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Grace shook her head. "I don't kno-" She stopped suddenly. "I just remembered something."

3/29/2009 . Edited 3/29/2009 #91
The Dragon Lover

Blake, curiously at her sudden outburst, turned to her and asked, "What, what is it?"

3/29/2009 #92

"My mom used to take me to this family who lives not too far from here," Grace said slowly. "I-I think it was to hide me from what's happening with all of the monsters and criminals on the streets. Only certain people can enter or even see the house, such as their friends. I think we should go there."

(Lol, MAJOR plot twist now! =D)

3/29/2009 #93
The Dragon Lover

((Yesh, I noticed! XD ))

Blake brightened up considerably. "That sounds great! Let's go!" She stood up much straighter now. "Where is it?"

3/29/2009 #94

Grace pointed towards the setting sun. "West. C'mon." She started off.

3/29/2009 #95
The Dragon Lover

((Sorry, was doing stuff. XP ))

Blake sighed as they began to walk off. Thank God, she thought to herself.

3/30/2009 #96

Sometime later, Grace walked up to a white house and rang the doorbell.

3/30/2009 #97
The Dragon Lover

Waiting eagerly, Blake shuffled her feet and asked, "I'm allowed in, right?"

3/30/2009 #98

Grace was silent for a long time. "...We'll see."

The door opened, revealing a rather plump woman, wearing an apron and her hair tied back. "Why, Grace! How nice to see you!" Her gaze fell on Blake. Her chocolate eyes narrowed. "Who's this?"

"This is Blake," Grace explained. "She's my friend."


3/31/2009 #99
The Dragon Lover

Blake gulped, feeling her face heat up from the attention, and she stuttered, "Umm, ma'am, uhh, I was, err...." She glanced at Grace with an expression that said, "Help!"

(( XD ))

4/3/2009 #100

The woman's eyes relaxed into their normal size. "Ah, one of your friends, Grace? Come on in, both of you." She turned and disappeared into the house, leaving the door open.

Grace followed her, dragging Blake in and slamming the door shut.


4/4/2009 #101
Dashboard Dusk


Name: Cole

Gender: Male

Height: Tall

Weight: Average

Age: 17

Hair length/color: Short, jet-black

Skin color/ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye color: Light blue

Attire: A black leather blazer with a royal blue undershirt, a small pendant with a sapphire, black pants, and black boots

(shrug) I couldn’t resist.

4/6/2009 #102
The Dragon Lover

((Yay, Dominic! Of course you're in! XP ))

Blake gulped as she looked around the house. "Err, nice crib...? I mean," she cleared her throat, "I like your house. It's nicer than mine...was."

4/8/2009 #103

The woman raised her eyebrow.

4/8/2009 #104
The Dragon Lover

Blake chuckled nervously. "Sorry; just used to...slang terms. Being surrounded by it and all."

4/8/2009 #105

Grace smiled lightly and fakely. "You might want to give it up, Blake."

4/8/2009 #106
Dashboard Dusk

((shrug) Eh, I thought it looked rather interesting, so I decided to give it a try.)

Cole peered from behind the corner of a ravaged building, looking intently at the house where the two girls entered.

“Interesting,” he murmured. “They might have something in there of value.”

He looked in one direction, then another, then dashed quickly, yet quietly over to the house. He came to a halt, then put is ear to the door, his acute hearing picking up what they were saying.

4/8/2009 #107

(Um, Dusk, you might want to check the previous page.

Only certain people can enter or even see the house,


4/8/2009 #108
Dashboard Dusk

(Okay then. My mistake.)

4/8/2009 #109
The Dragon Lover

((Nice to have you here, Dominic. :3 ))

Blake sighed. "Right...." She glanced around the house. "Still, it is pretty nice."

((Heheh, she's failing at making casual conversation. XD ))

4/8/2009 #110

The woman smiled. "You must be hungry. Come on; I was just preparing dinner."

4/8/2009 #111
The Dragon Lover

((If you want something for Cole to do, he could pick a fight with a nearby gang - there's tons of them.

I think the ones I've already established were something like the Blood Vipers and the Ice Gorrilas. The last one makes me lol every time, though. XD ))

Blake's stomach growled at the mention of food, and she gulped and stuttered in embarassment, "Th-thank you, m-ma'am!"

4/8/2009 #112

She smiled. "Sit down and I'll get the food." She disappeared into the kitchen.

Grace turned to Blake. "She's nice, isn't she?"

4/8/2009 #113
Dashboard Dusk

(Okay then. (rubs head sheepishly) See, I'm never really good with RP's...)

There was a small rustle nearby. Cole's head whirred around, but he saw nothing. He bit his lip.

"There's nothing there, Cole," he assured himself. "Just your wild imagination acting up again... That's all..."

He began to walk away from the noise, slowly and steadily, wanting to pick up on any other sounds that were made.

"Some imagination..." he muttered to himself.

(Ehehe... I've a feeling that I already suck at this...)

4/8/2009 #114

(Don't worry, Dusk. I suck at RPing, too. -Obliterated-)

4/8/2009 #115
The Dragon Lover

"Yeah," Blake sighed, "she's really nice."


Dun worry, Dominic; we all have our moments. Like just now was mine. O.o; Eheh.... *shot*))

4/8/2009 #116

Grace sighed. "But she's really secretive...I actually don't know her name."

4/8/2009 #117
Dashboard Dusk

(I think I'll have plenty of "moments"...)

Cole was beginning to become a little paranoid. He heard more rustling, and the occasional faint laugh. He grit his teeth.

“It’s not them,” he said to himself. “It’s not-”

Suddenly, he was thrown against the wall of a building, two sets of hands pinning him against the bricks.

“Where do you think you’re going, Gorilla scum?”

((shrug) I figured he’d be a part of the “Ice Gorillas” because of the blue apparel. (cringe) God, I suck at this…)

4/8/2009 #118

(Nah, it's fine.)

4/8/2009 #119
The Dragon Lover

((Sorry, was vacuuming nearly entire house. X_x ))

Blake blinked and frowned before looking at Grace. ", she's not your mom?"

((And don't worry, Dominic, you're doing fine! Would you like me to RP one of the Gorilla members to help bail him out or something?))

4/8/2009 #120
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