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Here's the place for people to roleplay for certain categories. Everything from dragons to high school to just plain randomness! Roleplay your hearts out!
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The Dragon Lover

The topic for chatting OOC without taking a lot of room on the boards. XP

3/27/2009 #1


7/20/2009 #2
The Dragon Lover


7/20/2009 #3

Can I join?

7/20/2009 #4
The Dragon Lover

Sure! Which RP?

7/20/2009 #5

Lets go with...the apocalypse one.

7/20/2009 #6
The Dragon Lover

Alright, well, you just need to go to that thread and read the first post thoroughly, fill out the form, and pow! You're in! ^w^

7/20/2009 #7




7/12/2010 #8
The Dragon Lover



7/12/2010 #9


7/12/2010 #10
The Dragon Lover

God, FPC takes forever to load posts. I can't wait 'til it catches up with FFN's updates, things'll go a lot smoother. - 3 -

Anyways...RAWR! :U

7/12/2010 #11


7/15/2010 #12

Gah D: I can't see 5-chan's post in the Cafe D:

7/16/2010 #13

*ducks bullets* Sorry ^^" but..this place is dead D: Why isn't no one posting?

7/30/2010 #14

Is this an active forum? Some of these roleplays look good. ^^

8/14/2010 #15

It's semi active..ish ^^" I can get the others to come back and post :D

8/16/2010 #16

Sounds like fun! Some of these rps look good. ^^ I'll get to making character profiles when I can, although school just started. X_X I'll be swamped shortly.

8/16/2010 #17

Och D: I got school too so I know how you feel D: (I mean five assigments to do in a week! DX *dies*)

8/17/2010 #18

I know! Dx Totally sucks. Is it five assignments for all of your classes though? I wish mine were that light! I have fiver a week for one class out of the five academic courses I'm taking. x-x;; I'm also taking 2 APs this year, so I'm slammed. x-x Yick.

8/18/2010 #19

...You lost me at course and AP DX

8/19/2010 #20

Meh, fair. THat's pretty much how I feel in those classes. ;

8/19/2010 #21

I know you tune out for a moment because (eg Maths) the teachs going on about 1+1 or something, so you doze off for a moment then bam! You look up and the this mass of stuff you don't understand on the bord @_@

8/19/2010 #22

o.o This is so weird... i got an email saying you replied, but it's not showing up in the forum...? xD

8/20/2010 #23

Same D:

8/22/2010 #24
Yuki Kuran

hey, is this place still going, or is it just the chat?

8/22/2010 #25

It's my understanding that we're alive, but many of us are swamped with school at the moment. ^^

8/22/2010 #26

Hi there, I'm Yuki...^.^" This is the chat but due to scool or time zones or whatever it goes by slightly slowly at times D: It is alive though.

8/22/2010 #27

Yeah. I'm ust now joining Draken Heart even though I've been a member for a week or two.

8/23/2010 #28

Just to note your ment to have a jumble of nunbers in your sign up thing (EC and DL don't because theirs were made before or somethin /:

8/24/2010 #29

Okay; I read the rules a week ago, I swear. xD Would it be okay if we joined DrakenHeart? I thought you meant the numbers had to come before your character profile, not just in your first post, but I'll edit if that's what you mean. ^^

8/24/2010 #30
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