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Here's the place for people to roleplay for certain categories. Everything from dragons to high school to just plain randomness! Roleplay your hearts out!
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The Dragon Lover

1. No Godmodding, obviously.

2. No flaming for no reason. Legitamite reasons are being provoked by somebody, but ONLY provoked. Heated debates do not count as flaming if they have substantial support.

3. Everyone has their own opinions. Respect them or get out! I hate it when people go and put others down because of what they think.

4. Swearing is allowed, but to a certain extent. Keep it to three max per sentence, please.

5. 1F U DONT WR1T3 L1K3 TH1S U TH3N U R PWNS0M3!!!11!!1!1!exclamationpoint!!eleven!

6. Smilies are okay for regular chatting, but don't use them for RPing unless it's like describing a face like this: @.@ Or something else that's hard to describe with words.

7. Have fun! ;P

Rules will be added as I see fit. Don't like 'em? Discuss them on the "Regulation and Moderation" thread. (yay, rhyming! X3 )

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