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(XDDDDD yes)

4/9/2010 #31
The Dragon Lover

((Alright. After this post, though, I'm leaving for bed. Have to get up early tomorrow for my last rifle match.))

Veronica faltered under Madison's massive fire. "Ah...well...y-y'see..."


She squeaked in alarm as Jacob slapped the paper and clipboard on the counter, satisfied grin on his face. "A-ah, thank you, I-I'll talk to the manager, a-and...uh, I'll be right back!" She scampered away, her face red with embarrassment and terror at all of the attention she was getting today. So many people talking to me and asking me'll I make it through today?

((*cracks knuckles* Alright, I'm done and proceeding to hit the hay. See you some other time! Bye!))

4/9/2010 #32

"Whats with her?" Madison tilted her head

4/9/2010 #33
The Dragon Lover

Jacob shrugged, watching the open door that led to the backroom of the cafe where Veronica had run off to.

4/10/2010 #34

"Whats your name?" asked Madison looking around the Cafe

4/10/2010 #35
The Dragon Lover

He smiled and held out a hand. "I'm Jacob White. Pleased to meet you!"

4/10/2010 #36

She giggled "Odd I'm Madison Black" she shook hands with him ((ueah I changed her last name. But I couldn't resist D:)

4/10/2010 #37
The Dragon Lover

Shaking her hand, he raised an eyebrow. "Hm. Ms. Black and Mr. White. Ironic."

4/10/2010 . Edited 4/16/2010 #38

"I know, I wonder if any other colour themed people work here" Madison pondered

(She tempting fate ;D)

4/10/2010 #39
The Dragon Lover

He grinned faintly at the thought. "I dunno." Then, he glanced around, mumbling, "Now where's that girl?"

((...uh-oh. Dun do that, Madison! Dun do eeeeeet!))

4/10/2010 #40

"I think she went to see her boss" she shugged

((XDDD really Madison Black, Jacob White and then someone with the last name of Grey or something :P)

4/10/2010 . Edited 4/10/2010 #41
The Dragon Lover

"Hm." He stretched his arms out over his head, saying, "Well, I hope I get the job. I've been wanting a little bit of income for a while, but no one's been accepting me for some reason."

((Do you want to make another character? Preferably a guy, since we already have three girls. Oh, and don't use the last name "Grey," because I want to be able to make the joke of Madison and Jacob's child being called "Grey." Not that they'll get together, but it'll be funny, right?))

4/11/2010 #42

"Really?" she said surprised "I find it easy to get new job... and to lose them as well"


Name: Lucius (often called "Lucy") Turler

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: Tall

Weight: a bit on the thin side (meh, too lazy right now)

Hair color/length: long messy blond hair (from the back he's mistaken for a girl)

Skin color/ethnicity: a bit tannish

Eye color: Blue

Job: ? give me a moment))

4/15/2010 #43
The Dragon Lover

Jacob looked at her with interest. "Is that so? ...may I ask how you lose them?"

Veronica, in the meantime, was peeking over the counter at the two, trying to be stealthy as possible as she waited for their conversation to end. I don't want to interrupt...

4/16/2010 #44

"Well... if someone here's a prick I have a right to shoo them off" she huffed

4/17/2010 #45
The Dragon Lover

Jacob smiled and rubbed the back of his head, mumbling, "Well, maybe, but uh...aren't the customers always right or something like that?"

4/18/2010 #46

"So if one says there is no such thing a gravity, we'll all just float around?" she asked, with underlining humor in her voice.

5/14/2010 #47
The Dragon Lover

"Err..." Jacob rubbed the back of his neck nervously, stumbling, "Well, that, just..."

When it looked like he had nothing else to add to the conversation, Veronica came back with a shy but happy smile, telling them, "A-alright, you two, y-you've made it! You got th-the jobs!" Although Serene's easy to please, she added to herself.

((When'll you add that Lucius guy? You can do it at anytime, after you apply him for a job. xD))

7/7/2010 #48

(...I don't know any jobs DX)

"Thats great!" Madison smiled "Looks like we're all working buddies from now on!"

7/7/2010 #49
The Dragon Lover

((Uh, the cash register, manager, waitress, bartender and one cleaner has been taken, but there's room for more than one cleaner as well as a number of chefs, a number of waitresses and...other stuff? *shrugs* Just tell me what you'd like him to be and I'll make a job for it. xD))

Jacob grinned with a nod, saying, "Yeah, and we'll get to hang out every day!"

Veronica smiled, although she still looked a bit frightened by the number of people she was hanging out with. I'm used to just a few, but now it seems like we'll have a lot more...

((Ooh! Lucius could already work there as a chef! ...just a suggestion, so you don't have to introduce him and we don't have to explain where the food came from before he was there... *shifty-eyes*))

7/7/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #50


"Thats great!" she said and pulled the other two into a group hug "Does anyone else work here?"

(:D yay lazyness :D

Lucius (often called "Lucy") Turler

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: Tall

Weight: a bit on the thin side (meh, too lazy right now)

Hair color/length: a brown ponytail :D

Skin color/ethnicity: meh kinda pale

Eye color: brown

Job: Baker/Chef

There :P)

7/7/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #51
The Dragon Lover


Veronica, after a little stammering fit of awkwardness, finally choked out, "W-we have a baker - well, he's a chef, but - h-he also bakes, and...uh, we have our manager, and our bartender, and...uh, y-you guys!"

Jacob brightened up. "Cool! Can we meet them?"

She twiddled her thumbs nervously at the attention she was getting. "U-uh, I guess...we can go into the kitchens right now."

((Yay! *claps happily*))

7/7/2010 #52

"A baker? Cool" Madison nodded in approval "So there over here?" She said over at the door to the kitchens.

7/7/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #53
The Dragon Lover


Jacob nodded before stepping through the doors, beckoning the girls to follow him. "Let's meet this chef/baker dude!"

7/7/2010 #54

Madison clapped her hands "Okay!" she followed Jacob inside. In the kitchen person with a ponytail was, but the looks of it using the finishing touches of a cake, Icing, sprinkles and those little metal ball things.

"Ah customiers?" He said "you started to give them tours of the kictens, now?" he asked, jokely

7/9/2010 #55
The Dragon Lover

Veronica blushed and stuttered, "N-no, these a-are the n-n-n -"

"We're new employees," Jacob finally told him, giving the black-haired girl an apologetic pat on the back. "I'm Jacob, and this is Madison."

7/9/2010 #56

"Ah, new employees?" He said, turing away from the cake. "I'm Lucius, baker, chef and such."

Madison leaned to the side, eye wide "Tat cake looks real yummy" she noted, practly drooling

"Of course" he laughed "I am a chef, If I cojuldn't cook, what is my point of being here?"

7/10/2010 . Edited 7/10/2010 #57
The Dragon Lover

Jacob nodded. "Good point, good point."

Veronica glanced between all of them, wondering how they could make friends so easy. Then again, they're nice people, so maybe it's just inevitable. She was a bit jealous, but of course she wouldn't say so aloud. Instead, she carefully asked Lucius, "A-are we bothering you?"

7/10/2010 #58

*peers in* OGod romance-ish RP :O MUST JOIN! *killed*

Name: Amorea (Amo Pronounced Am-o) Reabella

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'3

Weight: 135

Hair color/length: long black hair, usually pinned up in a bun

Skin color/ethnicity: Italiano ;D *killed*

Eye color: Despite being Italian, she has bright 'electric' blue eyes

Job: Desert Chef but she cooks some Italian food too, make sure you dont touch her knife, she dosnt like that xD


(this ok?)

7/12/2010 #59
The Dragon Lover

((Yes, this is great! And, since we're in the kitchen, you could introduce yourself ASAP! Just be all like, "Hey, Lucius, who're these guys" or something, and POOF! You have an intro post! :D))

7/12/2010 #60
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