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The Dragon Lover

"Cafe A La Cream" is the hang-out spot for mature teenagers and adults, and now hiring. It is the hottest of the hotspots, the coolest of the cool cribs, etc. And you want to get a job there.

So, you think you've got what it takes to work here, huh? You think you have the fast-paced mentallity of a waitress? The imagination and creativity of a chef? The responsiblity and stern demeanor of the assistant manager? And so on and so forth. You can apply for a job here, but just hope that you have what it takes to keep it.

And, it's not anybody's fault if a little romance goes around while you're here....

((Yeah, this is basically just a romance RP. *shrugs* Was bored. Normal people, unless I decide it should randomly becoming fantasy with lizard people and elves and such. Which would be fun...but yeah. This is here to practice...romancing skills? O.o Post a random string of numbers if you read all of this or you won't get accepted.))






Hair color/length:

Skin color/ethnicity:

Eye color:


3/26/2009 #1

Name: Gabrael 'Rael' Arkenson

Gender: Male

Age: 19 years old

Height: 6'5"

Weight: About average. Mebbe... About 145 lbs? Is that average?

Hair color/length: Short black, messy, somewhat spiky-ish hair

Skin color/ethnicity: English-Chinese mix

Eye color: Jade green

Job: Bartender


8/16/2009 #2
The Dragon Lover

((*checks* Just a bit under, but that's if you compare it to data of probably stupid scientists. XD

Yes!! I was hoping for someone to come on eventually! *happydances* ^w^

Now, for my character...

Name: Veronica Rosemary *killed for using that name too much*

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 132 lbs

Hair color/length: Long and black

Skin color/ethnicity: Not extremely pale, but not olive (from lack of sunlight)

Eye color: Green

Job: Cash register

Woot! Will make the manager in a sec....))

8/16/2009 #3
The Dragon Lover

((Manager bio now!

Name: Serene Feer

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair color/length: Beautiful, soft blonde hair that goes past her shoulders

Skin color/ethnicity: Olive skin

Eye color: Blue

Job: Manager

Want me to start? :D))

8/16/2009 #4
Sorry for disappearing, and if you're still here, sure. ^^"
8/16/2009 #5
The Dragon Lover

((Coolio! ^w^))

The blonde looked up from her clipboard, shouting, "Veronica! Rael! Come here!"

The black-haired girl came running, nearly slipping haphazardly on a misplaced sponge. She panted, "Y-yes?"

8/16/2009 #6
Said boy calmly walked up to the blond, and raised an eyebrow at Veronica's slip. "Are you alright?" he asked her with an English accent.
8/16/2009 #7
The Dragon Lover

"Y-yes," she replied quietly, a bit shy of people.

The blonde tapped her pencil on the clipboard and told them, "Alright, we've got a new quota to reach today!" Showing them figures that were nearly double yesterday's, she explained, "The higher-ups of the company don't know how to work a freakin' cafe...but, we gotta do what we gotta do." She shrugged before pointing at the cash register. "Has the money been counted?"

"Y-yes," Veronica repeated to her.

"Good!" She then looked at Rael and told him, "Everything's secure, correct?"

8/17/2009 #8

Rael nodded, and pursed his lips. "Zhen ma fan...*" He muttered to himself in Chinese, though his accent made it sound strange. "So... We must either work twice as hard to attract twice as many customers, serve twice as many drinks or work double hours to reach this?" he asked with a slight quirk of eyebrow.

((*= Means 'How annoying/troublesome'.))

8/17/2009 . Edited 8/17/2009 #9
The Dragon Lover

The blonde sighed and nodded. "Either that, or all three at the same time. I tried to argue with them, but that just earned me a demerit or something equally stupid." She frowned before shaking her head with a huff. "Anyways, I guess we should all work as hard as we can to meet that quota."

The quiet black-haired girl piped up, "Thank you, for trying!"

Serene smiled. "You're welcome." Giving them a mock salute, she was true to her word as she walked over to start up the ovens.

Veronica looked at Rael shy but curious, and then scurried back behind the counter to stand and wait for the next costumer.

8/17/2009 #10

The jade-eyed boy licked his lips in annoyance, and returned to the bar, picking up a cloth and wiping one of the random glasses that hung around. "Tch... Blimey, we're going t' have to work hard," he commented.

8/19/2009 #11
The Dragon Lover

Hearing his complaint, a faint smile crossed her lips before she commented quietly, "But at least she'll help us this time. Maybe, if we hired some more people...." She trailed off as she tried to imagine someone walking up to ask for a job there.

((Shoot, we need more people. ^w^;))

8/26/2009 #12

(Peopals here :D) 567483902

Name: Madison Blank (I can't think of a lst name so her last name is Blank)

Gender: F

Age: 16

Height: tall

Weight: avrage

Hair color/length: Short red in pigtails, she dyes it so it has blue streaks

Skin color/ethnicity: .... fair skin

Eye color: Blue

Job: Waitress~)

4/2/2010 . Edited 4/2/2010 #13
The Dragon Lover

((Coolio! Now you can just walk into the cafe and try to apply for a job. Mkay?))

4/9/2010 #14

Madison walked into the Cafe, "Hey! I'm here to apply fpr the waitress job!" she called out in the middle of the floor. She got many stares but she didn't notice

4/9/2010 #15
The Dragon Lover

Veronica nearly gasped in surprise. Someone was applying for a job? What timing! Meekly, she stepped forward to beckon the girl over, and she asked her curiously, "You're really here for a job?"

4/9/2010 #16

"Yep" she replied cheerfuly "I"m Madison T. Blank" she said bowing, 'I mean job = money and money = car so why not?' she thought

4/9/2010 #17
The Dragon Lover

Veronica glanced back at the counter, wondering how she was going to deal with this. Should she get the manager? Or should she do it herself?

Making a decision, she found the clipboard and motioned for Madison to follow, choosing a table towards the back of the cafe to talk to the girl looking for a job. "Okay, so...uh, Madison," she began, "w-what makes you wanna work here?"

4/9/2010 #18

'Alright saying that your only here until you by a car will not get you the job so listen carefuly'" she thought

"Well" she said choosing her words slowly "I'm a people person ...and have great patience I like working with peopleand yeah" she nodded

4/9/2010 . Edited 4/9/2010 #19
The Dragon Lover

"" She had to admit, this girl sounded like a good employee. Possibly even better than me... Shaking off the depressing thought, she quickly said, "A-ah, I see! You seem like a nice person! Uh..." She glanced at the clipboard, scribbled a few things down, and continued, "What kind of job were you looking for?" She sounded like she'd be a good waitress, though.

4/9/2010 #20

"Waitress" she chirped

4/9/2010 #21
The Dragon Lover

She blinked in surprise. "W-w-waitress?!" Quickly regaining her composure, she glanced down at the clipboard as she tried to think about how she should answer. Do cafes have waitresses? Would it be good if we did? It might make it easier on the customers... She thought over it long and hard, and then she stood up with a quiet, "Hold on, I have to talk to the manager about this..." Excusing herself, she walked quickly to find the blonde.

4/9/2010 #22

She turned looking for a chair, in lazyness she insted sat on the counter "please Maddie needs a job for money for a new car" she said her eyes closed and her finger crossed and out of sight

4/9/2010 #23
The Dragon Lover

After a conversation filled with stuttering and cool replies, Veronica returned with a small smile on her face. "G-good news, Madison!" She handed her a piece of paper. "If you fill this in and hand it in, you'll probably get the job!"

4/9/2010 #24

"Great" she smiled and brought out a pen from her pants pocket and started to fill the forum in "ummm" she looked over it after a some time "I think thats it"

4/9/2010 #25
The Dragon Lover

Nodding as she accepted it, Veronica curiously cocked her head to the side as she stared at Madison. "Hm..." After a moment, she smiled warmly and told her sincerely, "I think you'll love it here!"

((Do you think I should make another character, to keep things interesting?))

4/9/2010 #26

"Thanks" she grinned as she hugged Veronica, she quicky backed away "sorry, I"m just a huggled person"

((Si :D))

4/9/2010 #27
The Dragon Lover


Name: Jacob White

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: Tall

Weight: Average (meh, too lazy right now)

Hair color/length: Black/short

Skin color/ethnicity: A little tan, Caucasian

Eye color: Blue

Job: Cleaner

And here we go!))

Veronica's face reddened at the unexpected hug, but before she could say it was alright she heard someone shout, "Yo!" Her head whipped around to see a teen walking confidently over, and she became incredibly shy as he stood before them with a friendly grin on his face. "What's up? I saw the sign outside, and..."

"Sign?" She glanced behind him and noticed something that hadn't been there twenty minutes ago: A white and blue sign that advertised that they were accepting employees. Her shoulders slumped at the thought that she had missed something, but she quickly straightened up and cleared her throat to try to drive away her fear. "W-well, uh, y-you just need to fill this out." Handing him a piece of paper, she quickly made herself scarce and ran to her sanctuary - the cash register.

The black-haired boy blinked, clearly not expecting such a "welcome," but sat down to do as he was told. He barely gave Madison a glance, frowning thoughtfully before returning to his work.

4/9/2010 #28

"Sooooo......When do I start? Do I get a uniform? What's your poilcy on really rude people that come here? What type of uniform is there? I hope it's not like a short skirt I hate them. When is my brake? Are there any orders I fill out for people? And when there a fire what do I do? What abot if a man in a giant purple platapus suiet comes in? Do you think platpus are weird? I think there kinda creepy. If someone tries to steala fork........." she contined blurting questions at 100 miles per hour


4/9/2010 #29
The Dragon Lover

((Lulz. Is she asking Veronica all of those questions?))

4/9/2010 #30
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