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Hey everyone!

If you're new to this and are interested, post over here to say what type of character you are. For example, a elf who's the king of a certain spot.

Of course, with that comes limitations. Here's the basic rules:

1) ALL NEW PEOPLE MUST RUN WHAT THEIR CHARACTER IS PAST AN ADMIN/MOD FIRST!!!! If things get out of hand, there's no fun in this and everyone starts getting pissed off at each other.

2) There are limitations on what the world is. I'm going to post different topics about the world and stuff. NOTE: YOU CANNOT JUST CLAIM A SPACE OF LAND FOR YOUR OWN!!! MUST RUN PAST AN ADMIN/MOD WITH YOUR CHARACTER BIO!!!

3)I don't want any people here who are going to critique other people's characters or Mary-Sue hunters on this forum to begin with. You plan on RPing here, this place is FOR FUN. It's not serious so if you're planning on bashing characters, just don't even start posting.

4)Have fun! That's the main point of this forum! Don't be afraid to try something new. Just make sure it's not god-like and you should be alright.


P.S: Language is not a problem here but just don't harass people. Thanks!!

11/5/2006 . Edited 1/22/2011 #1
I also forgot to add, don't just add topics out of nowhere. Else we're gonna have 300 places and have no idea whatsoever what's going on.
11/5/2006 #2
Ok um lets see here. I am a mercenary that is half witch and half dragon. I am usually in human form. My name is Tia (pronounced Ty) Rose-eys. My last name comes from the fact that my eyes take on a red color when i am mad. Being one of the last female dragons I try to hid the fact b/c of those darned dragon slayers. being a mersenary is a very good cover. I am 5'8" in human form, with tan skin, light silver-gray eyes, and jet black hair, and full hour-glass figure. I can do minor magic and of course the usual that comes with b-n a dragon. When in full dragon form i have black scales and only ~ 60 feet tall. i am smaller than full dragons b/c i am only half. I like to wear tight black clothes made of the tougher than armor spider silk, tall leather boots, and a cloack that had many pockets on the inside that can hold anything and never can any weight. i have twin swords that hang on eaither hip and various knives hidden around my body.
11/7/2006 #3
Nice character! I still gotta come up with something for mine and I'm in the process of making cities and countries so as soon as I have some cities up, feel free to put your character anywhere! That will probably happen this weekend when I have more time so when I get the cities and towns up, feel free to pick a starting location. Welcome to the forum! ~Last Guardian P.S: I would say welcome to whatever the world's called but I'm still in the process of coming up with a name *blushes and smiled* but no worries! That will be corrected soon!
11/9/2006 #4
Alrighty, then. I am a chivalrous thief who is a half-elf (the other half is human, BTW). My name is Angel Macleod (pronounced muh-clowd). I am 5'8" and weigh 146 lbs, with slightly pale skin, snow-white hair down to my ankles, left eye a golden yellow, right eye a bright turquoise (heredity), and a slim, slightly muscular frame. I am able to generate light energy and mold it into a variety of different martial and exotic weapons, including a sword, an axe, a whip, a bo staff, and the like. I am also very adept at light magic, but I don't use it often. I like to wear loose, comfortable black attire and black boots underneath a long, white overcoat. My specialty is pick-pocketing and advanced thievery, though I only steal from the insanely rich, and I give a fraction of what I steal to the poor and homeless.
11/11/2006 #5
Neat character! It's like a robin hood kinda thing! Alright Angel Macleod, welcome to Evintyri! ~Last Guardian
11/11/2006 #6
Nobody Wants Reality
Okay tell me if this is alright. My name is Cady Pyralis.I am half vampire and half human. I have high skill and strength in Psionics which makes up for poor battling skills with weapons and hand to hand. Being half human allows me to come out during the day and not be burned by holy objects. I have a slim figure, am about 5"6, medium length dark brown hair tied up in a bun with tan skin and dark green eyes. I am normally wearing a knee length black dress that ties at the side and black boots with 3 side buckles on them. I have a quiet and serious personality and have no current home and usually stay at inns in different towns.
11/13/2006 . Edited 11/13/2006 #7
Miss Uots
um, i think i should start from the beginning... this place is confusing me!
11/14/2006 . Edited 11/14/2006 #8
Alright! Sounds good! Welcome to Evintyri Cady Pyralis! More cities and towns are coming up soon so if you want to bide your time to find a location to start, be my guest! ~Last Guardian
11/14/2006 #9
Evil Minion Number 2
Um, I've gto a few questions... #1. If your making your own world for this, mind getting/making us a map? #2. What exactally do you consuder "T" rated?
11/25/2006 #10
what do you mean making a map? I'm not exactly sure how to put one up here... By 'T' Rated I mean no nudity or adult references, no extreme swearing, stuff like that. If you want a full info on fictionpress ratings, check the guidelines. That's about it!
11/27/2006 #11
Hello! First post here! Kay...let's get started... Name: Ian Vaan Gender: Male Age: 19-25 Occupation: Apprentice mapmaker, now a reluctant hero. Weapon: Sword, which he has no idea how to wield (Gets it later) Powers: Knowledge of the lands around him, and what monsters may pop up. Appearence: Bowl-hair cut, brown haired. Wears glasses, a papyrus colored jacket, and green, baggy pants, big, clunky brown boots. Other notes: The main character in a story I'm writing, just wanted to test him out here first.
11/30/2006 #12
All right! Welcome Ian Vaan! (did you get the name from FF12? I thought I saw it there...)
11/30/2006 #13
Ian is of my own creation. 'Vaan' is indeed a name from FF12, but I just noticed that. -shrugs-
11/30/2006 #14
Evil Minion Number 2
Well now, if we can have ANYTHING we want here... Karael is indeed, one of a kind. He is the result of a half breed expirement, in which both demonic and draconic genes were used. He has the ability ot shapeshift, though only uses two forms. His birth form is a large, black dragon with extremely hard scales, touch claws, and completely red eyes. His body is a lot skinnier than most dragons, though his wings still retain their draconic "thumb." Basically, he's a demonic dragon. His humanoid form has short cropped black hair with red irises on his eyes. He stands around 6'0 tall, and holds a very atheletic body. His skin is tan. His clothes are consisted of black scale mail armor, and chain mail under that, with a supporting cloth to keep him comfortable. He is quite ambitious, and is looking for good canidates for his half-demon army he is attempting to build. He is cold and unemotinal.
12/2/2006 #15
Nice character, but maybe a little Gary-Stuish...-sweatdrop- And, I don't think you and have ANYTHING...Erm, God-like character? He may be a little too powerful...
12/2/2006 #16
[Add on] Sorry, Last Guardian, this is not for me to say. You decide.
12/2/2006 #17
Evil Minion Number 2
I'm testing how far I can go here. That's been a concept I've been dying to try out, but found a bit too powerful for normal places. My usual anti-stue's currently occupied in another RP on this site, and this guy I've been dying to play for ages, since he appeared as a villian for a good friend whom is beyond hard to kill or even challange. These characters here all look pretty tough/smart, so I figured, why not give it a try? And one thing that might keep the post count down is the edit button. You can acess that by clicking the littke arrows by the reply button by your post.
12/2/2006 #18
Oh, I know about the edit thing. I just wanted an email alert to be sent out saying that. Usually people overlook edits, because they don't know they're even there. So, I put it in a different post, and they know about it! Indeed...But you may want to tone him down a bit... -laughs- What am I saying? It's your character, you may do what you like. Sorry! -sweatdrop- [In truth, if you are intending to put in him one of your stories, he might not be recieved very well...Just a warning.] Loffles. Now, let's get back to RPing!
12/2/2006 #19
Arrow's Flight
Name: Kyra Danye Appearance: forgettable. If you scan a crowd, your eyes go right past her because she has almost nothing to distinguish her. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 5'7". Race: human through and through, though her father was a mage, and she inherited some genes Weapon: Preferably knives, but she can handle a sword pretty well. Hopeless archer. Age: 18 Occupation: thief, and not a chivalrous one either. She doesn't steal from the rich and give to the poor. The only reason she avoids the poor is because they have nothing worth taking. Clothes: Light tunic and breeches usually brown or green becuase it helps her blend in better. Personality: sarcastic unless a good friend (then its mildly bitter. there is a soft streak deep (deep, deep, deep) down. Unwaveringly loyal when she commits to cause. Is currently visiting Aerris and helping steal the city blind.
12/2/2006 . Edited 1/26/2007 #20
well... we do need a very powerful evil person or else there's no fun in the forum right? so Karael is an approved character and more cities, fortresses, town, forests are in process right now. I might get another 3-6 places up this weekend so more choices! Karael, since you're pretty much the head honcho for the evil people, you can start the topic of your fortress, city, whatever you want. Man this place is gonna be HUGE!!... Okay, Kyra Dayne you're good to go! lol on the hopeless archer! ~Last Guardian
12/2/2006 #21
Evil Minion Number 2
Yeah, he's never gonna appear in ANY story, at least named. He's a generic villian. The less polotically powerful counterpart of Saradreza (a drow), and the less crafty counterpart of Naferi (Miss rogue/double agent girl.) Most of the characters I would actually add in a story are anti-sues, the quirky people. I'm just here to pratice my villianous self. To provide a challange that is beatable, but not a complete pushover or idiot.
12/2/2006 #22
lol yeah. Okay, see you on the battle field! (Lolz, I'm a weak mapmaker turned reluctant hero...)
12/2/2006 #23
Yeah, I would be glad to see the hopeless archer over in Aerris. *g* Sounds fun. Now, my girl has a fair rounding out, but she can not sing to save her life. Nor, for that matter, can she dance, or paint, or draw. I pity the man who marries her.
12/2/2006 #24
I'm pretty new here... Her name is Myra Dol. She is a goddess' daughter that was born as a human girl. Sadly She is quite reliant on her friends because she is fairly young (age15/16)She uses both magic and a sword and rarely with a bow and arrow though she is fascinated with her elven-friends archery skills.She has an azurite stone pendant which holds emergency power for her to use in (duh) emergencies! She has extreme sight and hearing which is good when she needs/wants to spy,( presuming She is quiet enough to stay hidden:) She's very friendly and trusting, which often gets her into trouble. She has indigo eyes, brown hair to her shoulders, can always be seen wearing a black or dark blue cloak. She have moon and ice magic. (May need some training...) Myra is 5'5" and weighs 125 lbs. She is basically a human that has unlimited power, but no access or ability to control it. Is this a good character?
1/18/2007 . Edited 1/18/2007 #25
Alright sounds good! Welcome to the forum and have fun! Just pick a spot and start your RPing there.
1/18/2007 #26
I'd like to join this site, I think it would be here's my persona: A single beam of moonlight penetrates the thick black clouds overhead and alights on a willow tree leaning over a crystal lake. A tall slender figure steps out from the shadowy arms of the tree, her long black hair waving in the warm breeze. Green eyes glimmer, as her pale hand raises up and elegent finger points to a far off star. "I am Morgana Le Fey," she whispers, her voice like silk. Name: Morgana Le Fey Pen Name: Morgana Nightwing Eyes: Green Hair: black
1/19/2007 #27
the description's nice except you need to say what race your character is and what sort of weapons or/and magic proficency.
1/19/2007 #28
Yes, you've got the description down, but what does she do and what is her role in the RP?
1/20/2007 #29
... I'm assuming this is the introduction page. As such, this will probably the first glimpse of my impressive person... heh... it's a bother for me to do this but I might as well... Well, my name is Raine Sakata.... I'm human... unlike all you half-dragons... people, I suppose... somehow, I got written into this thing... I suppose you want specs and numbers? Ordinarily, I only tell them to people I like (i.e. not you)... but, I suppose I can make an exception. I'm of a indeterminate weight, age, and height, but I'm definitely not over twenty. As you can (or can't) see, I've got white hair. ... Don't ask. It's genetic. ... Okay, I'm too tired now... going to take nap....
1/25/2007 #30
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