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A place where "you will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villany". A very large city where you can find just about anything or anyone. Lots of gang wars, mercenary bands, ex-soldiers, you name it, Ascention has it. Also a spot where many people who are bent on world domination are found and where these people begin gathering their resources for their plans.

((Disclaimer- the quote belongs to George Lucas))

((P.S: I hope I delivered for a place for people who want evil characters can start. If there's anything else that people would like to see in the forum, just post on the Off-topic thread. I check the forum everyday for new posts; sometimes more. KK))

11/15/2008 . Edited 11/2/2014 #1

((Ascention it is. I can't be bothered making a new place.))

Apoth'Nesko wandered through the streets. He had come to Ascention to see what spells were for sale, but the damn place was so big that he hadn't been able to find a single spell shop. Of course, this place being what it was, there had been a few robbers, but after meeting him they had been forcibly retired due to lack of limbs. And face. And everything, really. Unable to find a spell shop, he decided to head into a nearby tavern. Maybe there'd be a tavern brawl to give him legitimate cause to kill. Mainly, though, he needed to rest.

12/17/2008 #2

Ao walked through the entrance of the inn with a relaxed stride. She lowered her head so that her hat covered her face in a shroud, and then approached the barkeeper in the tavern part of inn with a smile and asked for a beer. She had come to Ascention to find some fights, maim a few people, emotionally scar others, and then move onto the next city.

'People nowadays have no skills in the art of maiming' thought Ao mournfully and she accepted her bottle of beer happily before turning around to view the scene before her; trying to pick the best fight.

"Hey lady," said this one drunkard, "someone like you shouldn't be carrying around a good looking sword like that. Why not give me that and I'll tell my boys to let you go free." Ao put the bottle to her mouth and merely glanced at the drunkard. Another idiot..... When she ignored him, he lunged at her. Though he was only a couple feet away, she pushed off the counter and whacked him in the back of the head with the grip of the sword. The move was lightening fast, her speed enhanced by a little bit of magic, and she had never stopped drinking her beer. The drunkard looked at her angrily and most of the patrons currently in the tavern stopped to look at her and then started approaching menacingly.

Ao just looked at them in a bored way though she was badly outnumbered. She pushed her hat farther up her head so she could see more clearly, and then tried to think things through. Finally, she decided on the best course of action. She took another sip of her beer and with a snap of her fingers, completely incinerated the tavern and all the people in it. The only thing left were smoking shoes. She started laughing as she saw pedestrians walking by and staring at her in awe by the destruction that had occured in an instant. She finished off her beer and then started walking in the direction of the next inn.

12/17/2008 #3

Apoth'Nesko strolled up to the tavern, whistling a tune. As he was about to grasp the doorknob, the entire building burst into flames and burnt down, it's destruction obviously aided by magic. "Damn. Someone started without me." he said, looking round. He saw a load of ordinary people, no use to him apart from stabbing dummies, and a woman walking away from the site. He hurried after her, sure she was the cause. When he managed to catch up, he asked "Did you burn down that tavern?", almost running so that his stubby legs could keep up.

12/18/2008 #4

Ao turned to see a human with a pointy hat and blue robes. 'Interesting... someone is actually approaching me without fear after I burned a building' thought Ao with mild surprise. To the stranger, she said, "Yes... the people in there weren't greeting me with as much warmth as I expected. Did you need a drink?" Ao thought that this guy was pretty interesting, and decided that she would buy the drinks if he decided to hang around.

12/18/2008 #5

"Meh. I was more interested in resting. I need to keep my strength up if I'm going to go on a murderous rampage. But I suppose a drink wouldn't have hurt. Well, unless someone spiked it. With poison. Or maybe knives." Mental note, he thought to himself, spike my enemies drinks with knives.

12/18/2008 #6

"Spike a drink with knives? You've got some original ideas my friend. I'll buy the drinks, I know a great place... Great place to sleep, good drinks, and lots of people to experiment new tricks with. We could try your knives-with-drinks thing while we're there. I've got a new spell that I've been dying to try out to see how much trouble it causes. Care to have a little competition on who wreaks the most chaos without destroying the whole place?"

12/18/2008 #7

w00t! I have a snowday! I'm gonna be stuck inside my house all day so I can RP most of the day. Thank goodness for awesome blizzards eh?

12/19/2008 #8


"Nah. When I want to cause chaos, I do destroy the whole place. It's so much quicker that way. I often advise people to use fire, but the occasional meteor doesn't hurt. Although if everyone took my advice, we'd be knee-deep in bodies right now. And those bodies may or may not be on fire. That reminds me." He tossed a fireball over his shoulder, landing in the debris of the ruined inn and setting a few salvagers on fire.

12/20/2008 #9

Ao glanced at the burning scavengers and tried to suppress a laugh. Fireballs. Never gets old. "Shame," said Ao sadly, "I love a challange. No matter, let's enjoy a drink, relax, and perhaps think of a creative way to destroy the place after we leave." As an afterthought, Ao asked, "You're not on a bounty hunter's list are you?"

((I'm expecting another storm either tonight or tomorrow. How's the weather in the UK?))

12/20/2008 #10

((It's rainy, with the ocassional odd shower. When it isn't raining, it's usually already soaked.))

"I can't remember. If I am, then I don't know it. And if I don't know it, then I've probably already killed the guy with death and other acceptable means. Where is this inn, anyway?"

12/20/2008 #11

((That sucks. Is the weather throughout the year normally rainy?))

"The inn is right.... here!" Ao gestured grandly to the inn right around the corner.

((I'm not sure what kind of inn you were expecting so I'll leave it up to you if you want a dumpy inn or a luxurious one))

12/20/2008 #12

((Not always. In summer it's usually sunny))

"Oh wow." He said sarcastically, looking at the rather decrepit sight before him. "I'm speechless. Alright, let's just get a drink, burn the place down and move on."

12/21/2008 #13

"Sounds very good my friend, I'm buying" she said as she opened the door that was barely hanging onto the hinges. Ao ordered another beer and asked her friend what he wanted. "What's your name by the way? All I know about you is that you like murderous rampages, like to blow up things, and you have an awesome pointy hat."

((That's awesome. Right now, I think Canada is in for a looong winter. It's only December and we've had 2 snow storms in 2 days and expecting a 3rd in the middle of the week. Great for skiiers and snowboarders though.))

12/21/2008 #14

"Meh. It's Apoth'Nesko." He said to Ao. "And I'll have a beer, too." He called after the bartender.

12/21/2008 #15

"Apoth'Nesko? Well, here's to destruction and murderous rampages!" said Ao holding up her bottle of beer once she got it from the bartender.

12/22/2008 #16

"Yes indeed, um... I'm sorry, you never told me your name."

12/22/2008 #17

"Oh, right! Ao Banzai at your service" Ao said with a slight flourish with her free hand.

12/23/2008 #18

"At my service, eh? No one's been at my service since..." he thought for a moment. "No one's been at my service ever, as it happens." He looked around the inn. 'This wood looks quite dry', he thought. 'Should go up a treat. But this beer is pretty good. There can only be one course of action: Burn the beer and save the inn. Or is it the other way round? Ah, it doesn't matter.' Just then some beer slipped down his windpipe, and he began coughing.

((Sorry about the wait. I was busy with things up to and including Christmas.))

12/30/2008 #19

"You alright there?" asked Ao as she patted her friend's back, "I hate it when that happens. I always end up swallowing the wrong way everytime I try to finish off the little bit of liquid left in the bottle. I gotta tell you though, this dump of a tavern sells the best beer in the city, so you know you're not gonna get fungus growing in your lungs for swallowing the wrong way. In fact, it's the only reason it's still standing."

To the bartender, she shouted with a raised hand, "Two more beers please!" and to Apoth'Nesko, "If you want to go burn something down later, I know another place that has those 'high and mighty' knights always drinking there. We could maybe put explosives in the beer kegs or something." Ao got her second beer from the bartender and she immediately took a sip and savoured the taste.

12/30/2008 #20

'Fungus growing in the lungs?' He thought as he drank from his second beer. 'That is a good idea. I shall have to try it on someone.' Then he realized that Ao had said something about knights. "Knights? You don't mean-" he paused "-good knights, do you?"

12/30/2008 #21

She turned to Apoth'Nesko with a serious face. "Unfortunately my friend, these knights are the 'bravest and most pure in heart' knights in the area as far as I know. The peasents welcome them as heroes sent by the gods. They are so good, they even-" and her face turned grim "-do work for free! Can you imagine that?! Work, for free!"

12/30/2008 #22

"Working for free ain't so bad. I've worked for free many times. Well, I say 'for free' because I didn't get paid, I just stabbed my employer and took everything I could carry. Then again, you probably mean the sort of free where there's no personal gain, am I right?"

12/30/2008 #23

"Yeah. The catch with these knights is that you have to prove that you're either a damsel in distress, a person whose quest benefits mankind in someway, or prove that your quest is a 'noble' one. I hate these knights, but they're amusing at the same time. It's entertaining to watch them get all pissed off at you for beheading someone on the spot for no reason at all"

12/30/2008 #24

Apoth'Nesko chuckled "I bet they'd be more pissed off if someone beheaded them for no reason, eh? Good knights are always such pushovers. Now , if they were death knights, anyone who annoyed them would be lying in a pool of their own blood."

1/2/2009 #25

"Yes, very true. And a death knight is always much more interesting. You never know if they have some really good magic or something that makes things explode with them. Good knights always announce what they're going to do next because of their honour code or whatever the hell it is"

1/2/2009 #26

"At least they're better than paladins. Come to think of it, exactly how have these knights been here for more than five seconds without being killed?"

1/2/2009 #27

"Well.... it could be because we've been talking about how lousy they are and haven't actually decided to kill them off. And besides, the bar I'm talking about is a knight's bar, so we wouldn't have too many people who'd be helping with the carnage, except maybe adding themselves to it. Unless...." Ao started to look around, "are there knights here right now?"

1/3/2009 #28

"I wouldn't know. This damn hat keeps obscuring my vision." He pushed his hat higher onto his head and looked round at the others in the tavern. "I can't see any halos anywhere, so obviously not. Unless, of course, you're including death knights in there. If you are, I also can't see any devil horns, so obviously not."

1/3/2009 #29

"Damn... that means we're going to have to walk a little bit before we meet some 'goodly' knights. Hmm.... maybe if we meet a death knight along the way we can convince them to wreak some havok with us. Always entertaining to see what they come up with"

1/3/2009 #30
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