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( they have to disaper in an alley?))

She didn't know where we were eaither? Danm. "No."

7/13/2010 #31
The Dragon Lover

((We can just skip that scene, seeing as it'd be pretty redundant to do it now. We basically know they all came here via convenient flash of light.))

As Veronica looked crestfallen, Thomas pulled away from her to try to stand on his own, wincing slightly but refusing to look weak. "Well, then," he said matter-of-factly, "That means we're all lost."

She snorted. "Nice observation, Captain Obvious."

He ignored her. "I think we should go find some people who can tell us where we are. Ya coming or what?"

7/13/2010 #32


He huffed, but after a moment of silence he nodded. "Better to travel in a group"


"Domi!" cried Clio chasing after his sister, ahead of him and giggling. Domi stopped for Clio to catch up.

"Why this place is really cool, we should look around!" she exclaimed. He sighed

"As I don't know how we can get home at the moment, I suggest you to not go so farahead or we'll get lost...again" it took him not long to find her last time, but what if something got to him before then or her? They were in unfamiliar territory after all.

( 8 y. old XP)

(are we going to the people side or the monster know what I mean :P)

7/14/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #33
The Dragon Lover

Thomas glanced around and, after a moment of thought, he asked them, "Do either of you feel like we're standing on a slope?"

"Slope?" Veronica frowned, but after a while of looking around and testing the ground with her sneakers she figured out he was right. "Oh, are we...on a mountain?"

"Seems like it." He took a moment to find where the decline was and added, "If we hike to the foot of it, there might be people."

((Yes, he is.

And we're going to the West, which is where the elves, dragons, and other mythical creatures live away from humans. Rarely do you find a human over here, and even rarer to find them alive. *dramallama*))

7/14/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #34

Foot-falls could be heard, not far from where the humans were. I light crunch of leaves then a silence.

Sixty-three examined the humans carefully from the shadows, her muddy brown fur blending in with the back-round. She sniffed slightly and scrunched her nose in disgust at the smell these humans were admitting.

These humans reek...

7/15/2010 #35

(Dramallama :D)

"There is no point of standing around" Kaiser said. He was already walking away, in direction of the incline.


"Look at that plart it's pretty" Domi said looking at a patch of flowers they stumbled across.

"It has thorns, don't touch it." Clio repeted for the thousandth time.

"Don't worry I'll won't get hur-Ow!" she cried and pulled away from the plants.

"Told you" he said, slighty smug.

7/16/2010 #36
The Dragon Lover

With a huff, Thomas hobbled after Kaiser, and Veronica resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she followed after them. The noises of the forest covered up any possible signs of danger, and so she didn't know of the pair of canine eyes watching her.

((Snowsis, when would you like to have the twins stumble upon the trio?))

7/16/2010 #37

Kaiser was alert dispit he didn't look like it. He had the feeling of being watch, but as large forest it was for all he knew an army was planning to attack them, Which made him uneasy and slighty jumpy.


"It really hurts" moaned Domi, her hand a dark red. Clio was concerned. It started to turn darker are the prick from the unknown plant. for all her knew it could of been poisonious or this could be a slight side affect. Dispite his knowlage on almost everything (to a extent) he didn't reconsise anything at all. He hoped to run into someone friendly to help her.

"We going to fine, just walk a bit faster" he said his worry very apparent in his voice, with slight panic.

(Gah this whole weird flower thing mutaited on it own I"M SORRY DX It's growing with words and I feed it stuff and GAH I DON"T EVEN KNOW DX)

((okay :D)

7/16/2010 . Edited 7/16/2010 #38

Sixty-three's tail swayed slightly and she cocked her head to the side curiously.

Where these humans stupid? Sure the mountain wasn't the safest place because of some of the dragon's and such that lived up here, but the base of the mountain wasn't exactly safe either.

The wolf rolled her eyes, a silently followed the human group, wondering what would happen to them.

7/17/2010 #39
The Dragon Lover

((Okay, how about they just run into each other?))

As they trekked through the forest towards the foot of the mountain, Veronica became lost in thought trying to figure out why they were there. She didn't notice where she was walking until she tripped over another raised tree root with a yelp, and if it wasn't for her jeans she would've skinned both of her knees.

Thomas looked behind him and rolled his eyes at her clumsiness, but then something else caused him to examine the trees around them. "Did anyone else," he questioned, "hear that?"

((Now either the twins or Sixty-three - or both - can make their appearance. ;D))

7/17/2010 #40

Sixty-three froze before slowly slinking forward out of the shadows and into the dim light of the forest, the gold flecks in her fur shimmering slightly in the sun-light.

She stepped forward, a curious look in her eyes. "Who are you?"

7/17/2010 #41
The Dragon Lover

Both teenagers' jaws dropped in disbelief, and Thomas muttered to himself, "What am I on?"

She looked at him and asked carefully, "You didn't share, did you?"

"I didn't even know I was on something. But the talking wolf says otherwise."


7/17/2010 #42

Sixty-three blinked and looked away, her shoulders shaking before throwing her head back in a howl/bark-like laughter.

"Ooh you humans are amusing, many creatures around here talk: Wolf's, Foxes, Dragon's..." Her amber eyes were lit with curiosity.

"You still haven't told me who you are.."

7/17/2010 #43

At the three humans Kaiser seemed the least shocked. As in he didn't blink at the fact there was a talking wolf. "Kaiser." he made a mental note about most species having the ability to talk.

7/17/2010 #44
The Dragon Lover

Following Kaiser's example, Thomas mumbled his name, although he still furrowed his eyebrows at the wolf. After Veronica did the same, he spoke up carefully, telling Sixty-three, "Well, where we're from, animals don't talk. ...wait, did you say dragons?"

7/17/2010 #45

Sixty-three chuckled. "Yes, I did say dragons, there are dragons, gnomes, elves, gaints....." She cocked her head to the side curiously.

"Really? I've never heared of a place where animals don't talk......" She blinked curiously and shook her head.

"My name is Sixty-three, its....nice to meet you..."

7/19/2010 #46
The Dragon Lover

Thomas hesitated, but Veronica smiled (albeit a bit freaked out) and said, "It's nice to meet you, too...Sixty-three. I'm Veronica, and this-"

"You're saying," he interrupted, "that there are dragons and elves and talking animals around here?"

7/19/2010 #47

"Kaiser." he said, he frowned "It seems we are more than a little far from home" he noted quietly.

7/19/2010 #48

[[Hey, is it okay if I join in?]]

8/22/2010 #49
Yuki Kuran

(Hey! I wanna join too XD Is that alright?)

8/23/2010 #50
Yuki Kuran

(I'm gonna go ahead and post my character)

3.14159265 XD

Name: Lisa

Gender: female

Species: human

Skin/Fur/Scale color: she is mildly tan

Age: 18

Attire/Items/Accessories: she's in a blue jogging suit and running shoes and has a smallish backpack with some protein bars, two water bottles, and a book.

Other: she's a gymnast and a bookworm

8/28/2010 #51

(I know this is gonna sound really stupid and I'm really sorry, but I don't remember/know if I'm allowed to accept characters or if DL wanted to accept each character on her own. I'll try to contact her as soon as possible to check, but until then...Ugh, I'm really sorry for the delay. ^^; But feel free to post your characters.

And sorry for my awkward modding; I'm not too familiar with it. ^^;)

8/28/2010 #52
Yuki Kuran

(that's fine. as long as i know this is in the works, i don't mind waiting.)

8/28/2010 #53

(Lisa's approved.)

8/31/2010 #54
Yuki Kuran

When Lisa woke up, she found herself sitting in a bed of leaves. She had been jogging around the city when she saw a flash, she though it was a car, so why was she here. "Hello?!" She tried to look for skyscrapers in the distance or listen for motors, but it was only birds squawking and flying from the sound of her voice.

8/31/2010 #55
The Dragon Lover

((*tires screech, crashing noises, then the door slams open as I slide in and crash into a wall, panting heavily* I'm here, I'm here! Sorry, you wouldn't believe the traffic...

*cracks knuckles* Alright, I'm here to RP and be all Admin-y and stuff. Lisa is approved, and you can post a character profile whenever you feel like jumping in, Zenheim. Sorry for the delays, but now that my internet is permanently fixed, I will probably be more active here. For introducing your character from this point on, I'd recommend just going to the village and occupying yourself there. We'll be there shortly, we just gotta get through awkward introductions and talking animals. lD (Side Note: The people in the village will look normal at first...but they're not. *glint in eyes* I'll control NPCs for now until we get there and you can stop talking to yourself.)

Now for me to actually RP...))

Thomas threw his hands into the air. "That's it! I've lost it. This is all just a fever dream or something I've come up with, and I'm actually lying in a hospital bed with a coma on life support. Because none of this can possibly be real!"

((Misstress, you're go! *takes deep breath* Okay, off to other RPs...))

9/5/2010 #56

Sixty-Three sighed through her nostrils. "No, I'm not saying that there are dragons, elves and talking animals around here" She commented rather dryly, as if to get her point across.


Name: Yami (yes I know, yugioh reference XD *killed*)

Gender: Male

Species: Gryphon

Skin/Fur/Scale color: Dark gold and black colored feathers/fur with a creamy white under belly and brilliant purple eyes

Age: about 30 in human years

Attire/Items/Accessories: N/A

Other: He's rather dark and sadistic and loves picking at others self esteem, he can be very blunt, sarcastic and lazy at times, his wing span is quite large for a Gryphon his size. He's an old friend of Sixty-Three

9/5/2010 #57
The Dragon Lover

Veronica brightened considerably at one particular word, and she repeated, "Elves? You mean, pointy-eared, live-in-the-trees elves?"

"No," Thomas scowled and waved an arm at Sixty-Three, "the talking wolf meant Santa's elves. And why're you so excited?"

"They're elves!" When he gave a snort of disgust, she glowered at him and shoved him lightly, then gasped in sympathy when he stumbled on his injured foot. "O-oh, s-sorry, I didn't-" He only growled as he tried to contain his pain.

((Cool, maybe Yami could be in the village! 8D And here's an opening to go to said village, since they have an injured person. Misstress, would you do the honors of leading them there?))

9/5/2010 #58

Sixty-Three would've raised an eyebrow if she had any. She steped forward and sniffed Thomas's ankel.

"You're injured?" She questioned more then stated.

"There is a village at the base of the mountain, they can help you there, if you wish I could lead you"

((Sure thing Senpai!:D))

9/5/2010 #59
The Dragon Lover

((Awesome, you're the best~))

"Th-that sounds like a good idea," Veronica said, looking guiltily at Thomas' foot.

"Better not be leading us into a trap," Thomas grumbled, wincing when she raised an arm to hit him before she remembered his injury and lowered it once more.

9/5/2010 #60
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