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Lily let her hand fall, releasing her hold on Charles.

Alyssandra jumped back as Charles fell on the bed. "Honestly, Lily!"

(...I think I'm GMing. I'm not sure, since I'm a mod... ^^;)

4/16/2009 #121
The Dragon Lover

(( XD

If you haven't noticed, technically, ALL of the psychic powered people are potential GMers. You'd have to do practically nothing to avoid GMing!

And it's not like I mind or anything. XP ))

Charles shakily stood up, wiping imaginary dust off of himself. "A-ah, well, u-um, shouldn't we fix the, uh, room?" He waved around at it. "Before someone, like, notices?"

4/16/2009 #122

(XD Good.)

Alyssandra shrugged, then pointed her hand at where the door used to be. The room returned to normal.

4/16/2009 #123
The Dragon Lover

(( XD ))

Charles sighed in relief, and then he added in a quiet voice, "But I don't trust that other guy. You know," he jerked his head in the general direction of Veronica's room.

4/16/2009 #124

"Jacob?" Lily blinked. "Me neither."

"Is there something wrong with him?" Alyssandra asked, as she and Sasha hadn't been with Lily at that time. Sasha looked confused

Lily shrugged. "There's something...odd about him."

4/16/2009 #125
The Dragon Lover

"When I was Reading," he told them with a small scowl, "I heard some weird thoughts. And he's hiding something. Even from his little 'girlfriend'."

4/16/2009 #126

"You'd be surprised what you can pick up from just watching people..." Lily said dryly.

(Lily is so not tactful. XD)

4/16/2009 #127
The Dragon Lover

He nodded in agreement. "I think he's up to something, and that 'something' isn't good."

4/16/2009 #128

Alyssandra was silent. Now she spoke again. "I think he's a Controller."

4/16/2009 #129
The Dragon Lover

Charles shrugged. "I can't be sure without proof, but I don't -"

"Hey, guys," (speak of the devil!) Jacob said as he walked in, not noticing Charles' mouth clicking shut as he turned to Alyssandra. "How're you, uhh...." He smiled nervously. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

((And Controllers are the most GMing people in teh world.

Sorry, had to say that, even though the conversation's already gone past that. XD ))

4/16/2009 #130

"Alyssandra," Alyssandra half-smiled, wary. "I'm fine. Apparently better than your girlfriend. She okay?"


4/16/2009 #131
The Dragon Lover

He frowned, mumbled 'not my girlfriend', and then went on to say, "Yeah, she's doing fine. Better than she was earlier." He scowled. "Damn, I wanted to beat that guy up...."

And he's lucky that they stopped me, Charles caught from his thoughts. Otherwise I would have given him a hell of a world of pain!

"Yikes," Charles grinned, "protective."

Jacob just grunted in embarrassment, not knowing that Charles was really commenting on his thoughts.

(( XD ))

4/16/2009 #132

Sasha frowned. What are your secrets, Jacob...?

Alyssandra frowned, then slid to floor, standing with ease. Her eyes were narrowed now.

Lily spun around to face Jacob as well. Sasha didn't, but she tensed. No, not now, guys...

4/16/2009 #133
The Dragon Lover

Jacob was unaware of all of this tension, not being an emotion-Reader. "The doctor says that Ro- Veronica will have to stay for a day, and then she can go home with lots of care." He sighed and shook his head. "I just can't think of who would do this."

At least, why. I think it might be another Controller...because that definitely wasn't one. Controllers never dirty their own hands with work.

Charles gulped and tried not to look like he was trying to hide anything. Oh my God, he is a Controller! He didn't know how to tell the others without giving himself away, though.

4/16/2009 #134

"A Controller," Alyssandra responded. "At least that's apparently who attacked me. I have a feeling someone similar attacked Veronica."

Sasha was starting to get a headache. All this tension...

4/16/2009 #135
The Dragon Lover

Jacob didn't tense, start, or make a motion that that name sounded familiar. He only blinked and said, "Really? Well, I'd like to find them and give them a piece of my mind."

4/16/2009 #136

He's good... Lily thought, grimacing. She glanced at Alyssandra, whose hand was clenched. Her finger gave a subtle flick, and Lily noticed Jacob's gray shoes turn a slight shade gray-er.

(Alyssandra turned the his shoes to stone!)

4/16/2009 #137
The Dragon Lover

If Charles had noticed, he would have started silently freaking out behind Jacob's back and tried to tell her to stop without words. But, as he didn't, he just sighed and said, "Well, with all of this freaky crap going on, I don't really care what they call themselves. I just want them to be stopped."

Jacob crossed his arms and nodded in agreement, not yet noticing how much heavier his shoes were.

((Why'd she do that? D:

Unless she wants him to know that she's a Changer!

It's never good for a Controller to know you have psychic powers!))

4/17/2009 #138

Sasha frowned. She suddenly spun around and dragged her friends outside the room.

(Sasha is the voice of reason in their group. Lily and Alyssandra do very stupid things a lot.

If it wasn't for Sasha, they'd be locked up in a lab right now. ^^;)

4/18/2009 #139
The Dragon Lover

Jacob looked at them leave with an eyebrow raised before looking at Charles and asking, "Are they always like that?"

Charles shrugged.

4/18/2009 #140

"Why are you guys so stupid?!" Sasha hissed. Lily and Alyssandra flinched, backing up into the wall.

4/18/2009 #141
The Dragon Lover

Jacob looked over to Charles curiously, who had decided to take a seat against the wall with a sigh. "So, is it just me, or did that guy kinda just appear, knocked out, in the bushes?"

"No," the boy said sarcastically, "it's just you."

4/18/2009 #142

Sasha, still looking more than slightly ticked, peered into the room. "Sorry guys, gotta go!" She disappeared out again and dragged her friends away from the hospital.

(That's her...usual technique. ^^;)

4/19/2009 #143
The Dragon Lover

They stared at where she had left, blinking.

"That...." Jacob commented, "was weird."

"Yeah." Even if he didn't like the guy, he had to agree with that.

(( XD ))

4/19/2009 #144

(Okay, I have some new stuff on my characters.

Lily and Sasha are switching hair colors. Now Lily has blond waist-length hair and Sasha has red shoulder-length hair.

Now then...

Lily: Blunt, rash, nice once you get to know her. Has lived in this place for as long as she can remember. Parents died when she was a baby and she spent her life in a horrible orphanage before running away.

Sasha: Quiet, reasonable, slightly paranoid. Used to live in faraway city. Parents killed when she was two. Spent five years on the run until she was seven. Lived in the forest with a pack of wolves who were shot and killed when she was ten. Taken in by the hunter. Now lives on her own, despite age. Is slightly paranoid and freaks out at the sight/sound of a weapon.

Alyssandra: Rash, nice once you get to know her. Has amnesia, so doesn't remember life before she was nine. Lives with someone she assumes is her mom.

Yes, dramatic.)

"How long does it take for someone to look out a window?" Lily sighed.

"We only have one chance," Sasha reminded Alyssandra. "We have to make it obvious that Charles has to come out now, with Veronica if he can."

"How much more obvious can I make it?" Alyssandra sighed. "Tell him to come outside to the woods and try to get Veronica."

"I know, but we can't read thoughts..." Sasha trailed off.

Lily placed a hand on Sasha's shoulder. "Sasha. Calm down."

Sasha sighed. "I know, I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Lily reassured her.

Sasha gave a small smile.

"Hide, now," Alyssandra commanded. Lily and Sasha darted out of sight.

Alyssandra focused her gaze at the window of her hospital room. Please still be there, Charles.

5/22/2009 #145
The Dragon Lover

Charles was, indeed, staring out of the window of the hospital out of boredom (although he still didn't want to leave Veronica), but Jacob had left after taking off his stone-shoes with a load of confused falling and tripping (it was funny to watch). He was having fun randomly invading people's thoughts walking past the hospital.

Oh, man, Mom's going to kill me, one teenager had thought. Hopefully I can sneak in before she notices I'm gone....

Heheh, Charles grinned, having problems? He of course couldn't actually say that to them, but he would have liked to just to see the look on her face. He hadn't noticed Alyssandra yet.

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/23/2009 #146

Exasperated, Alyssandra glared at Charles. Does it take this long for someone to notice a person?

5/24/2009 #147
The Dragon Lover

After a moment, though, Charles noticed her and read her thoughts. Blinking, he pointed a finger at himself, mouthing, "Me?"

5/24/2009 #148

Alyssandra just raised her eyebrow. Come outside now. Bring Veronica if you can; if not, leave her and we'll pick her up later.

5/24/2009 #149
The Dragon Lover

Charles nodded, but when he turned around he saw Veronica asleep on her bed. He winced. Man, I don't want to wake her up...and I doubt that they'd let me run out with her, too. He sighed. But, I wonder what they want her for....

After walking out calmly, he stood before them and asked, "Okay, now what?"

5/24/2009 #150
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