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The Dragon Lover

Although most of the world's population doesn't know it, there are such things as psychics. Not those ridiculous fortune-tellers, no, but a person with real psychic talent - able to read minds, levitate, control others, things of that matter. It is hidden from the normal people, but there are those who dislike the psychics for doing something that's "unnatural" and "inhuman", calling them "demons" and "monsters" for their born powers.

You are one of the few people with psychic powers. It is either levitation (of you and other things), mind-reading (thoughts or feelings, not both), sensing other people and locating them (think X-Men), or changing the physical or chemical (not both) properties of things. Only a very few percentage are the Controllers, and unfortunately you're not one of that small percent. The enemies, however, are. They control others and make them do their bidding, giving all other psychics a bad name and causing people to go after them.

Being a Flyer, a Reader, a Seeker or a Changer, you have to help the secret psychic rebellion band together and put a stop to both the controlling and the hunting. Who will you fight with? Can you help them win? Or will you be the next victim?

(This is based on my original story "Entwined Hearts", which, now that I think about it, sorta sounds like how my friend described "The Watchmen". Crap. Anyways, you can't be super-awesome or anything with your psychic-powers – try to be humble, if you can. The sign-up form is below, and if you've read all of this thoroughly, put a random string of letters in your post somewhere and wait to get approval. If you don't, then you won't get accepted in.)



Height: (if you don't have specific numbers, put things like "short", "tall" or "average")

Weight: (if you don't have specific numbers, put things like "skinny", "fat" or "average". And don't have ridiculous muscles, please; psychics don't have super-strong muscles, anyways.)


Hair color/length: (To describe the length without exact numbers, use things like "super short" or "shoulder length" or "long" or "super long")

Power: (Either Flyer, Reader, Seeker or Changer)

Skin color/ethnicity: (Things like "Caucasian/White", "African American/Black", etc.)

Eye color: (Flyers normally have blue; Readers normally have brown; Seeker's normally have gray; and Changers normally have green. If not exactly that color, than at least a mix of it and whatever color you wanted that's normal. Green-and-red eyes are just ridiculous. Oh, and Controllers always have black eyes no matter what, although you aren't allowed to make them as of now.)

Attire: (Flyers would have something that isn't able to snag while they fly; Changers can change their clothing whenever they want, so it doesn't really matter. For the rest, just put whatever.)


3/27/2009 . Edited 9/7/2010 #1


Name: Lily Calinde (cal-LIN-day)

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Age: 12

Hair color/length: Super long red hair (I'm obsessed with that hair color)

Power: Flyer

Skin color/ethnicity: White

Eye color: Blue

Attire: Blue tank top. Navy tight-fitting spandex pants. White sneakers.

3/29/2009 #2
The Dragon Lover

((Lol, try reading the instructions again, silly. XP I did that just in case, ya know.

But, anyways, I'm pretty sure you get the rules, so you're accepted! ^w^ ))

3/29/2009 #3

(I wasn't sure about whether or not Lily's clothes would pass. ^^;

But thank shoo! Yayz!)

3/29/2009 #4
The Dragon Lover

((You's welcome! X3

Anyways, I guess I'll start!))

Giving a sigh, Veronica stirred her white chocolate mocha as she sat at a table outside of the cafe. "Geez, this is boring...."

She had come here to meet a friend, but it seemed he was ditching her as she had been waiting here twenty minutes already.

"That ditcher...." She scowled. "Why, I oughtta -"

"Oughtta what?"

She looked up to see a man standing there with a smile on his face, black spiky hair making him stand out in the crowd. She scowled at him and asked, "Where have you been, Jacob?"

"Had some stuff to deal with, sorry." He smiled at her as he sat down. "But I'm here now."

((You can do a small intro and have her eavesdrop or something. XP ))

3/29/2009 . Edited 3/29/2009 #5


Lily was seated near their table. She hadn't ordered anything; she just sat their with her face in her hand. A migraine was starting to work its way through her.

When she heard the name "Jacob", she looked up. It's dangerous to reveal names nowadays...I wonder who're they?

3/29/2009 #6
The Dragon Lover

"So, Jakie," she grinned after taking a sip of her mocha, "when's that trip you were talking about?"

"Ah, in a week," he waved a hand nonchalantly, "but I have to start preparing for it now. Tennis is serious business, after all." He made a stern face to emphasis the fact, only making Veronica start laughing as she told him, "Oh, stop it! You're gonna have fun, and you know it!" After she was done giggling, she sighed and added, "Especially with getting out of school for three days...lucky."

He grinned at her. "Yep, I'm just extremely lucky that the coach let me go with the rest of the team, considering I'm an alternate."

3/29/2009 #7

Keeping her eyes away from the pair, Lily frowned. Strange...they're talking like there's nothing wrong in the world.

(Just trying to keep things moving. ^^;)

3/29/2009 #8
The Dragon Lover

((Mmkay! XP ))

After a while of normal chatter, Veronica gulped and said, "So, umm, Jake...about the...well, you know...."

"Hm? ...Oh, yeah, right." He nodded, seriousness on his face - for real, this time. "Well, what about it?"

"Well....I went over the roofs this time."

"...No way!" At her shushing, he lowered his voice a bit and repeated, "No way! Seriously?" When she nodded, he grinned and said, "That's freakin' sweet, Ronny!"

"Yeah," she sighed with a smile, "it was. And, like, the clouds were all like - whoosh - and I was all - zzzzzzeeeeeeroom!" She made excited sound effects before calming down at his "shhh!" and sighed again. "Man, I wish you were there, 'cause I could have shown you myself."

"Yeah, I was so angry when my mom wouldn't let me out that late." He sighed and shook his head. "Sorry, Ronny."

She smiled and said, "It's okay." Glancing at the clock, she jumped to her feet and exclaimed, "Oh, I'm late for my piano classes! Mom's gonna kill me!" Giving Jacob a quick hug, she ran out of the cafe as if the devil was on her heels.

After she was gone, Jacob sighed and muttered, "Man, she's really something." Then, as his cell phone began to ring, he scowled before looking at it and scowling again. "Ugh," he groaned, "it's him."

(( XD Long, much?))

3/29/2009 #9


When the girl, Ronny she had been called, possibly Veronica, had left, Lily stole a glance at her fleeing form. Strange...

She glanced back at the boy dubbed "Jacob", who were scowling at his cell phone. Even stranger.

I suppose nothing's normal these days. She stood and left the cafe, even though she hadn't had anything, and slowly walked home.

3/29/2009 #10
The Dragon Lover

Jacob didn't notice Lily leaving, only paying attention to the cell phone as he sighed and picked it up. It wouldn't do any good to P.O. him, anyways. "Yes, Guy?" That was the codename. He had to change whatever he adressed the "Guy" as, and he was running out of good names.

"Really, Jacob, is that the best that you can do?"

He scowled. "On such short notice? Yes." He then sighed. "Now, what do you want?"

"Is she gone?"

"Yes," he looked out of window to where Veronica had ran off to. "She's gone."


Veronica, nicknamed Ronny, was playing the piano half-heartedly, not really paying attention to the music she was playing as she thought of last night. She sighed. That was amazing! Oh, if only Jacob was there....

((I think it's time to introduce another character of mine, too.

Do you wanna do the same? XP ))

3/29/2009 #11

(Sure. Next post.)

What do you think of when you here home? A cozy home filled with people? A mansion with everything a person wants? A small apartment that has your family within its walls?

Lily had none of these. She lived in a small, abandoned shed alone.

3/29/2009 . Edited 3/29/2009 #12
The Dragon Lover

((Aww, poor Lily. 3: I wanna hug her!

Anyways, here's the char!:

Name: Charles Redding

Gender: Male (der)

Height: average

Weight: average, maybe a bit chubby

Age: 15

Hair color/length: super short dark brown hair

Power: Reader

Skin color/ethnicity: Dark tan Indian

Eye color: Brown/hazel

Attire: Khaki shorts, flip-flops, and a white tank top


Charles was just coming back from the beach when he decided to stop by a cafe. Getting in and ordering, he sat down and waited, shifting through some thoughts of others to pass the time. No one could notice him doing it, but he had to be careful to not respond to thoughts. One person, though, caught his interest as he heard the last of, ...want her getting hurt.

"...Hm?" He looked around before pinpointing a guy talking on the phone, and he listened in on his thoughts as he was too far away to hear the conversation.

Who does he think he is? His frustration was evident. I swear, I wanna punch this guy right in the -

Suddenly, the thought pattern stopped, followed by a strange silence in his mind as Charles shivered and wondered, what's going on? It's like he just lost his mind!

....I must do as he says. The thoughts suddenly started up again, making him jump. She'll be home in an hour. That leaves me time to work. He then stood up, somehow left without paying, and let the eavesdropper wonder what the hell had just happened.

"...alright," he sighed as he stood up as well, "now I'm curious." Leaving without getting his order, he followed the guy out and was careful not to be suspicious looking.

3/29/2009 #13

(=D Awesome.

Here's mine:

Name: Sasha Awn

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Weight: Average

Age: 12

Hair color/length: Shoulder length blond

Power: Seeker

Skin color/ethnicity: White

Eye color: Gray

Attire: Red shirt with purple flowers. Pink skort with green flowers. Tan sandals.

Yeah, Sasha is very girly.)

As she started to enter the cafe, Sasha almost crashed into a slightly chubby brunet. He seemed to be following someone.

3/29/2009 #14
The Dragon Lover

(( XD I guess Charles failed in "not looking suspicious", huh?))

He gasped and stammered, "Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...uhh...." He looked around, realizing he had lost the guy. "Dammit!" He scowled. "Where'd he go?"

((Hey, all we need is a Changer, and we've got a whole crew! 8D ))

3/29/2009 #15


Sasha blinked slowly. "Where'd who go?"


So...who should make a Changer?)

3/29/2009 #16
The Dragon Lover

He looked at her, blinking surprise before realizing he had, indeed, blurted that aloud. Damn, I always do that. He grinned and chuckle nervously, saying, "Ah, well, that' interesting question. I'm trying to find out where a guy went that peaked my curiosity."

Hey, it's the truth.

"He was just walking out of here, with black spiky hair and a frown on his face. Did you see him?" He asked hopefully.


Well, I DO have three chars already.....

XP ))

3/29/2009 #17

(I guess I'll make another character then. Next post.)

"...No, I don't believe I have. I just got here.

3/29/2009 #18
The Dragon Lover

He snapped his fingers. "Shoot...." Frowning as he looked around, he thought he saw a man staring at him from afar. When he blinked, however, he was gone.

Puzzled, he shook his head and mumbled, "Whoa, that was weird...."

((Yeah, he also has a habit of talking to himself. XD Like me!))

3/29/2009 #19

(Name: Alyssandra Collins (Also known as Ally or Sandra)

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Weight: Skinny

Age: 14

Hair color/length: Long strawberry blond

Power: Changer

Skin color/ethnicity: White

Eye color: Green

Attire: She's a Changer, but normally wears a plain lilac shirt, cutoffs and tan sandals.)

Sasha stared at him for awhile. "..." Spinning on her heel, she walked into the cafe.

3/29/2009 #20
The Dragon Lover

Charles chuckled nervously and muttered, "She thinks I'm insane..." Shaking the thought, he then went to walking around, reading the minds of people in hopes of finding someone who had seen that guy...or that other man. For some reason, though, he couldn't remember what the man had looked like; despite him having just seen him, the image in his mind was all blurry and unclear.


Ronny, now walking home, found Jacob walking in the opposite direction of where she was going on the other side of the street. Smiling at her luck, she waved at him and shouted, "Hey, Jakie!"

He looked up from being deep in his thoughts, and then smiled as he made his way safely across and beside her. "Hey," he said back, grinning at her as they walked together. She didn't ask what he was doing here, but instead inquired, "So, your tennis thing...."

"Hm?" He looked at her curiously to see her frowning. "What about it?"

"Well...." She looked away, her expression downcast. "...I'll miss you." After all, they had been friends for years, and they hung out nearly every weekend.

He smiled and patted her on the shoulder, telling her, "Don't worry, it's only three days! I'll be back before you know it!"

3/29/2009 #21

Sasha did indeed think he was insane, but she brushed it off and pretty much forgot about him.


Lily sighed as she entered her shed. Falling on her make-shift bed (which was really just a bunch of blankets piled on top of each other), she quickly fell asleep.


Alyssandra was sitting near the back of the cafe. She frowned upon seeing Sasha and Charles talking. Odd. They shouldn't be standing in front of the door like that. She sighed, shaking her head.

3/29/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #22
The Dragon Lover

((...ya know....Changers don't have to take showers.

XD ))

Jacob walked Ronny home, and as she gave him a quick hug she told him, "See you tomorrow, right?"

He nodded. "Tomorrow's Sunday, right?" When she nodded, he smiled and said, "I'll come by after church." He then waved with a grin and told her, "See ya!"

"Bye!" She hoped he would be fine (it was pretty dark out now) as she went into the living room and turned on the TV, listening to the news as she cooked up something to eat.

"A mysterious murder happened on Elms Street just half an hour ago."

She stopped and poked her head out of the kitchen to look at the screen, showing a house that was in her neighborhood. She shivered. That's scary! Who would do such a thing?


Charles finally found the guy from before while randomly walking around, but he made sure to act casual as he walked past him. After Jacob had rounded a corner, the Reader turned right around and went to follow him cautiously. No need for a repeat of earlier, after all.

3/29/2009 #23

(Really? Cool!)

Sandra seated herself at a table. Her eyes closed thoughtfully, locating Charles. He was following Jacob. Strange...I wonder why?

3/29/2009 #24
The Dragon Lover

Ronny sat down on the couch to watch as she gulped down her nearly scalding hot soup, eyes glued to the screen.

"There are no eye witnesses to the crime, but investigators are on the case now."

"I hope so," she mumbled to herself before taking another sip. I wouldn't wanna meet that guy in a dark alley....


Charles made sure to stay far behind Jacob, but he did keep his "ear" in his thoughts as he wondered where he was going. (It wasn't like Charles had anything better to do, anyways; with his foster parents gone, he could do whatever he wanted!)

I hope I'll wake up early tomorrow, Jacob thought as he sighed and combed his fingers through his hair. Whenever I do something like that, I normally am very tired.

'Do something'? Charles, being the curious fellow that he was, kept pursuit of Jacob. Did what?

Ah, the black-haired teen strolled into an apartment with a smile, mom's home cooking will help me get the sleep I need.

Ah, shoot, Charles frowned as the boy walked into his home and disappeared. I can read his thoughts when I can't see him.

((Yes, that's the one thing Readers can't do - read minds that they can't see the owners of, unless they have a Seeker with them. It's a complicated process.))

3/30/2009 #25

(XD Charles'll have to get Sasha's help now.)

Lily woke up soon, got up and walked out. She went back to the cafe, where she spotted Sasha and Alyssandra. A tired grin broke across her face as she walked through the door.

(Yes, the three of them know each other. XD)

3/31/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #26
The Dragon Lover

Charles was coasting the area in search of Jacob (it really was the only thing he could do) when he looked inside the cafe and saw the girl he had met yesterday along with two others. Smiling for a second before frowning the next, he wondered, would any of them happen to know him? Curious, he decided to slip into their thoughts for just a moment.

((Lol, he's so rude! XD ))

4/3/2009 #27

Lily joined Sasha and Alyssandra at a table.

Before they can say anything, Sasha held up a hand. "Look." She pointed a finger out the window. "That guy out there...I ran into him earlier. He seems suspicious. Be careful."

Lily and Alyssandra nodded.

(He is. XD But Sasha doesn't know he's a Reader, so they'll still be thinking things...)

4/4/2009 #28
The Dragon Lover

Charles saw them pointing at him, and he cringed. Dammit, they saw me. But, I can't read their minds when I can't see them! Deciding to get down to matters, he entered the cafe and waved at Sasha with a smile. "Hey, umm," he stopped at their table, "you didn't happen to see that other guy after I left, did you? I really, really need to find him, and fast."

((True. XP Lol, and think if one thinks he's cute. XD He'll blush madly and start to st-st-stutter.))

4/4/2009 #29

Sasha crossed her arms. "Why would you think that? I've been here this whole time, and that guy left and hasn't come back, or even in this direction."


4/5/2009 #30
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