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I like to see some beat in them, thanks. (:
6/2/2007 #1
It's hard to see beat in someone else's song(s). You can't tell what THEY see when THEY look at it. So just take it as poetry.
7/19/2007 #2
a mi gusta pensar en mis oensamientos y deseos profundos para hacer una cancion y me gusta buscar explicaciones a ciertas situaciones jejeje....en fin me encanta la musica
8/4/2007 #3

well, I think it's hard sometimes to find the beat of the songs since the most of the writers are poets and not songwriters, by the way there's a lot of cool songs.

6/25/2008 #4

Yeah, I can see what you mean, and dont worry, nobody will take it as snotty, its just the way you feel.

I find that If you sing it to the tune of another song, or if you make a beat up in your head that seems to generally suit the format of the poem, you can see it a bit more as a song rather than a poem, that or you have to ask the author to send you the music as well, like tabs or chords. but thats kinda difficult.

Either way, i hope you have fun reading the stuff anyways!

7/27/2008 #5

I have the tablature (and/or chords) to most of my songs I post. Because, since they are songs, I like creating music for them. If you ever want any, just e-mail me. I still understand that most writers write songs with no way of showing how their songs should go or sound. Thats one con of song writing.

Songs are obviously different in their format, which most user prefers to have verses and choruses (possibly bridge, intro, outro). But they don't have to, if that's what that person's feeling. In songs, there is more freedom to stretch rhyming and timing (mostly timing). Like if I read poetry, and the timing was bad, I would comment about it. Songs, on the other hand, can go where they please, since we cant understand speed of verse. But in poetry, it is neat to have everything flowing at the same speed. At least, what I read.

3/12/2009 #6

You can always tell what you feel. It doesn’t matter if somebody thinks you to be snotty.

5/18/2009 #7

Yeah - it's hard to really find the beat in someone's songs...

maybe... if we invented a new format...

~Lyrics~ rhythm / / /

d o xl x lxl xlxlxl

umm... maybe not...

1/29/2011 #8
If I ever post songs on here(probaly won't because mine are a teensy bit spiteful and rude but when you're ma and stuck at home alone it sort of happens.) I'd send people the recording of they asked for it.
4/21/2013 #9
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