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Haze see again try to fire his gun again. But in this dangerous moment he cannot risk to be spotted. With pace he runs away.

11/23/2009 #871
Darknight Squire

Jaik grunted; he wasn't sure if he hit the man or not. But that didn't matter. The man had run off; back to a group of other men dressed simielar to him. Hee couldn't see Vixetia anywhere; the werefox must have run off.

11/24/2009 #872

Tier turns around to hear a gunshot fired. 'That idiot I told him not to fire without Jare's orders' Carrying his sniped rifle just in case he spotted Haze sitting down.

"There you are" Tier said. "Why in the world did you fired without your permission if Jare finds out he'll--" He then stopped his sentence till when he see Haze's blood coming out. Looking stunned at his wound Tier kneel down in front. "Hey, wake up, don't you dare die on me Trooper." Tier said, slapping lightly at his face.

Haze looked up and give a slight smile at Tier before he lay down his head. Tier examined his wounds to see that a bullet has been pierced to Haze neck. Lifting up him up the almost dead conscious Trooper he brings him back to Jare

11/24/2009 #873
Darknight Squire

Jaik opened the loading gates of his revolvers and ejected the fired cartridges. Reloading them with fresh shells, he closed loading gates. "I spotted Vixetia, although now she seems to have run off again. And I can't follow her. There's a bunch of men out there with some bizarre kind of rifle I've never seen before, and they've got some strange armor that can stand up to bullets. I don't know what they're here for, but I don't care for the way they were looking at this camp.

11/24/2009 #874
Darknight Squire

(Oh, ah Darkstar, I just want to ask you-I know that Dral can move about in the sunlight, but are his powers weaker in the day, like in the case of Bram Stoker's Dracula? And is he resistant to other vampire weaknesses. Is this a case like in Marvel Comics, where crosses only repel really powerful vampires if the person holding the cross is truly a man or woman of God{like Nightcrawler}?)

11/24/2009 #875
Darknight Squire

Jaik made sure his guns were fully loaded, then looked over at Ao. "I feel I should give you a word of advice. Be careful what you say, even when you whisper." He tapped his pointed left ear. "An elf might be nearby. And even a half-elf like me has exceptionally good hearing. And you shouldn't be so anxious to get a price on your head."

11/24/2009 #876

"Nah, a bounty's a great deal." Apoth'nesko said. "On the down side, people try to kil you, but on the up side, you get a lot of people to kill. What more could anyone want? Except money, of course."

11/24/2009 #877

(I tend to make my own version of Vampires.

They have a weakness to the sun only until around 150-200 years old, sunlight doesn't make then weaker unless they are hurt all-ready then it make the wounds worse.

They can't shape change or fly.

They can flit (move faster than the eye can catch).

They can cross running water.

Religious Icons have no affect whatsoever

Silver hurts them though

11/24/2009 #878
Darknight Squire

"I prefer to take my bountys in alive; they pay better." Jaik Muldoon shrugged, then looked Apth'nesko in the eye. "Like I said before, I'm not after you, I'm not going to try to collect on you. And you better not try anything." Jaik had holstered one gun, but kept the other in his hand pointed down. "I've brought in mages and sorcerers before. Or if I had to," he cocked his bushy left eyebrow, "I killed them."

11/24/2009 #879
Darknight Squire

(Does garlic have any effect? Can they be harmed by fire or decapitated?"

11/24/2009 #880
Darknight Squire

(likewise, I make my own version of elves, and half elves, mostly based on the model from D&D's Monstrous Manuel

(They are built like racehorse jockeys, rarely taller than 5'5, and slender. They are much faster, more agile, and graceful than humans, and highly resistant to disease. However, they are generally weaker than humans. Half elves tend to be taller and more muscular; Jaik has the strength and stamina of a normal 6'3 175 pound man in his mid 20's and good condition)

(Elves can live for centuries, sometimes even millenia. Half-elves don't live as long, but they live considerably longer than humans.)

(Both have excellent vision and hearing. And Darkstar, I hope you find it acceptable that while human eyes can't follow vampires in flit mode, elf eyes are a different story. Because wherever you do or not, I'm not changing it, nor that he can match a vampire's reflexes. At least a human vampire's, an elf vampire may be a different story)

(No, I'm not making Jaik invincible. Vampires would still be much stronger than him and he can't run as fast as they can. He has killed vampires, but most of them were newly 'birthed' and inexperienced. However even ones like Dral don't intimidate him)

11/24/2009 #881

"I agree with Apoth'Nesko," Ao said getting up and looking around warily as she continued to chew her piece of candy, "having a bounty is awesome. Fighting is a good way to keep your skills sharp too." Then she drew herself up to her full height and looked the half elf dead in the eye, "and don't try anything on us. Like I said, fighting is a good way to keep your skills sharp, and a bounty hunter would make an interesting fight."

11/24/2009 #882
Darknight Squire

"Suit yourself," Jaik replied. He scanned up towards where those six men were. He could see the man he'd shot at was down, and bleeding. So their armor wasn't invincible, was it? That might be good to know.

But he didn't know the range or cababilities of those strange weapons they carried. And he had shot their comrade. Werever they were truly Vixetia's henchmen or people she'd manipulated(just that werefox's style), they were unlikely to be friendly to him. Wherever he liked it or not, he was stuck with this crowd for now.

"I think it's only fair to tell you," he added, "right now, there's about half a dozen men wearing strange armor and pointing some kind of bizarre looking rifle at this camp. And I don't think they're here to wish you all well."

11/24/2009 #883

"Figures," said the warlock rolling her eyes, "everyone just aims rifles at others and don't even bother coming to meet the person."

She faced a section of the woods and shouted, "hey!!! Anyone want some rum, whiskey or candy?? I think I have some other food laying around here somewhere if you want some!!"

Then she said to Jaik, "do you know these guys by any chance?"

11/24/2009 #884
Darknight Squire

"Not really," Jaik sied. He sighed; breaking up that fight in hopes of talking to Shanra was looking more and more like a big mistake.

Well, it wouldn't be the first one he'd made in his 70+ years of life.

11/24/2009 #885

((I'm sorta lost. What's going on?))

11/24/2009 #886
Darknight Squire

(Well Bibliomancer, since you last posted, Jaik had wounded Haze-just how badly I don't know; that'll be for Cedric to decide. Tier's taken Haze back to their comrades. Jaik's spotted where the Partisan Loyalists are posted, and mentioned them to Ao, and she's shouted out them, challenging them to come down)

11/25/2009 #887

(Fire hurts them as much as anyone else, do you like being set on fire

Decapitation kills most things so yes it can kill them

I'm thinking of putting together a creature Profile sort of thing on evryones Creatures/Types so we all know a little about them

Obviously with the consent of the owners)

11/25/2009 #888
Darknight Squire

(What I kind of ment was if fire could kill them for good. I suppose so, if it destroyed their bodies compleatly-unless vampires are like lichs and can regenerate even from that)

(Your creature profile is an excellent Idea. Post it!)

11/25/2009 #889

(Fire can kill them.

They do have regeneration but dismemberment will take months to heal.

Beheading them, severing the spinal cord and harming the heart will kill them, basicly if it kills anything in one go it kills a vampire.)

11/25/2009 #890

"Sir, I think they inviting us from a challenge." The Partisan Loyalist stated looking at the old woman shouting. "Should we, go down." Jare looked down beside him. "No, it is not the best idea for all of us to down there." Jare replied. "That stinking elf know us to much, I'll head down there, alone."

"Are you sure that is necessary." He ask. "We could be assistant in the building."

"No, I need you to escort the wounded Trooper back to the origin position... and also, I need 4 of you to head to the town." Jare said, giving the command.

The Partisan Loyalist is confused. "Sir, why do we need to go there, three of our Troopers are there and--" His eyes widened as he hasn't heard from them.

"Exactly" Jare said. "I need you guys to find out what is going and pronto."

"Yes,sir." He saluted as he orders the three of them to move out. "Sir, don't make another mistake like last time." With his words said and done he leaps off to the building with three of them following to the town.

Jare smiled adjusting his technogloves. "Hehe don't worry I'm guessing they wouldn't have a chance to deal with me." He said as he jumps down to the ground.

Landed in a both of his standing he rises up. "Good day"

11/25/2009 #891
Darknight Squire

(Ah, Cediric, Jaik doesn't know who the Partisan Loyalists are)

11/25/2009 #892

((Jaik doesn't about them because they have never know who or what they are. If you want Jaik to know more of the Partisan Troopers then it is due time that he will figure it out. And Partisan Loyalist stand out for what you say, Captain of the squad. For now you have Jare to deal about.))

11/25/2009 #893
Darknight Squire

(You misunderstood me, Cedric. Here's what I'm talking about:

("That stinking elf know us to much, I'll head down there, alone)

(You seemed to be implying that Jare thought Jaik knew who they were. I'm truly sorry for any misunderstanding between us, but I needed to clear that up)

11/25/2009 #894

((I know, I was saying that Jare thinks that the elf knew about them and that's why he is going alone while the other 4 go to the town and see what has happened, it is all part of the story... and my plan, *SMILING*)) ((PS: Thanks))

11/26/2009 #895
Darknight Squire

Vixetia got back to her lair, a small cave where she had filled with the jewels, fine silks, and valuable objects she'd brought with her to Acsention, and had stolen since.

Now that she had time to think, she relized Shanra had only been recently made a vampire; she wasn't when Vixetia had seen her last. And the sun was out. That would make Shanra vulnerable.

Vixetia rummaged through her treasures until she found what she was looking for. When she learned that dagger she'd swi[ed from the Grand Duke's palace had a silver blade, she'd thought of getting rid of it. Silver was just too dangerous to her; that was why she never stole silver jewelry.

Now though, she was glad she had it.

11/26/2009 #896

After Fliting away from the fight she had stopped by a spring to drink something, she had been parched but no matter how much she had drunk she was still thirsty, worried she had hunted for an animal and although the blood from it had made her a little less thirsty she needed more.

This is a little worrying Shanra thought to herself, after a few hours of walking she came upon a road and not wanting to go anywhere else sat down beneath a tree by the side of the road

"Hay is it an Angel"

"I don't know Nat"

"She's so beautiful"

"Who's there" Shanra muttered, she hadn't noticed how tired she was Vampires do sleep then she mused

"Shush she's waking up"

Shanra opened her eyes and saw a very handsome dark haired man knelt infront of her and sat on the path next to him was a little girl with big blue eyes and long blonde hair.

"Hello my names Markus and this is Natilie, we were just woundering what to do with such a beautiful woman asleep beside the road, but seeing as your awake we can ask now" Markus smiled warmly but the smile did not reach his eyes there seemed a deep sadness there

"My name is Shanra nice to meet you Markus" Shanra felt a feeling in her one that was new and felt dangurous "well I need some where to stay for a few days"

"You could stay with us" Natilie said "Could she Markus, could she?" The pleading look on the little girls face would have melted butter half a mile away

"Sure if its okay with Shanra here" Markus said giving Shanra a sideways look

"Yeah I'd like that, I'd like that"

11/26/2009 #897

"Hey!" greeted the warlock as she smiled her most charming and reassuring smile and made sure her hands were in clear sight in order to bring down the tension, "how're you doing? Did you want some food or drink? Got lots of it!"

11/26/2009 #898
Darknight Squire

Vixetia sniffed by the tree; Shanra had been there. There were two other people, with whom Shana's footprints showed she'd been walking alongside. Vixetia sniffed. Only ordinary humans. Good.

Vixetia laid her arms to her side and closed her eyes. Fur, red as the hair that cascaded down her back, grew over her entire body. Her nose and lips turned black, and stetched into a muzzle filled with sharp, pointed teeth.

Vixetia drew her revolver, and checked to make sure it was fully loaded. Even if it wouldn't kill Shanra, they could knock her unconscious. And if those two companions got in Vixetia's way-and if Shanra hadn't already fed on them-Vixetia would take care of them too.

11/26/2009 #899
Darknight Squire

Jaik held out his left hand, empty palm forward at the stranger; the gun in his right pointed down at the ground, ready to shoot at need. Jaik's mother always said he had a human gift for getting in over his head; apparently she was right.

"I know I shot your companion," the half elf said, "but hear me out. My first shots were not at him, but that red-haired woman I saw him with. Her name is Vixetia, she's a thief I'm chasing after. When one of my shots bounced of his armor, he pointed that strange gun you carry towards me; I simply reacted."

Jaik felt the air tense around him as he looked into the stranger's eyes; even though he told that man the truth would he be believed?

11/27/2009 #900
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