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Giving a rather wicked grin Malfurion said "OK. prepare to see why I have the nickname 'Fury'." As he said this his skin began to fall off his bones while he grew taller and his chest grew wider due to bones that made an armor around him when it was completed he was 7'3" in a bone plate armor and wielding two dragon bone harpoons attached by chains made of the same metal as the gauntlets with two serrated horns on his head with a small orb of fire in between marking him a fire demon and spoke in a rather dark voice "This is how I look when in serious sparring or battle."

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal looked up at him with a little smirk on her face "Impressive, and if you weren't sure if you made me feel short before you should have no doubt now."

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"Well the truth is I was the shortest one out of my family." He said now back in his human form but still wearing the grin.As if remembering what stirred his interest he looked back at the thief and saw he was still alive which made him frown and say just loud enough so Azreal could hear "Why won't he just up and die I want a new one already."

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Banpaia Bara

"Was? Don't you mean to say 'am'? Or do you not have a family anymore?" Azreal said irked that he could remember such things

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"Nope where I come from as soon has you reach 12 you are taken from your family and given to an archlord." He said bluntly

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Banpaia Bara

"Sounds like crap. The most I know about my past is that my accident had something to do with a big forest fire. So I think that anyone who can remember a family is pretty lucky."

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"I only remeber them because one month before I was killed I was send to slaughter them." he said without any emotion in his voice.

1/15/2011 #1,147
Banpaia Bara

Azreal went quiet for a while not sure how to respond to that. After a few moments of silence she changed the subject by asking "Have you ever seen a dragon before?"

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Holding up the two dragon bone harpoons he still had and said "Have you ever killed a dragon? FYI it's not easy."

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Banpaia Bara

"Never killed one, but seen a few about before. I am curious though. Is it possible for a dragon to coat itself entirely in flames for extended periods of time and be fine?" She asked recalling an odd dream she had

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"Depends on the breed and the age." He said as though he knew quite a bit on the subject. "Normally only ancient wyrms are capable of it but I have seen a few dragons that had demon blood in them do it but they were killed a while back."

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal nodded slightly to herself listening to Malfurion. Thats one more thing to check off for possible places to look she thought then spoke "Thats interesting I didn't think it was possible." Unable to think of another topic for discussion Azreal hummed a tune that she had herd somewhere, It had words she knew but what they were escaped her.

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"May I ask why the sudden interest in dragons?" Malfurion asked pushing the subject.

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal looked up at Malfurion and said "It was a dream I had, there was a dragon breathed in flame, two other people and I were trying to kill it..." After giving her incomplete thought she continued humming the tune

1/15/2011 #1,154

That's when it hit him he knew the song she was singing and why she looked familiar but wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her or not but he decided he would help her. "Well are you ready?" He asked Azreal.

1/15/2011 #1,155
Banpaia Bara

"To learn magic? Sure." She said her humming stopped and she looked at Malfurion expectantly

1/15/2011 #1,156

"I think we should leave town it wouldn't be good for me to use necromancy here." He said as he started walking down a dirt road thinking of his past experiences with this particular Drow which brought a coy smile to his face which none saw for he returned the hood to his head.

(What do you think of a deeper connection between these two characters?)

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal followed him catching up quickly she walked beside Malfurion and spoke "You are going to show me necromancy? This should be interesting."

( I'm fine with it, if you have something in mind I'm willing to give it a go. Did you by chance look at the reference link I posted a while back for her?)

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"Well I'm not saying that is what you have but it is very close to it so I want to know if that is what it is or if it is something else." He said this while walking and looking at her rather fondly though if she looked at him she wouldn't see the tenderness in his eyes. After a few minutes they arrived in a heavily wooded area he said "We're here so are you ready to see why we necromancers are feared?"

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Banpaia Bara

Azreal looked around the wooded area then at Malfurion and said " Well you have to admit necromancy isnt a mages usual cup of tea. You are the first I can recall who ever used necromancy."

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"Well in fact necromancer's are the rarest of all mages due to the fact they are so feared but actually they are not as insane as one might think of course they enjoy the scent of a fresh body but if you worked with dead things you would too right?" While he was saying this several skeletal bears, deer, wolves, and mountain lions crawled out of the ground as if just being in the presence of the necromancer caused them to come alive again.

1/15/2011 #1,161
Banpaia Bara

Azreal nodded to this statement it made sense a fresh body didnt stink. She listened to him talk glancing around at the skeletons of the animals pulling free of the dirt. As she looked around the thought of skeletal minions wasnt that bad, nothing left on them to stink, all that one had to do was get over the sight of a moving skeleton. "Yes it makes sense to prefer a fresh body compared to a rotting it really nessesary to breath life into so many skeletons?" She was becoming uneasy with the sheer number of raised animals around them now

1/15/2011 #1,162

Malfurion just noticing the skeletons grew a darker shade of red in embarrassment "Oops I forgot to take of my gloves." As he did this most of the skeletons returned to the earth while he grinned in embarrassment and saw the uneasiness in her "I'm sorry I forgot about my necrotonium gloves.Do you know what necrotonium is?"

1/15/2011 . Edited 1/16/2011 #1,163
Banpaia Bara

"What exactly is necrotonium? Why did your gloves cause them to come to life? Is using your magic have the same sensation as a magical discharge?"Azreal had a slight shiver at the thought of magical discharges, she had always been left in a pathetic state when the magic forced itself out of her. She became less uneasy now that she wasnt surrounded by a hoard of skelital beasts. Though Azreal had noticed Malfurion's embarrassment she took what happened as more of a silent warning of what he was capable of without even thinking about it.

(g2g for the night but I'll be on again tomorrow round 10am or so)

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"Well necrotonium is a rare metal if you could call it that which is form when the marrow of thousands of years old bones condenses. Extremely hard to mold and damn near impossible to break this 'metal' increases both the concious and latent powers of a necromancer." He said in an old friend way as though he told this to her before.

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"Want me to block out the sun for a bit?" offered the warlock to Dral'moran, thinking happily of all the chaos that would ensue for the few minutes she did so.

1/16/2011 #1,166

"I need to feed too .. that new elf smelled sweet" Dral said "If you can block it for an hour or so I can feed then I'll be allright"

1/16/2011 #1,167
Banpaia Bara

Azreal shrugged at this " I suppose it makes some sense." She missed the tone in Malfurion's voice that was suggesting they had had this discussion before.

1/16/2011 #1,168

"But anyways back to your training I want you to focus all your energy into your hands." He said now getting down to the training.

1/16/2011 #1,169
Banpaia Bara

Azreal looked down at her hands which she held slightly out now then back at Malfurion "Ok...? Now what?"

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