chel scoffed, racing after Sylvia, her tail moving up and down frantically in an effort to catch up. "Wait up!" she called out. Sylvia giggled as she turned around to face Chel. "You'll have to do better than that." Chel giggled and chased after her friend, the two splashing each other and laughing. Having a good time.

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Adams BadApple

Christopher lead Shutter toward the edge of the forest, a few scattered trees here and there, Christopher was wary about getting too deep into forests. A small stream stretched for a mile or so both ways. Christopher urged his horse on. "Come on Shutter, let's go." He gave the horse a kick and Shutter easily cleared the stream in a jump.

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Chel suddenly stopped, her face becoming concerned and sincere. Sylvia wondered why her friend had quit playing around with her. "What's wro-?" Chel cut her friend off. "Stay quiet. I sense a human nearby." Sylvia glanced around, seeing nothing, but stiffening when she spotted out in the distance, an animal jumping over the river. "Chel..." Sylvia quickly dashed over to friend, a worried look on her face- and fearful too. "I think we've been caught..."

"Quiet!" Chel hissed, glaring at her friend. Sylvia whimpered in fear, and quickly dove back into the water, making a loud splash as she made her way back to the secret cove nearby. Meanwhile, Chel stayed alert, glancing around. Sylvia's warning of the animal jumping over the lake with a human on it, had caused Chel to be curious. She silently made her way into the stream, only hiding behind a very large rock beneath the water. Just what was a human doing in this part of the woods?

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Otomos walked over to the village, stretching his arms.

"I wonder where this is?" he thought aloud

He looked around to see a eleven people all around

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Adams BadApple

Christopher reined Shutter into a stop. "Alright buddy. We'll stay here. It's not exactly ideal but I don't think we should venture too far from a water source." Christopher dismounted and unloaded some of the packs off of Shutter's back, setting up a sleeping bag and taking Shutter's saddle and bridle off. The animal moved over toward the stream and started to drink while Christopher built a fire.

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Chel felt quite nervous gazing upon light brown-haired male with brown eyes. In a way, he was quite fascinating to her. Just how long had it been since she was human? 14 years? She longed to know what he was doing here. After going through the many options in her head, Chel decided to go with the most polite option: Greet the stranger.

Slowly, she rose up to the surface, doing her best not to make any noise and appeared from behind the rock. Clearing her throat, she crossed her arms and gazed intensely at the brown-eyed male. "What is a traveler doing here in this part of the woods?" she questioned seriously, voice deep with heart-felt concern.

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Adams BadApple

Christopher turned to look at the person who addressed him. He smiled, seeing not a person, but a mermaid. "Just passing through. I thought I was close to a village but my map is a little out dated." Christopher said with a shrug.

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"There's a village nearby- you can always ask a cartographer there to give you the newest layout of Miryrium," Chel stated sincerely as she swam over to the edge. She held out her hand towards the male. "I'm not supposed to be showing myself to humans but you don't look dangerous to me. My name is Chel," she greeted with a slight smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you .....?"

I don't know his name...

Chel quickly lowered her hand a little in embarrassment at her bluntness. "Uhm... excuse me for my bluntness." Chel murmured, before glancing back up with curious blue eyes. "What is your name, kind sir?" she questioned kindly.

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Adams BadApple

Shutter moved over near the mermaid. The stallion looked at her curiously and blew air in her face from his nostrils. "Im Christopher. And that one there is Shutter." He pointed at his horse.

1/27/2013 #20

Chel giggled as the horse moved over near her and blew air on her face- which tickled. "It's nice to meet you Christopher," she responded, then glanced over at the horse. "Do you mind if I pet him?" she asked.

1/27/2013 #21
Adams BadApple

"Sure. He doesnt mind strangers." He said, moving about the small space to set up camp for the night.

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Chel pulled herself out of the water, green scaly fins sparkling under the evening sun, and sat down on the edge of the stream. She turned around to face the horse whose name was Shutter- and began to pet him behind the ears. "You're a pretty thing, aren't you?" she murmured softly.

1/27/2013 #23
Adams BadApple

Shutter gave the mermaid affection, nudging her chin with his muzzle every now and then, appreciating her attention. "So, what's your name?"

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"Hm?" Chel glanced over at Christopher, sending him an "Are you serious?" look. She turned away, continuing to pet the horse. "Chel." she repeated for the second time, irritation locked up inside and still representing a kind demeanor on the outside.

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Adams BadApple

"Ah yes. Forgot that. Sorry. Well nice meeting you but if you don't mind," He looked at her, and then his eyes flickered down the stream, his nonverbal way of asking her to go.

1/27/2013 #26

Chel sighed, "You don't have to apologize and... just what do you mean? Don't mind what? Showing you the way?" Chel questioned, refraining from paying attention to the horse. "You just made a campsite...." she stated, gesturing towards the fire. It was warm, yes, but the flames would make the water droplets on her skin evaporate, so she scooted back into the stream.

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Adams BadApple

"No, do you mind leaving. I'm kind of tired from riding all day."

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"You can't have company?" Chel questioned increduously, crossing her arms. "Well then. I don't see what the problem with me being around is but I guess I'll leave you alone."

As soon as she turned away, and dove back into the stream, she made sure that she wasn't exactly in complete earshot of Christopher. "Mood killer..." she mumbled, taking a quick glance back at him, before heading towards the secret cove/cave nearby underwater. "I never realized how stubborn humans could be...." she muttered to herself.

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Lydia sat on the eastern most wall, and the very front of the city, of Clarus, her left leg bent with her knee up under her chin, as she swung her right leg leisurely off the side of the white marble wall. She stared intently out into the thick forest, watching the light from the setting sun shine through the leaves in bright streams. Lydia gave a longing sigh.

"You're doing it again," A male voice sounded. Lydia looked down at the wide, tall gate where two guards stood. Myrus, the guard closest to her, was the one who addressed her.

"Doing what?"

"Staring. You know you can't leave." Myrus said in a slightly apologetic tone.

"Yeah I know." She muttered, and looked back out to the forest.

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