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"Yeah sure, you can take his body," answered Ao to the gravekeeper, "as long as I get his share of the treasure."

Ao, getting thirsty from her snack, raised her voice a bit so Dral'moran could hear her instead of thinking about the possibility of indulging in 'special meals'. "Hey Dral', you didn't make anymore of that awesome tea did you?"

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"Hmmm I may have some, somewhere but I'm feeling sluggish in the sun"

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"If you don't mind me asking who are you guys and what do you do?" Asked Malfurion finally allowing his curiosity to get the better of him.

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal sighed slightly and said to Malfurion "Has your friend ever handled elven weapons before. Last time I took advice from someone who said they knew a great smith I nearly lost my arm." Azreal finished frowning, she shifted her arm slightly the gash in her shoulder was barely two days old and had been giving her trouble, though it was hidden under her leather armor the bandages were visible through the tear where the sword had struck ( her armor looks something like this but all one color

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"Ma'am my friend has been around for a LONG time he has worked on every kind of blade and every kind of metal including the necrotonium that my gauntlets are made of." As Malfurion said this he pulled up his sleeves revealing the midnight black gauntlets that reached up to his forearms. "Oh and may I know the name of such a beautiful Drow Elf?"

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Banpaia Bara

"And how much would he charge to fix a broken blade?" Azreal asked as she looked at the gauntlets and said "You may call me Azreal, though save your flattery for someone with the patients for it."

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"Ow that hurt my pride but anyways he doesn't charge me or people I bring to him since well only I can wake him up." He said to Azreal with mischievous grin on his face.

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Banpaia Bara

"And why should I trust you with my blade? This 'friend' of yours sounds fabricated, and I am not interested in playing games." Azreal said glancing back at the pile of loot the thief still trying to get through to it

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"Well I can summon him now if you want." Malfurion pretending to look rather hurt at her distrust.

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal frowned she didnt want to trust Malfurion like this but her blade was in a sorry state, many of the smaller pieces of it in a leather bag tied to her belt. She sighed tossing a hand up in the air. "Very well, summon this friend of yours. Despite my doubts I am willing to give this a shot." She said looking at Malfurion expectantly now. Thought irritated as she was at this forced trust she was in a desperate possition, she only had a few daggers besides her sword and they would not save her if she was in a serious fight, and her other option wasnt really an option at all.

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"Very well." He said as he began to sit down in a pentagram he said something in demonic language and a rather large forge and a humanoid figured appeared in front of him. He got up and said "Allow me to introduce Yosh the greatest blacksmith the underworld ever spawned." Yosh looked around and saw the smug look on Malfurion's face and seemed very annoyed at the man. "Mal why have you called me back did you break those gauntlets again?" said in a very gruff voice typical of a demon. "No I summoned you to help out this Drow elf here fix up her blade." Yosh looked down and saw the blade in Azreal's hand. "What is a demon of your status doing with elves?" Malfurion looking rather annoyed with the man said "That is none of your business and remember you have to do as I command since I defeated you 98 years ago you still have 2 years of servitude." Yosh looking very aggravated said "Fine hand me the blade." He outstretched his hand to take the blade.

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal shifted her weight slightly, it would just figure thats what she would get when she asked for help. A creepy guy over eager to summon his demon pal. "Your friend is a demon..." She stated the obveous for a moment or so she remained silent then addressed the demon Yosh. "Um, Yosh? was it? Could you mend my blade for me?" with this Azreal pulled her sword hilt from its sheath, there was a few inches of pearl white blade then a rather flat break in the sword with slight dents that showed someone had tried to mend it once before.

1/15/2011 #1,122

Yosh grabbed the blade and looked it over becoming rather angry over the shoddy craftsmanship on it as he set the forge fire ablaze he asked "Who tried mending this a blind man? No matter I can fix this in a matter of minutes." As he said this stuck the blade in the fire and pulled it out hammering it flat and mumbling some kind of chant on it. After a few minutes he was finished and handed the blade back to Azreal saying "There you go and you don't need to worry about it breaking again I put several powerful enchantments on it to keep it from dulling, breaking, and rusting." After saying this he turned to Malfurion who was busy watching the thief said "I've done as you ask I'm leaving." Malfurion without turning around just mumbled "Fine."

1/15/2011 #1,123
Banpaia Bara

Azreal had to dodge the main of the blade as the demon tossed it back to her. It was now slightly lighter and shone beautifully. "Thank you..." She muttered sheathing the blade pleased with the returned weight of a whole sword on her belt.

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"No Problem." Malfurion said absent-mindedly as he watched the thief intently as if hoping he would die. And then he asked her "How old are you?"

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Banpaia Bara

"I dont see why you would need to know such things." Azreal said glancing over at the thief again. ( finished the picture of her,

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"Because I recall meeting a Drow that looked almost exactly like you but then again I'm not too sure if it was a few years or a hundred years my memories have been fucked up since I died." Malfurion said looking indecisive and thoughtful.

1/15/2011 #1,127
Banpaia Bara

"It wouldn't really matter if it was me or not. I have no memory past three years ago. Something happened and I forgot everything, its annoying as hell when I am trying to figure shit out."

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"I know how you feel. I only have memories up to 4 months after my death then I awoke in a graveyard due to a necromancer. I don't truly know how old I am in bugs me like hell." Malfurion said still not taking his eyes off the thief. "By the way I noticed you can use magic what affinity do you have?"

1/15/2011 #1,129
Banpaia Bara

"I have some, but I dont use it. I dont know how. Though I am curious as to how you knew I had magic." Azreal said giving him a sidelong glance a warry expression on her face

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"Well two reasons one I'm a fire demon and two I'm also a magic user my specialty is necromancy as a demon I can sense those with rather powerful magics. If you want I can help you with the magic training." He said giving her a friendly smile.

1/15/2011 #1,131
Banpaia Bara

"People dont just do stuff for free. You've summoned a demon to fix my sword and now are offering to teach me how to use magic. What is it that you want?" Azreal crossed her arms her injured arm moving slower than the other.

1/15/2011 #1,132

"I'm not sure what it is that has me doing this I guess I just want someone who can spar with me as an equal." He said. "Oh and who gave you that injury?" he asked noticing it for the first time.

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #1,133
Banpaia Bara

"A couple of thugs tried to mug me and my sword broke after the first smith I went to 'fixed' it. The real kicker is that the tugs didnt even do it, it was the broken off half of my blade." She said with a slightly bitter tang to her voice then her tone shifted to a slightly curious one. "What is it that makes you think I would be an equal sparring partner. My only talents rest in a blade."

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"Well I meant after the training cause your magic skills are equal to or better than mine so after a bit of training it would be fun for a duel. Oh and these gauntlets aren't just for show as he showed her the spiked knuckles and palms.

1/15/2011 #1,135
Banpaia Bara

"Ah, so you are just bored is it? Very well I will try learning from you. Though I make no promises that you wont find me gone at some point. I dont like staying in one area to long."

1/15/2011 #1,136

"Neither do I just return here when I run low on my stock of corpses or run out of embalming fluid since I'm the grave keeper here they don't ask too many questions on the purchasing of embalming fluid." He said with a rather amused look on his face. "And I could probably train you in other weapon arts too if you want."

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/15/2011 #1,137
Banpaia Bara

"Embalming fluid? What do you use that for? Having died or not you dont look much like a zombie to me. And we shall see about the other weapons. I am not sure if I care to try and learn more than one thing at the moment."

1/15/2011 #1,138

"Embalming fluid keeps the smell of death off of me and my minions while I may look young this is all thanks to my power do you want to see the true me?"

1/15/2011 #1,139
Banpaia Bara

"I dont care, appear however you wish. Appearences are misleading for a reason." She said pulling her hair to the side exposing the back of her neck where a silvery white scar arched up from beneath her leather armor and into the mane of her white hair.

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