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The Dragon Lover

The world is in chaos.

Electricity has gone out across the world, and governments everywhere are scrambling to find the source. Criminals are escaping from prison almost magically, and thousands are dying everyday. Monsters are arising that should never have seen the light of day.

You are a survivor, trying to scrounge around and make a living in the slums of a city (particulars don't matter anymore). You don't have superpowers or killer instincts or even a gun; it's just you. Will you make it? Will you survive?

Will anyone?

(Alright, this is a RP where you cannot have special powers or anything to help you; things will be provided to you as you go along. Danger is everywhere, so watch out! Sign up form is below, wait for me or a mod to tell you that your character is in before starting. If you read all of this, type a random string of numbers somewhere in your first post. You will not be accepted until you do so.)

Name: (just a first is really needed, although a last would be appreciated for when there are two Johns)


Height: (if you don't have specific numbers, just say things like "short", "tall" or "average")

Weight: (if you don't have specific numbers, just say things like "skinny", "fat" or "average". No ridiculous muscles, either; this is a normal everyday person.)


Hair length/color:

Skin color/ethnicity: (things like "Caucasian/white", "African American/black", "Irish", etc.)

Eye color: (and please no special eye colors; red eyes are not natural! Unless you have contacts, but that's lame.)

Attire: (such as "jeans", "t-shirt", "blouse", "jacket", etc. with colors)

3/25/2009 . Edited 3/25/2009 #1

EDIT: Yikes! 1234567890

Name: Grace Jones

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Age: 12

Hair length/color: Long bright red hair

Skin color/ethnicity: Olive (that's a skin color name.)

Eye color: Blue green (I'm guessing it's a rare color, but it exists as a natural eye color.)

Attire: Lilac skirt over cutoffs. Light blue shirt. Purple sneakers. Wears a heart locket made of electrum (gold and silver with some other minerals/metals mixed in) that had a picture of her with her family inside.

3/25/2009 . Edited 3/25/2009 #2
The Dragon Lover

Edit: Nice, you fixed it. *claps on back*

And as for my character...

Name: Blake Williams

Gender: Female

Height: Short (I'm better with short people)

Weight: Average, slightly skinny I guess

Age: (forgot this! Oh crap!) 15

Hair length/color: short black hair

Skin color/ethnicity: White (not good at specific skin color names)

Eye color: Brown (yes, dull, I know. But don't say it aloud or I will have to kill you since that's MY eye color.)

Attire: blue jeans, red-and-white sneakers with black laces, a black shirt and a thin gray hoodie, all of it ragged.

3/25/2009 . Edited 3/25/2009 #3

I edited my post, though!

Can I be a mod? (Just wondering; you don't have to answer this.)

3/25/2009 #4
The Dragon Lover

Hmmmm...well, you wouldn't go mod crazy, would you? ...Nah, you wouldn't.

If you would be there for spelling mistakes and such, then sure!

3/25/2009 #5

Does that mean I can be a mod? 8D

3/25/2009 #6
The Dragon Lover

((Let's revert to parenthesis, considering we're gonna RP...and yes, it does. Now, how to do this again...?

I believe I should start this...but let me make you a mod first!

Edit: Alright, your code is this: a1b27

And don't worry, no one else can use it, so I can just post it here. XP ))

3/25/2009 . Edited 3/25/2009 #7


Don't forget, I need a code! =3=)

3/25/2009 #8
The Dragon Lover


Remember, this is set after mass chaos has spread throughout the world, so morals are uncommon here. Don't make your character completely just or anything, and PLEASE don't do any romance here, at least big. Although, I doubt you would anyways, EC. XD

Okay, here I go!))

The streets were deserted this time of day, because in the sunlight you were an easy target. Nobody wandered around in the open unless they were confident, and even then you had to have a gun, which were in short supply.

Blake wasn't lucky enough to own one.

Shifting her way through the garbage in the alleyway, she remained in the shade like others around her did. They were too frightened to do anything to her in fear of drawing attention to themselves, and so she walked on with caution, almost becoming one with the wall.

No need to shine a spotlight on me, either.

She wasn't completely antisocial, but no one else would talk to her, and so she didn't bother trying to get them to open up to her. Most of them would sooner kill her than become friends with her, anyways. Any of those faces huddled in the clumps of old newspapers and garbage bags could be a criminal from a nearby prison, or worse, a government official ready to shoot down anyone who looked even remotely dangerous, teens especially.

It seemed that, even after a near-apocolypse, teenagers were still frowned upon.

3/25/2009 #9

Her home was in ruins and her family gone. She had never really had friends, so there was no where for her to go. Grace had been left all alone in the world.

Suddenly overcome by a fit of anger, she snatched up a stone and through it at the window of what used to be her home. The stone sailed through the already smashed glass.

She froze suddenly. What if someone had heard her? Terrified, she ran away.

3/25/2009 #10
The Dragon Lover

((I control all "NPCs", or Non-Playable-Characters, until further notice, FYI.))

A man nearby with red shoes on had indeed heard that sound and grinned, nasty yellow teeth glinting in the light reflected from the trash cans as he slowly followed her.


Blake gave a silent sigh as she sat down on the filthy ground. What now? I need food and shelter for the night, but I was kicked out of that other abandoned building by that gang....

Another thing that had occured after the worldwide chaos was gangs; more and more people joined them for protection, and despite the fact that the government had the military to back them up, they could never really beat them down. It was a gang that controlled this section of the city, called the "Blood Vipers". They were distinguished from normal citizens or other gang members by wearing red shoes and having a badly done tattoo (remember, no electricty means they had to basically make this a scar) of a snake on their arms.

Her shoes were red, but she wasn't a part of a gang. How unfortunate for her, considering other gangs would kill gang members on sight.

3/25/2009 . Edited 3/25/2009 #11

She heard rustling behind her and let out a little squeak. Omigosh...what's happening? Gripping her swinging locket, she ran faster.

Up ahead, she saw a girl wearing red sneakers. Maybe she can help me...

3/25/2009 #12
The Dragon Lover

The man scowled as Grace got into a hallway chock full of people. He couldn't get her with all of them there, considering some might be members of rival gangs. He slunk away, mood and excitement soured as he glared at her from the shadows.


Blake heard the sound of rapid footsteps and jerked her head up, spying the redhead in a panic. She needs to be quiet, or she'll get killed! She jumped up and stood in front of her, hissing quietly, "Don't make to much noithe!" She made sure to replace the "s" with "th", since that was the loudest consanant in the English language and could easily be heard by others.

3/25/2009 #13

She shuddered. "Sorry," she mumbled, barely audible. "Where am I? Who are all of these people?"

3/25/2009 #14
The Dragon Lover

She brought a finger to her lip and led her to a corner unoccupied before telling her, "These are all other homeless people, but I think most of them are criminals. It's not safe to draw attention to yourself, so don't be so loud!" She had the tone of a scolding teacher, but she was really just scared to watch someone die.

3/25/2009 #15

She glanced around before whispering, "Is there a safe place to go?"

3/25/2009 #16
The Dragon Lover

((Back! ^w^; How long was I gone again?))

Blake bit her lip in thought. "I'm not sure," she finally admitted, "but I'm looking for one now. ...Do you wanna come with me?" It's probably safer to go together, she thought, if we can stay quiet.

3/25/2009 #17

She nodded.

3/26/2009 #18
The Dragon Lover

((Oh, wait, okay, ignore the Into topics post then. XD ))

She gave a small sigh of relief. "Alright, good. It'll be easier to be together, anyways, if we can keep the spotlight off of us."

3/26/2009 #19

She glanced around warily. "Okay, but where should we start?"

3/26/2009 #20
The Dragon Lover

She bit her lip again, this time with anxiety. "Well...maybe we should look around the old warehouses by the docks. The fresh air from the sea is nice, and we could catch fish there by finding some old nets." I'm a bit worried about other people that might be there, but we'll deal with that anywhere we go, anyways.

3/26/2009 #21

She hesitated, then nodded slowly.

(I gave Grace a last name. XD She's now Grace Jones.)

3/26/2009 #22
The Dragon Lover

Blake smiled, liking Grace's quietness. "Alright," she told her softly, "let's go then." Before they could move, though, she asked curiously, "What's your name? I'm Blake."

((Hm, Williams, Jones, they could both be first names! XD ))

3/26/2009 #23



3/26/2009 #24
The Dragon Lover

"Nice to meet you, and I would normally give you a full description of myself, blood type, yaddayadda, but not here." She turned and looked around for the fastest route to the docks. "Come on!" She then led the way, careful of other people around her.


Meanwhile, a man wearing a blue hoodie and baggy pants watched them from the shadows and grinned. "Viper scum getting a new recruit, eh?" He chuckled to himself before vanishing to tell his gang - the Ice Gorillas - the news.

((Oh, damn, look at that. They're screwed. XD Unless......))

3/26/2009 #25

(O_O OMG, how long has he known about Grace and what does he want from her?)

Still wary, Grace followed Blake, trying to be quiet. You never know what you'll find here...

3/26/2009 #26
The Dragon Lover

((Lol, no, he's a different guy than the one that was following her before. That was a Blood Viper, while this is an Ice Gorilla. Lol, funny names, huh?))

Eventually, they reached the docks, and Blake looked around before telling her, "Okay, let's follow the shadows around to the warehouses...." They couldn't just walk across the open space, not only in fear of gang members, but of...something else.

3/26/2009 #27

(O_O Why are so many people after her?)

Now feeling confused, she just nodded and continued following Blake.

3/26/2009 #28
The Dragon Lover

((They're after any "weak people". Remember, this is post-electrical-outage, so there's no food, AC, etc. Picking off the weak ensures that the others can eat more, have shelter, etc. *shrugs* It's how natural selection was supposed to work.))

As they slunk along the side of the docks, she made sure that no one else was around before grabbing her hand and running across an alleyway, heart pumping in her ears as adrenaline and fear made her go faster. As they got to the other side without opposition, she let herself relax and gave a sigh of relief. She looked ahead of them and winced.

"Five more runs to go...."

((Again, it's advisable to avoid open spaces, but if you must or you find yourself in one, RUN.))

3/26/2009 #29

Gritting her teeth to try to keep herself from gasping, she froze suddenly. A twig snapped. "I think someone's following us..." she whispered, trailing off.

3/26/2009 #30
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