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a few changes and new bits for Illistil including added parts to his history

Name: Illistil Draynar Recycori(Ill-is-til Dray-Nar Rec-e-cory) Illistil is his day to day name with Draynar as formal use. Recycori is a secret name told only to his closest friends.

Race/Gender: Male Thysultai ( A race of Blue-grey skinned Elves)

Age: 523 (To Human years thats about 28 - 30)

Description: A tall and imposing figure at 6"4 Illistil has the signature Blue-grey skin, grey eye's and silver hair of all Thysultai, wearing the mottled grey-black garb of the assassin Illistil's clothing is tailored to fit nearly skin tight with slashes in the thighs, elbows and around the sides of his stomach to allow more freedom of movement in fast paced combat. Personality: Illistil is a cynical and cold individual not inclined to make friends he remains detatched from those around him, just in case. Beneith all this he is a loner who lost the meaning to his life long ago forsaking love and happyness for a life in the shadow, which suits him fine Majanor Personailty changes:

Weapons: Short swords, Compact cross bows, longswords a multitude of daggers and is trained to use a huge range of other weapons and poisons.

Magic: Illistils magic is mostly based around Kinetic energy, movement and manuplating the power in his limbs, from creating magical fists to walls and increasing his strength, speed and agility.

History: At 16 a young age for a Thysultai he is alreadya legend in his own right, being a skilled assassin and sorcerer he has killed hundreds of people from wealthy merchant kings to corrupt guards, whether his mark be the most righteous person in a kingdom or the the most vile murderer, nothing can stop his crossbow bolt or sword from finding it's mark. Born in a noble family of aristocrats and high nobility Illistil tired of the constant bickering and infighting that the noble families were allways apart of. He secretly took up training to be an assassin at the age of 84 under a Thysultai named Karden Jorvasen for nearly two centuries he apprenticed under Karden the older Thysultai constantly pushing him and was not in the least hesitant in trying to kill Illistil as part of the young boys training, the accumilation of his training ended with him killing Karden as part of his final test, which shook him to the core as the Elf had been like a farther to him, even more so than his own. A number of years later he was finaly reveiled when he was caught murdering the head of a rival family of his and before he could kill her, she had alerted the guards to who he was and what he had done, with the death penalty on him he fled Vareni the Thysultai capital with guards on his trail. He never lives or stays in one place for long preferring to constantly move and not stay in any one area too long.

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Haha Thanks Ibex! (Allmost put AO then!) I'll be updateing him every now and then to try and keep up with what I come up with and how he develops in the RP's

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Name: Raven

Sex: Female

Specices: Elf (not a santa elf, a Lord of the Rings elf)

Age: 16

Appearance: Raven has long honey colored hair, deep dark green eyes, and paleish skin

Personality: Some say that Raven has two sides to her personality. She can be sweet, gental, loveing, caring, and she can be fierce, strong, sly, jealouse.

Weapons- Bow and arrows, Sword

Background: Raven was being pushed into a forced marrige to a repulsive human named Kreig. She ran away because she knew her parents would never except her for who she is. Shes hiding a big secret that could ruin her if it got out. Now she is wandering the kingdoms looking for a place where she feels like she belongs, where she feels wanted, where she feels whole.

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Thanks :)

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Name: Sevastion Jeven Thurdanus

Race: Thysultai Arch-Mage

Age: 3'652

Height: 6'6

Description: Bering the distinctive Grey eyes and silver hair of the Thysultai Sevastion (Or Sev as he prefers) is an imposing man his close-cut red and gold mage robes only helping to exagerate his height and the tonned condition of his body. He keeps his hair bound in a pony tail which reaches down to the ornate slver belt at his waist for convience and the least fuss possible. Like any other Thysultai he doesn't particulary look his age, Sev looks like he is in his late 20's or early 30's the only givaway he's over 1000 years old being the depth of his eyes, eyes that hold thousends of years of knowledge and memories.

Personality: Sevastion (Or Sev to his friends) is a carefree and irisponsible man prone to inapropriate and absolutly terrible jokes (Some think it's his famileys influence that got him his Arch-Mage position), allways smiling he never fails to at least try and help someone but bellow all the jokes and smiles he is holds a great determination and stength of will, which he's used more than once to get his way! He knows when he needs to be serious even if he doesn't show it. Although highly frowned upon Sev likes to use his magic for practical jokes, which has earned him quite a reputation back on Thysultai, which can go from really small needle on a chair to making look like someone has stolen all the statues from the Hall of Regents, he also faked his own death once and turned up dressed and illusioned to look like a ghost, he even got some fake smoke and fog.

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Nova Singer

Name: Jarvis Hamilton Iyani (nickname: Jay)

Age: Who freaking knows?

Species: Dragon

Sex: Male

Appearance: Jay's dragon color (since all dragons, or half-dragons develop a specific color) is midnight blue. He is a midnight blue dragon, and half dragon with that colored blue hair, wings and scales on his hands and mouth. But his eyes are royal blue, like his son's. Jay's human appearance is dark black hair, and a strong, lean body.

Personality: Jay is independent, but is respected. He is wise mostly though, and caring.

Background: Jay used to live in Azerath and served the king and queen. When the Drakoniv Edjerha invaded, Jay was the first to start fighting back. He provided the country with weapons, while the young half dragon siblings were away, growing up. He started the secret rebellion against the Drakoniv Edjerha until the siblings returned, and they fought of the slayers.

A few years before the birth of the siblings however, Jay had found a portal to the world of Majannor, and sired a son to a dragoness. He knows full well of his son, but has never met him. He moves now from place to place, but is considered a hero in Azerath.

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Barefoot, can I steal this character and use him in my novel?!

Oh, and he can't have royal blue eyes. They havehavehave to be midnight blue, if that's his color...sorry :/

11/29/2011 #880
Nova Singer

Oh pretty please? (cant believe I just said pretty :P) and yes of course.

11/29/2011 . Edited 11/29/2011 #881

Sweet! Thank you :) And no lol. I am a stubborn...*ahem* I am VERY stubborn when it comes to the rules of my race. No breakage. If he was quarter-dragon I'd say okay, half-dragon probably not, and anything higher definitely not. It's the law of nature, we can't go against her!

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Nova Singer

Ok you win :P

11/29/2011 #883

Haha good :)

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Jackie the Giant

Name: Jonrad Fissilisk

Age: 45 human years, 16 Tellian years.

Gender: male.

Species: Tellian.

Appearance: Jonrad is about 10 feet tall, and actually rather scrawny looking. His skin is dark green, his shaggy hair is white and his eyes are big, innocent and light green. He wears silky red pants and a matching shirt.

Personality: Jonrad is very gentle and innocent. He is always very careful around beings smaller than he is especially humans for fear of hurting them. He is also very childlike and can become fascinated by the most simple things. However, if you maim or kill one of his loved ones then you had better be ready for the smack-down of your life.

Background: Jonrad lives in the city of Adobencha with his mother in the Non-human sector. The humans there do not take kindly to non-humans, and he is constantly being hassled. He has a job as a Janitor and is often picked on by his boss, but he doesn't quit because the money he brings in is all his momma has to live off of.

Abilities: Jonrad has incredible strength, despite his scrawiness, being able to lift a fallen tree with reletive ease and break human bones without even trying. He is also much more durable than a human. Whereas a swinging tree trunk could break a human's ribs, it would only bruise his.

Likes: Playing, exploring, all animals except guinea hens, sunshine, making friends, rain, blackberries, and running.

Dislikes: people getting mad at him, people fearing him, guinea hens, hurting people and getting hurt.

Fears: Tight spaces, becoming a monster and thunderstorms.

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Darknight Squire
I thought I'd add a couple new character's to the Majannor game-namely Draxan and Draxine's older sister and her consort. Name: Altri Race: Drow Age: 250 years At 6 feet tall and 165 pounds, Altri is very big for a a drow-and strong too. What she cannot vanquish with her clerical magic, she very well could with the spider-headed mace that she always carries. Altri had always looked down on her youngest sister Draxine and despised her as a weakling-not only because Draxine was small for a drow female, but because where most drow are cruel and haughty, Draxine was kind and tenderhearted-traits the drow despise as weakness. While all of Draxine's sisters bullied her, Altri was the worst. Until the day Draxine's twin brother Draxan saw her giving his twin a beating, and was so enraged he grabbed Altri and beat her within an inch of her life. While normally drow females are bigger and stronger than males Draxan was as much an exception as Draxine. Normally this would still have gotten him into trouble, because among the matriarchal drow, males only attck females on the orders of another female. Yet their mother had somehow convinced herself that Draxine must have arranged it and was pleased enough that she forbad Altri from retaliating-which in turn caused Altri's hatred for the twins to fester. After Draxan was turned into a drider and Draxine vanished to look for her brother, Altri was charged with finding her younger sister and bringing her back for 'discipline.' She follwed the twins to the surface world-and she took along her wizard consort Nidan. Name: Nidan Race: Drey (drow/surface elf hybrid) Age: 215 years Nidan is a drey-his mother was a surface elf-who had been captured by drow raiders and taken underground to their city. Nidan's mother was lucky in a way-instead of being sacrifice to the drows' evil goddess or made a a noble male's sex slave, she was merely forced to serve in a brothel. There she gave birth to Nidan, whose pale skin and black hair makes him resemble a surface elf, yet has the red eyes of his drow father. Normally, such children are sacrificed, but the brothel's owner, a powerful wizard, sensed the lad's magical gifts even as an infant. Making Nidan his apprentice, he taught the half-breed about drow magic-which Nidan excelled at, to the point that he came into the service of a noble family, where his unusual looks caught the eyes of Altri. Taken by the second daughter's liking for him, Nidan willingly became her consort, hoping to use her to acquire power for himself. Nidan is a powerful wizard who is especially skilled at tracking and detecting magic, which was one reason Altri brought him along when she went looking for the twins.
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All of them are approved!
12/3/2011 #888

So, this looks a little late but i've wanted to join a good RP forum and this one looks like ill fit. My character is Jason a Wolf/Human DNA combination, created by private company as a weapon he has escaped. He was bred with a winter wolf, so his hair is white, has blue eyes, wolf ears, fangs, tail, and claws at 6 feet even has more strength than speed. Use's no weapons to fight. After fighting off his pursuers he's going freelance, doing mostly assassinations.

12/3/2011 #889
12/4/2011 #890

Yay! i realized after i posted that Jason seemed more Si-Fi-ish than he did Fantasy .

12/4/2011 #891
I'm fine with sci-fi characters as well, I'd change the name of the forum to sci-fi/fantasy since I like the idea of both, but I'm afraid I'll get some flak for doing that in a fantasy category
12/5/2011 #892

Yeah, thats understandable, :3 any way where should i begin? (im new to this hole RP thing)

12/5/2011 #893
Just take a look at the more active threads and there's generally a summary of the place on the first post, and see if there's a thread that you think you want to jump in on. Honestly, I'm a little behind on what everyone's doing on the different threads because I'm in the middle of exams and I'm just making sure that I get people approved so they don't miss out due to my schedule.
12/5/2011 #894

All righty! i look forward to being able to hopefully meet up with you :3 good luck on the exams, mine start in a few weeks.

12/5/2011 #895
Thanks, you too!
12/5/2011 #896
I'm sure if you made a Forum in the Sci-fi area we'd all rp there haha
12/6/2011 #897
Nova Singer

((haha we would))

Name: Kaluke Rajamari (nickname: Kal)

Age: About 20

Sex: Male

Species: A controlled werewolf

Appearance: Kal is the owner of the description tall dark and mysterious (and handsome). He has dark black hair that falls in waves, a tall, muscular and lean build. He is more often than not dressed in a black t-shirt and black pants. His eyes are a peircing violet.

Personality: Kaluke is very cocky, overconfident, independent, stubborn, and sometimes foolish. He is very quick on wit, very smart in situations, and he is very sarcastic. Kal gives himself over to wolf instincts more than most of his species would.

Background: Kal's mother was a priestess who shamed her village, as punishment, they offered her to the wolf god that protected their village. And 9 months later, out popped Kal. He has the ability to transform at any time he wants, no full moon stuff or anything, and his wolf form is a black wolf. He left his village and mother behind at the age of 14, and just started traveling.

12/6/2011 #898
((Tell you what, once I'm out of the woods, I'll make a sci-fi rpg :D)) Approved!
12/6/2011 #899

((I has a character allready. . . posted it on a Sci-fi rp on here but I think it's dead so I'm keeping Kratos in storage until I can use him))

12/6/2011 #900
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